Russia-Ukraine conflict: US develops 'ghost' drones for Ukraine | World News | WION

US president Joe Biden has announced another security package for Ukraine, this $800 million package of aid will include America’s ghost drones. These drones are effective to target Russian positions.

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Comment (34)

  1. I don't know why is it so important to join NATO,  it's causing more harm than good. We will eventually have WW3 because of NATO.

  2. Australia is a criminal country,  it helped America in its illegal invasion of Iraq, guilty of war crimes and genocides.

  3. Putin already warned us to stop supplying weapons so we will pay the price, we might get nuked yet who knows.

  4. Every dollar and every weapon America gives to Ukraine will result in the death of 2 extra Ukrainians and 1 Russian. Every weapon given prolongs the war by an additional 2 hours. America is nothing more than DEATH bringers

  5. Are the going to be taking prisoners of war, or what? May God have mercy on the urkraines. They have by prayers.

  6. Great plan… but these toys have to get there somehow… a long way from poland across ukraine… 1000+ km… and there are all sorts of hungry birds flying around waiting for prey…

  7. Currently UA makes 7 to 8 Bln $ loss per month (official number from Kiev)
    USA gives them 0.5 Bln $

    That´s enough to bring them through TWO days.

  8. Can’t believe this clown 🤡 is in office!!! Sending weapons will not make a difference to Russia, he knows it and it is common sense, all about the money, that attitude will never change!




    When they can live happily by staying NEUTRAL..

  10. Won't be a farfetched surprise to see druns attacks in the US. In this new technology war era everthing is possible.FSLN

  11. US intervene in war conflict in ukraine they are tought talking about war in social media but they do not sent military troops only military equipment, what is the use of military equipment if ukraine forces are already dead. i thought US are brave but they.are afraid of russia
    Russia they stand.there.words not like US too much talking no action.
    Better next time US dont intervene in war conflict if no have capacity in war conflict

  12. We have a huge problem with drugs and homelessness with young people in America. Joe Biden is a WORTHLESS MAN he does not do anything for the people of America.

  13. Doesn't make sense.. No matter what powerful weapons you may give to ukraine doesn't mean you may stop the war… Russian and ukraine soldiers are not immortal.. You may give nuclear weapons but it may destroy thousands of innocent lives from both sides.. Peacetalk is the only answer., zelensky brain and mouth can stop this war..

  14. The People of US of America needs to get these fawkin people out of the Political Government Office. These people are sending billions of tax payers dollars oversea for a pointless war that US should never stuck their nose in to begin with. While at home everybody is scrapping pennies just to get buy. Many are suffer with financial problems left and right. And these Politicians all about War *ON YOUR DOLLAR*🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🙄🙄🙄 . smh… Tax Payers should be really thinking about their portion deducted from their hard working earn money to this cause is really relevant or not.

  15. One thing I believe that the more Us and westerners keep supplying high tech weapon, the more the war is escalating,as being say by Russia, if their existence is threatened, is more likely to lead to a nuclear war, I hope the first head will lead at US first

  16. Finally, something good Joe Biden is doing. The West should support Ukraine by giving ammunition to them. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  17. Who is paying for it? Will our taxes be going up this year? Why don't we pay mercenaries if we want to help Ukraine.

  18. 😂😂😂😂 these ghost drones ll be invisible and the damage done by them ll also be invisible. We ll learn about them only in the books.


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