Russia-Ukraine crisis: UK & Russian foreign ministers in India seek support | World News | WION

UK foreign secretary Liz Truss is in India to rally support against Russia. The foreign secretary is holding a meeting with India’s external affairs minister S Jaishankar on regional and global issues of mutual interest.

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Comment (48)

  1. After being colonial masters exploiting India for how long ? the British have a nerve coming with expectations of seeking the co-operation of India to betray it's true friends.

  2. the colonizers have gone to india to lecture them about holding russia accountable for invading ukraine… that's so cute.

  3. British secretary, attempts to lobby India, on west side but India stands aside from supporting west against Russia.
    Patrick Kolawole Boboye

  4. US,UK and Catholic Church along Portugal, perpetrated massive enslavement of Africans, chained them and transported to UK, US with full participation of Catholic Church.

    Patrick Kolawole Boboye

  5. Why does India even need to pick a side. India is not a member of NATO nor EU. India has always been on its own. Yes the Russians have been with us for a long time and we do appreciate that and are grateful. But it doesn't mean that we support Russia's war. We are Even willing to help Ukraine with humanitarian aid. And what difference is it going to make if India chooses a side? Is Putin going to stop the war? Instead, by staying neutral, we can still negotiated peace. Advocate for peace. This war wasn't even our making. If Nato hadn't gone sniffing around Putin's backyard, non of this would've happened.

  6. Congratulations India so far 1.4 Billion Indians have donated 14 pounds of rice to 4 Million Ukrainian refugees, i say congratulations because 1.4 Billion Chinese have donated 13 pounds of rice. Great job you have Big Hearts.

  7. stay away from US india, remember who was there for you, in dire times, for US you are animals, never forget that, they have no respect for you ever, they respect no one, only their money!

  8. Modi government should somehow try to convince Putin to stop the war as Zolensky is ready to compromise now. Once war gets over things would be back to somewhat normal. War solves nothing. It just causes destruction and suffering and complicates things rather than solving it. It is good Russian FM is in India. Modi government should try to convince Putin to give up the path of war.

  9. Avoid uk 🇬🇧 he is our enemies always support Pakistan to speard terrorism in India. Shame on uk.
    India is freedom. We choose 1st our country policy.

  10. Come on folks! Let's not see New Delhi give support that allows aggression upon Ukraine to continue.

  11. Who do Europe and America think they are? They have bullied the world for years and now try and bully them into joining their conspiracy against Russia to replace their 'democratically elected' government 'undemocratically' as they did in Ukraine. China and India represent 2 thirds of the world population and Russia has 'chosen' them as 'better' partners for their future.

  12. US and NATO is like wild dogs attack in groups and select only weak countries . Later they will give lecture like as if they did humanitarian job in Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. Each country has right to defend and feed the citizens.

  13. Ukraine supported Indian adversary Pakistan. Hence, public sentiments are with Russia. Moreover, Indians prefer multipolar world over unipolarity. And, this is once in a century opportunity.

  14. Pariah no 1 meeting with pariah no 2. Innocent, cold, hungry and scared people being intentionally bombed in ukraine.

  15. One thing is cleqr
    The division of the world is depend upon the side chosen by india
    India should leverage it by trade deal
    And joint defence agreement with france us and isreal
    Our economic intrest is with west
    They have to give us free axis to there market for labor market

  16. Their is a moment when Ukraine ready to compromise but USA suddenly aid more weapons that's how USA lead this world peacefully slow 👏 for USA the greatest democracy of this world 👍

  17. Liz Truss was asked at least thrice by an Indian journalist to condemn Pakistani supported terrorism. She refused to do so. And these people want India to support them on a war that has nothing to do with India, and where India has limited influence. Hypocrisy combined with stupidity is a dangerous combination.

  18. India needs to heed this warning if you do deals with this tyranical regime while a country is under attack and civilians are being targetted by Russia , the people of Britain will cease to buy your products , and you will be cited in the same breath of Russia .

  19. India writes huge oil cheques that come from import. It will try to manage its oil imports, its security against China in that order.

  20. Perfect opportunity for India to bring up “bUt tHE uK iMpErIALiSm”…. while applauding an annexation of Crimea by russia. What a joke of administration.

  21. Under present conditions if India and China gets into another LAC confrontation, Russia is going to stay a mute neutral. So while trying to please the Russians India cannot offend the West as well. It goes both ways. Historically India and Russia has good relations but not with a crippled economy they are too dependent on China.


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