Russia turns to China amid isolation, Lavrov on first China visit since invasion | World News

Russia is deepening its relationship with China as it becomes more isolated from global financial systems as well as supply chains. Recently, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov met with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

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Comment (39)

  1. Hey Zeis Siez
    . Let us focus on what is happening in the Ukraine right now. We know that everybody is guilty of something but this history lesson is not helping all those the poor pregnant women and little children who are being butchered by the Russian nazis.

  2. had china not been as hostile in the indian border, india would have been more receptive of china, and india, china and russia would have united on many fronts. 2 of the biggest markets uniting with one of the largest oil producers in the world. don't think the ukraine war would have lasted as long if this had happened.

  3. Rape By Deception is still called RAPE. If those men had no intention of marrying me, (and that will be proved in an international court after people make some money for them to confiscate of course), then why did they insist on having my children………..? Human trafficking with intent to commit murder to inherit money is called a crime. Nobody should inherit money like that it's called Proceeds of Crime. To be confiscated by the UN's representatives if the countrys police can't or won't do it.

    I am not anyones Antichrist this is getting out of control you guys

    This is about Women In Business making squillions of dollars for loads of people not just the few who are men to claim all that money by raping the women and then killing them now I'm being threatened with a lobotomy asap for people to pretend I can't come up with anymore business ideas before it EMBARRESSES them…………………

  4. China looking forward to making Russia a vassal state and long term seizure of Siberia for themselves, they are the only winners here.
    Imagine if Putin had actually been a visionary leader instead of a backward looking gangster with imperial ambitions, we might have had a world in which people enjoyed unparalleled peace and prosperity based on freedom and fair trade, from the Atlantic to the Pacific – in both directions.

  5. Biden's bosses want total control of the World. Biden asked Putin in Geneva, if he accept this. Putin said: not. Then Biden provoked the Ukrainian war and started weakening Russia, additionally started extreme sanctions. The side effect of the sanctions is destroying economy and nations of European countries. Then Biden asked president of China if he can accept the goal – NWO – of Biden's bosses. He answered not. So after weakening Russia Biden will start a war against China. But this means WW3 because the BRICS nations and their friends will go against Biden, against the private army of Biden's bosses (NATO). Thank to Biden's bosses our life becomes a nightmare.

  6. Please make it clearer….
    How is Russia isolated???
    On the around 7 billions people on earth China, India and the Global South are more than 3/4 of the population of the earth and they are with Russia….

    So do you mean 500 millions Europeans and 400 millions Americans are the isolation masters???
    Only around 25% of the world population boycott Russia and you call it isolation???

    In the Future Russia will not need Europe at all for their market…they will share technological innovation with the 75% of the world population and they will have them for a huge market…

    I say No ..

  7. Stupid western. Our sleepy president biden blames putin for high gas prices. However it's stupid biden fault. Biden put sanctions now we screwed. Russia please don't let USA control you.

  8. Putin lied to the world when he swore it was just a military exercise, when in reality was an attempt to decapitate Ukraine.

    Then he declared a pull back in north Ukraine but then continued shelling and rocketing houses instead.

    People cannot do business with a habitual liar and a cheat.

    There are two ways to handle a snake in the grass, one is to stay well away.

  9. Путин солгал миру, когда клялся, что это всего лишь военные учения, хотя на самом деле это была попытка обезглавить Украину.

    Затем он объявил об отступлении на севере Украины, но вместо этого продолжил обстрелы и ракетные обстрелы домов.

    Люди не могут вести дела с закоренелым лжецом и мошенником.

    Есть два способа справиться со змеей в траве, первый — держаться подальше.

  10. china does not see russia's invasion as illegal while the sanctions as illegal. yup. they are siding with evil.


  12. Russia-India-China take down the West.

    You guys go forth and destroy NATO and USA. Time to give them some oppression suffered over the years.

  13. china is being put under sanctions in the near future theres a reason for that in 2013 they abolished 1 child policy. this is ur time. as sanctions sink in folks must boycott china also forcing the modernization of china not hardware software rather.

    boycott china

  14. China and Russia are seeking to lead our world under thier REPRESSIVE regimes BOTH CHINA AND RUSSIA ARE NOT TO QUALIFIED TO LEAD THIS PLANET IF IT IS FOR A stable peaceful free and prosperous world human race could have avoided the horrors of this PANDEMIC if only China has an intention to prioritize the safety the lives and livelihood of all instead China has chosen to save the face of CCP than safety of its own people and entire humanity that resulted millions of death and sufferings and while our PLANET is navigating our way out of this catastrophe RUSSIA MADE another catastrophe by invading Ukraine destroying homes cities killing civilians including children and grandparents destabilizing Europe affected the entire world. While we are supposed to be focusing on ending the wuhan virus and economic recovery . CHINA AND RUSSIA SHAME ON YOU !


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