Russia pledges more attacks on Kyiv, accuses Ukraine of bombing border town | World News | WION

Kremlin accused Ukraine of targeting Russian border towns. The defence ministry said that the scale of the missile strikes against Kyiv will increase in response to any terrorist attacks on Russian territory.

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Comment (18)

  1. Putin: "I am old and narcissistic. I want to ensure my legacy."

    Putin: "I will create reasons to invade. I will frighten the sheep into inaction. My minions will distort the truth and convince the weak-minded."

    Putin: "I will torture and crush the Ukrainians for their resistance. I will discredit and destroy Zelenskyy and his family."

    Putin: "I will bomb people out of their cities, out of their homes, out of the hospitals, out of maternity wards, and we will blame the Ukrainians. I will chase Ukrainians off their lands and torture and murder them, and we will blame the Ukrainians."

    Putin: "I will play the international community for the fools that they are. I will play on Indian feelings of inferiority to gain their support. They will forget their consciences in their desire for recognition and power. I will appease the Chinese and we will collaborate to stomp out freedom. I will corrupt the corruptible in the west. I will interfere with elections so that those loyal to me will win. I will destabilize Democracies. My minions will lie and manipulate at my bidding and I will laugh at my own cleverness."

    Putin: "I am unfettered by a conscience. I do not care how many Russian soldiers die, as long as I win. I relish torturing and terrorizing the Ukrainians. I will destroy the west. I will stomp out freedom and Democracy. I am not an empath. I despise humanity. Darkness is coming and that will be my legacy."

  2. Terrorist Attacks from the Ukraine ? Hello, you, Russia attacked and started a War against Ukraine !!! You' ve forgotten that ? I say : SLAVA UKRAINE !!!!!

  3. Yeah it’s a war, everyone knows they would anyway do this. Have fun replacing your missiles with your broke economy. And all the vehicles you lost to include that ship.

  4. Zelensky weak leader!!! Think about the wealth and safety of your countrymen! Avoid listening to western leader! Avoid consulting satan as your adviser! Better to surrender to avoid more casualties and destruction! Love your country not your power!!!! Please Mr. Zelensky light up your mind and heart to the benefits of countrymen! Stop stop stop listening to western leaders that only interest for this war is the interest of their country and billionaires they are serving!

  5. Stop the war! . An eye for an eye I say. Also the west supplying weapons they wouldn't have to, if Russia backed off. Instead they insist taking country after country.

  6. They really need to get rid of Zelenskiy. He has unrealistic expectations and stands in the way of a negotiated solution.

  7. Ok wait, wait, hold on… So Russia can bull doze onto Ukrainian soil destroying everything. but when the bombs hit near Russia it's time to cry???

    Yea right Russia lol. Y'all soil can get it too.

  8. My parents thought me if your friends ever give you a weapon in your hands know that they are not your true friends . They have a mutual interest in there own goat. So dont ever be the 🐐 goat.


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