Russia-Ukraine Conflict enters day 21: European leaders meet Zelensky in Kyiv | World News

It is day 21 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and scores of civilians have lost their lives in the conflict. Recently, 3 European leaders met with Zelensky in Kyiv.

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Comment (28)

  1. USA and their private organisation Nato,lives on blood and sweat other nations and countries…Balkan,Lybia,Syria,Iraq,Avganistan,Somalia…now Ukraines are dying for americain interes….but biggest american asslicker are UK and EU.Killers will defend Ukraine to last ukraines head.Long live Russia,China,India,Brazil,Iran,Venecuela,Cuba,Serbia,all Africa….long live fight for FREEDOM

  2. Russia's problem are the Ukrainian civilians, aslong they don't leave the area Russia will loss the war in Ukraine. Because Ukraine President wants his people die because of his pride and ambition.

  3. European leaders from three countries "visiting" Zelenski are from CENTRAL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES NOT Eastern European !!! Somebody missed geography classes.

  4. You are not alone.
    You are surrounded by Russians is more of the truth.
    They took a train in a war zone??? What a bunch of cow dung

  5. When my country was bombarded by NATO and USA, only president of Belorussian come by plane to wist and bring help. Big thanks to Lukasnko

  6. Hi! EU leaders held a meeting with the Ukrainian president in Kyiv amid the attacks… This raises several questions! If "Russia" is "attacking" Kyiv, amid the meeting by some EU leaders in Kyiv, then this is a high risk to take by these leaders. If the military is controlled by the Ukrainian army, then we can understand the security risks for attending this meeting in Kyiv, but this is not the case according to mainstream media.

    Also, Zelensky should push talks with Putin if he really wanted peace in the region, not a meeting that serves absolutely no purpose. Perhaps a purpose for NATO or the US. The least he could have done was call a meeting with Macron or Steinmeier.

    This meeting seems to be a construction of a bridge for some reason. A meeting not with senior EU leaders and not with former soviet states leaders..

    AB –

  7. Sincere tears of Berlin civilians in April 1945. For what??? What have we done to the Russians? Well, we killed 10-20 thousand Russians and what? Can't Russians be killed? But the wild West claims that it is possible and even necessary. Well, we killed. But what does our city have to do with it???

  8. Cannibal. For the sake of the interests of the United States, he is ready to fight Putin to the last Ukrainian.

  9. USA, UK, Israel, France must be brought under trial in international war crime court for genocide in Iraq, Syria, Palatine, Lybia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Vietnam, Philippines.

  10. Hebrew s11:30-40 by faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days by faith the harlot rahab did not perish with those who did not believe when she had received the spies with peace and what more shall I say for the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and Barak and Samson and jephthah also of David and Samuel and the prophets who through faith subdued kingdoms worked righteousness obtained promises stopped the mouths of lions quenched the violence of fire escaped the edge of the sword out of weakness were made strong became valiant in battle turned to flight the armies of the aliens women received their dead raised to life again others were tortured not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection still others had trial of mocking s and scourging s yes and of chains and imprisonment

  11. They were stoned they were sawn in two were tempted were slain with the sword they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins being destitute afflicted tormented of whom the world was not worthy they wandered in deserts and mountains in dens and caves of the earth

  12. And all these having obtained a good testimony through faith did not receive the promise God having provided something better for us that they should not be made perfect apart from us

  13. Purpose of a warrior group (Cossacks, Sikhs, Gurkha, etc.): to fight till the last man standing to qualify to join a lucrative group named NATO OTAN group, a non terrorist group. To end war: Ukraine political leaders have to sign a piece of paper forfeiting NATO group membership. During ww2, France did the right thing: To save civilian lives, they surrendered to Nazi Germany. In Ukraine, a war is being waged over membership of the non terrorist group called NATO OTAN. War or no war, over membership of the non terrorist group called NATO OTAN, Russia sez it will keep pumping gas and heating oil so people can cook and heated homes in many countries,with or without payment. Meanwhile the party of Zelensky says they will keep asking mostly Russian speaking city dwellers of top 20 cities of Ukraine including Odessa and Mariupol to fight to the last ethnic Russian standing, to qualify for NATO membership and to sell missile sites and NATO bases to the west. Military cadets and unpaid soldiers in Ukraine are generally ethnic Russians. If 500 soldiers are killed by one side. In retaliation 400 cadets mostly ethnic Russians are killed on the other side: Just to qualify for membership of NATO. All top 20 cities of Ukraine (BorderLands) are Russian speaking cities except Lviv city according to a comment on youtube, named "Hi from Kyiv". Guy at 3:20 of video is an ethnic Russian, likely he is also a Cossack.


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