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Sharpening Moscow’s stone in its financial wrestle with the West now Russia will take legal action if West tries to force it to default on its sovereign debt. Russia’s finance minister said however he did not elaborate on Russia’s legal options that are going to be available.

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Comment (30)

  1. Russia is a joke 😂😂
    Russia will default for sure because they prefer to feed the war.
    Russia has dollar reserves that are not frozen but they have to choose to pay their debt or to feed their war machine. Investors are forcing Russia to pay from that fund but Russia doesn’t want to.
    Choices choices…

  2. Russia threatens legal action 🤣 So now they believe in justice and injustice do they.? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣


  4. Legal Action, shall he bring the World to Court & seek prosecution?
    So.. Rape, Torture, Mass Murder, War Crimes..threats to Nuclear Facilities, Destruction of an entire Countries Infrastructure. Displacement of a Nations Society. Hundreds of Orphans & Widows. Hospitals & Schools & Food supplies destroyed.
    Impact of entire World's Food sources, Fuel for homes & industry.
    Threatened Nuclear War if anyone tried to support Ukraine in defending itself. The impact to World Economies & prices is devastating for many millions of People.
    One person Orchestrated all of this. Put1n, who himself is a Billionaire & lives in a Mega-Mansion, Works in a Palace.
    The mind boggles. Evil 😈 🇷🇺 👎

  5. You said Russia threatens legal action, when is the last time that mass murder putin and his killers did anything legal

  6. Lol Russia threatening legal actions. Sure let’s have Mr. Putin meet us in counrt so we can have him arrested for war crimes

  7. What a bunch of cynics! Russian Nazis are breaking martial law all the time and now they want to be taken seriously on a legal level?

  8. Russia, Putin, the Russian Oligarchs and their Russian Supporters deserve all the Economic Recession, Depression and isolation that will come their way from NATO Countries Business Sanctions for Invading Ukraine.

  9. Russia knows now what is illegal and legal, they think that invading a foreign sovereign country is legal.

  10. Russia threatens legal action? How about action for their illegal invasion of Ukraine? Start paying back the enormous war reparations to Ukraine, lose Putin, and then maybe it can be discussed.

  11. Legal action? Yes judge these West Country's are punishing us and all we did is invade, trash, poach, rape, murder elderly, Mothers, children and babies.

  12. They need to worry about all the people they killed when they go to a court in the US and the EU all cash going to them same with all the planes they took the banks don’t want them back they are going to get the full The Full amount for those airlines Putin can scream threatened cry no one cares at this point The man really did mess up his country for good

  13. As long as he keeps talking like that we can assume he's not gonna press the big button just yet. If he's talking about the future.

  14. If Putin needs to pay the countries debt he can use some of the money he bled from his country and people, no doubt held off shore in a tax haven in USDollars. Pay some back you psycho despot instead winging and playing the victim to the world, threatening legal action – go tell it to a brick wall, that’s about all that will listen to you now.

  15. The West isn't trying to force Russia to default on it's debt. It's just running a "Special Financial Payment Operation".


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