Russia-Ukraine Conflict: US President Joe Biden escalates rhetoric against Putin | World News

US president Joe Biden has escalated rhetoric against Russia’s President Putin and termed Russian acts as ‘genocide’ several times. However, Emmanuel Macron has refused to term Russian acts as ‘genocide’.

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Comment (40)

  1. He is not someone who should talk about genocide. He does not seem to even know what the Genocide means.

  2. Does it matter what words are being used not to offend anyone. Loads of innocent people are being killed ffs, and their worried about offensive words.

  3. If the economic sanctions are a failure he won't mind if they stay permanent then if he claims there not working anyway.

  4. Inside macron romantic with Putin
    He know the relaty , any rassian escalation i am sure no nuclear attack in EU ,all misslies two points destination UK USA

  5. I don't think biden knows what he ate for breakfast. Don't worry the white house will come back and clarify things. 😆 🤣 😂

  6. Where's the russian interpreter? So we are now living in a world where media is not even allowed to translate or interpret the russian speakers? That's a poor state of free speech and scary place for people who think no one wants to listen to them or understand their point of view.

  7. Europe need to wake up,usa want to destroy Europe, cause Usa knowthat Euro is on way to domenant doller

  8. The truth is that U. S is THE ONE responsible for, (totally), the biggest genocide, raising
    all the wars in the name of: PEACE, TERROR FIGHTING AND DEMOCRACY… while, in reality, fulfilling their geopolitical and economic goals.
    The bigest paradox, however, is that they criticize Putin for the military operation in Ukrain, which they could have stopped, but did NOT do it, because of wanting to "Bleed Russia out".. CRUEL but TRUE! The costs, do NOT matter…

  9. Putin ordered the bombing of buildings targeting civilians and his soldiers killed civilians mercilessly yet he is denial of the murder and rape by some of his disciplined and merciless soldiers.

  10. Biden isn't wrong. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed, many of them children. If it's not genocide, what is it?

  11. If anyone should go to prison, it is Joe Biden. He has deliberately caused the massive invasion of the United States by foreign populations. Many have raped and killed innocent Americans, spread killer drugs and have brought their low-blow, over-populating cultures that ruined and impoverished their own countries. Biden is a menace and does not work for the American people, but against them. The highest treason. Biden' invasion is with people, Russia's with weapons. It is still foreign invasion.

  12. You know what’s funny is that the USA wants to cry around about genocide , ask a native what they did to their families. Cherokee nation over 400000 now less than a 100000 sad isn’t it, we know about genocide. Why don’t they teach that in American history?

  13. Regardless, who's saying what. thousands are dead because of Putin, thats the one fact behind all of it.


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