Russia & Ukraine begin talks in Istanbul, aims to stop fighting in Ukraine | World News | WION

While Russian demanding for Ukrainian neutrality has been a key issue for Moscow at conflict negotiations, face-to-face talks began in Istanbul in between Ukraine and Russia.

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Comment (33)

  1. It would have been better if they had talked BEFORE the attack even started. It's obvious this conflict had already been cooking for a long time, but the media portrays it as "Puting woke up one day and decided to attack Ukraine".

  2. This is a warning sign! It's obvious nothing Russia says has any meaning. If Russia withdraws it´s because they´re going in with chemical weapons or nukes. The war is over when all of Ukraine is rebuilt on Russian money and Ukraine is safe within the NATO family and a hero EU member. But the hatred of Russian terrorism, communistic cold-blooded slaughters, and lies will dwell in the memories of Ukrainians for generations to come. Love to Ukraine from Sweden!

  3. PUTIN IS HITLER REINCARNATED: he’s just as evil, just as deranged but infinitely more dangerous than the Fuhrer. Putin wants to resuscitate the long-dead Soviet Empire and if he’s allowed to pursue his crazy and impossible dream the result shall be a nuclear world war. Putin’s war will not be WW3 but WWF, World Wars Finis, the end!

  4. सभी समस्यायों का समाधान बात चीत से संभव है 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Surely Putin's destiny is in Lake of Fire (Sheol). Putin is absolutely not quilaified in Heaven. Demons in hell are waiting for Vladimir Putin. Putin is doomed.

  6. Pls. Pray the Rosary & Devine Mercy Chaplet for RUSSIA and UKRAINE..pls. pray for peace and joy on all families and home..

  7. Pls. Pray the Rosary & Devine Mercy Chaplet for RUSSIA and UKRAINE..pls. pray for peace and joy on all families and home..

  8. President Biden's remark that Putin "cannot remain in power" came at the right moment as Moscow tyrant clings desperately to his evil power trying to prolong the 22-year spell of Neo-Bolshevism in Putin's Russia.

  9. Russia should stop killing the harmless children of Ukraine and face their military counterpart

  10. It’s all bullshit by Russia in an attempt to ease sanctions. They will not back off by negotiations. It must be forced upon them.

  11. 100000 TOP  RUSSIAN  OLIGARCHS control 90% of RUSSIAN ECONOMY & RUSSIAN BUSINESSES –AND THUS ACT AS FEEDERS TO THE RUSSIAN WAR MACHINE. THEREFORE TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF THE FOLLOWING NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT AWAY – 1) Freezing assets of all those(ten thousands) OLIGARCHS,charging each one of them as War Criminals by convening NUREMBERG STYLE war tribunals(select judges from Supreme Courts of every nation on the Globe–trials should be clean fair & based on factual evidence}. 2)Publish List of all those 100000 OLIGARCHS.If governments around the Globe work together in arresting those OLIGARCHS responsible for this extermination of civilians & Locking them up–IT WOULD PREVENT FUTURE WARS)."MAN'S ENEMY IS NOT ANOTHER MAN BUT DEATH, DISEASE ,POVERTY, UNEMPLOYMENT,LACK OF JOBS LACK OF EDUCATION   PLUS CORRUPTION,  BROKEN FAMILIES DRUGS,CRIMINAL CARTELS——"..

  12. Mr. Putin won’t be taking with someone whose got only Islam education. Chinese President is his equal partner and person in trust

  13. D arseho is not gonna stop. He spent ovr 10 yrs bombing Chechnya until they submit. Sadly d pc o'sh'it will do d same to ukraine until they submit. Then d arsewipe will install a loyal puppet as w Chechnya.

  14. BIDEN IS Mislead – – Yes – – BIDEN – – Not USA – -Biden is misleading both RUSSIA PUTIN & Misleading USA

  15. Putin must go before any meaningful negotiations can occur. Russian colonialism has no place in the 21st century. Tsar Putin and his billionaire cronies must go.

  16. May the peace be planted in war field. Thanks a lot both presidents and their consultant for stepping in to discussions. God bless you.


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