Russia poised to take Mariupol, Where is military aid pledged by US, NATO? | World News | WION

After over a month of relentless bombardment and an assault which left the city of Mariupol completely destroyed, Russian forces are on the brink of capturing the city completely. Ukrainian forces in Mariupol have posted on Facebook that they were completely surrounded by Russian troops.

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Comment (35)

  1. America and NATO have failed Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. America and NATO are soft and WEAK.

  2. When the US or British security analysts they didn't understand what the Russians were doing in just surrounding major cities and not taking them. It was to precisely pin down troops in those cities and ensuring none of them could be resupplied and them come picking on those cities one by one. Respecting your enemy is the beginning of wisdom the west didn't learn that early enough today the Ukrainians are paying the price.

  3. Zelensky is constantly lying. He is saying whatever he thinks will trigger NATO coming to his rescue. America is not going to war for you!!!

  4. Is how the West settlers and NATO and America invaders always deceive Ukrainian people in believing what 😂 is impossible for them only dead bodies everywhere

  5. I’ve been watching the political scenario develop in Ukraine long before the Orange Revolution and when George W. Bush was U.S. President. And I always kept asking myself why is the U.S. indirectly getting involved in the affairs of other countries? And why would the U.S. Presidents (Bush, Hillary Clinton, Obama, etc.) always be making negative comments to the media regarding Russia, and always painting Putin as the cause of tension in Eastern Europe, for interfering in U.S. Elections, and as an adversary of the U.S? Fast forward to today, I had noticed that before the start of this current Ukraine-Russia War, the U.S. Government seemed to be challenging Putin to take action when the U.S. started having serious discussion with Ukraine about membership into NATO? I am not really a conspiracy theorist, but I sometimes wonder if this Russia-Ukraine War was intentionally planned into existence by the U.S. and NATO? If that is so, then the question would be why?? The only possible reason I could conceive is that this War was set into motion as a deliberate attempt to force some kind of regime change within Russia? Maybe it won’t happen right away, but because of this War it would set it into motion much sooner? Again, it is just something I had wondered about? There is no definite evidence for it, but nevertheless, it cannot be brushed aside as nonsense? On the other hand, If it were to be true, then it would be shocking proof of an unconscionable disdain and disregard for the lives of millions of innocent civilians in Ukraine in order to achieve it’s goals. As a consequence, Ukraine itself was being used and manipulated as a puppet in a play?

  6. Actually Ukrainians and Russians are same people, same culture and history. Its unfortunately the world has used them against each other. There is instigator hiding in the shadow and doesn't seriously cares who wins or who loose. This instigator is basically watching and studying every moves and tactics used by sides to strengthen him/herself.

  7. remember the longer this war goes on ,the various M I Complex makes tons of money. Loss of equipment is much more expensive to replace. A win for these people ,loss for poor people in destruction and casualties . Just observation from a student of war and history

  8. Whew the Mariupol is turning into a Ghasly Ghost town with 100,000 people trapped inside will resort to Cannibalism when they all go mad of hunger this already happened several times in the past the two Good example is when German forces besieged the City of Leningrad n Moscow during the Winter of 1942 k!

  9. Nothing new. Zelenskij is making fire 🔥 hotter and hotter perhaps with aim to drag the whole woke Europe into a big, catastrophic war. He doesn't care.

  10. Maybe do some more research the Asov battalion in Mariupol is 1500 strong, its amazing how they last this long. This is easily replenished with 100k recruits each 2 months. Russia will not take this country unless it muster up 1-2 million force.

  11. I used to like, applaud and recommend your channels however, now I perceive most of your reports to be unreliable and biased. Russians have blocked entrance into Mariupol. Even Redcross can’t get in. So why the Rhetorical question of where is the weapon promised by US and NATO? Trying to give a negative impression that they have withheld weapons. Don’t be like other reporters looking to give sensational but badly balanced reporting. Keep up your previous goo and balanced reporting

  12. Zeliski should kip is mouth short is country is been leveld to the ground is there using big voice to spick …this clown 🤡 should wake ⏰ up from is dream and come to reality

  13. 2:39 … "Lavrov: War will not be halted for Talks"……i thought this is not war? Do you remember the new law in russia?
    When you use the word "War" instead of "special military operations"……..Lavrov send to gulag for 15 years, now!

  14. honestly, what kind of question is that? It's there, being used. Learn, NLAWS, Javelins, Manpads, drones,etc. NATO has donated tons and tons and tons of weapons. But of course that wouldn't go with your narrative and the story wouldn't sound as dramatic.

  15. Anybody outside children and the thoroughly aged found within the combat zone in Ukraine should be gunned down; they ain't civilians but combatants in disguise…
    God bless Grand President Vladimir Putin
    Glory Glory Russia 🇷🇺

  16. For info they are not NATO allied until now… If they are NATO allied from before the attack happen NATO will fight… This news and title is not well informed 😂🤣


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