Russia-Ukraine crisis: UN confirm 'safe passage operation', evacuates 100 from Azovstal steel plant

A deal led by the United Nations and the International Red Cross has begun to ease the ordeal of the most destructive siege of war in Ukraine. Roughly 100 civilians were evacuated from the besieged Azovstal steel plant in eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

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Comment (48)

  1. Reality: civilians rescued from russian controlled area by russians. ukraine version: We did it!

  2. Pathetic that Zelenskyy claimed his side was responsible for getting the civilians out, when it was Russia that has been trying to get them out and a neutral humanitarian group, the Red Cross, which did the actual physical extraction. Maybe Zelenskyy prevailed upon the Azov militia inside the steelworks to finally let this group leave though—it’s a possibility.

  3. Hahaha Zelensky the butcher of Ukraine,,your azov military will soon perish…no civilians in steel plant so continue the game , proxy war of US, NATO… pity Ukraine…pity

  4. Zelensky wat?!.it's his bandits put people in hostages now wat his talking while Russia broke in saves them.russian are not willing to destroy the whole country remember ouk..


  6. Cruel Ukrainian Army using own civilian as Human shiled. And successfully they shielded themselves.
    Civilians never takes shelter in bunkers or tunnels of warzone or places where battle about to start. The just flee from areas and become IDP or Refugees.

  7. look at this fool!!! Did Russia not ask you guys to surrender and you said No!!! God bless Putin for caring about civilians. He could have flattened the steal plant long ago!!!

  8. Up til now, WION has never reported on the fact that Ukrainians have been using civilians as human shields. That's a big deal, but WION has said nothing about it..

  9. Joke and acting time by zelensky. Hahaha doesnt know How to handle Crisis and first know about the definition of suffering and destruction. Any after this zelemsky Will be trillionaire hahaha

  10. I have said it propheticaly before now. Zelensky should accept defeat to save lives because I saw Russia winning the war.

  11. Why isn't there similar attention to victims of US-led Western atrocities in Papua New Guinea, DRC, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, etc? Some of us are now sick & tired of watching images of these blue-eyed entities' 'suffering' endlessly paraded as special. Stop this racist double standard, folks.

  12. Ukrainian troops led by nazi commanders use civilians as hostages and “live shield” and then put blame on Russia for killing them. Watch Patrick Lancaster, an independent journalist. There are thousands of evidence of how Ukrainians have been fighting against their countrymen for years.

  13. Russian military had corridors open for weeks 24/7.. 🇷🇺🇷🇺.. avoz are changing their clothes sneaking out. They were Told they would be shot. Don't fib we all know Z is a coke head. Has several visious Nazis. Trash can.. Russian military are and have been taking care of them. Z and Biden are profiting off this. Nazis on tic TOC thank you all for giving up your homes electricity jobs for them. Singing Hitler songs and showing their Swarovski tattoo . You support them as they show you thier trophies ( dead ppl) Z and the top Nazis gov . Will be taken your money in mercadez Benz given by astria to live in the UK.** Z is king of the world. **We want all your money * arms deals and terrosing the people ending them since 2014 been in the news is registered at the UN. Verified filed nothing done

  14. Burnt Alive In Odessa documentary: I've never seen anything so horrific. Beating already dying gravely injured and burned peaceful civilians with metal poles and stones is barbaric. And people behind it in Ukrainian Parliament today? Where were human rights activists in 2014? Europe? The US? Anybody? Sanctions?

    Donbass – 2016. Documentary Anne-Laure Bonnel – pregnant women decapitated, children blown apart, snipers targeting civilians daily and never ending bombing…8 years…. If you blood don't start curdling, we, as species, deserve to go extinct.

  15. The true definition of madness,” Einstein reportedly said, “is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.” Unfortunately, many proposals for ending the war on Ukraine ask the Ukrainians to repeat the same actions they have tried over and over with disastrous results. Those advocating for trying these approaches yet again bear a heavy burden of explaining why this time would be different.
    Many outcomes that may sound plausible to those uninformed about Putin’s history quite rightly look disastrous to Ukrainians. For example, Putin has said he wants a neutral, “demilitarized” Ukraine. Russia had that beginning in 1994, when Ukraine surrendered the nuclear weapons it inherited from the Soviet Union in exchange for guarantees of its existing boundaries from Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
    Rather than allow this neutral, demilitarized Ukraine to live in peace within the longstanding boundaries Russia pledged to guarantee, Putin exploited Ukraine’s weakness to intervene in its politics and fix a presidential election for his deeply corrupt crony. When the Ukrainian people overthrew Putin’s puppet, Putin again took advantage of Ukraine’s weakness by seizing Crimea and a large part of Ukraine’s industrial heartland in the East.
    At some point, outsiders may tell the Ukrainians that they should accept a ceasefire at any price, even if it leaves Russian forces in their country. Ukraine did this after Russian’s 2008 invasion, with the promise of peace talks.
    Russia responded by stalling, shelling unoccupied parts of Ukraine, setting up two corrupt puppet regimes in its occupied territories — one of which shot down a Malaysian civilian airplane — and ultimately disavowing its agreement, to invade yet again.
    Nor are these isolated intrusions. Throughout the region, Russia has repeatedly seized parts of its neighbors’ territory, agreed to a ceasefire, and then continued its occupation without serious negotiations. It has occupied two regions of Georgia and one in Moldova for decades. Ukrainians know these “frozen conflicts” mean an indefinite loss of sovereignty, the indefinite subjugation of Ukrainians to Russian misrule, and a constant source of instability draining the country’s human and financial resources.

  16. zelinsky wanted to protect the neo nazis and nato people who were preventing people from leaving, will soon know the games play by the actor

  17. I am so tired of this media driven one sided war. Russia did not do all the destruction in Mariopol. Citizens on ground are witnesses to that saying Asov kicked them out of their apartments and burned them (the buildings) when they left. And why is Zelensky talking so weird. Whispering? I've heard he does drugs didn't believe it. But now starting to.

  18. Ukraine nazis would not allow them to leave untill United Nations intervened at the request of Putin

  19. i can't stand to see z elenky's face or hear his lying words. this puppet of a figure has z ero credibility, he is a clown.

  20. Most of the Ukrainian useless soldiers disguised as civilians to flee from the underground! Hopeless people! Russia is so merciful!

  21. Thanks Russia. These are civilians under siege of Ukranian army. Atlast liberated. If interviewed they will thank Russia.

  22. No country in Assia and Africa must teust the UN. The UN is a puppet o the US and EUROPE( NATO)

  23. Today, Zelensky is sounding low, why? 😟😕😳🥺🤔.
    Human sheild gone, now, Russian Army and NATO Army Head-to-Head.

  24. A neo-nazi battalion guilty of crimes and massacres in the region on mostly Russian-speaking civilians since 2014, is entrenched with them… the civilians who came out say they were held as hostages…

    who to believe the neo-nazis or the civilians?

  25. Zelensky "acts" like an actor. It is his Azov nazi batallion that kept, and keep, people as shields.

  26. Zelensky needed the UN NOT PUTIN not the DPR they been evacuating people since day one. Some of whom were prevented to do so by Azov Ukrainian army who used them as shields. This are Ethnic Russians Ukrainians been killing form8'years why would Russia want to kill them?

  27. 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🇷🇺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Ukraine Néonazis 🤮👿👹🤮👿😈🤮

  28. Nice to see Putin, Zelensky working with the UN 🤗
    Heh, it’s a start to ending this ruthless brutal WAR of Russian against Russian 🤔

  29. Now, let those women trapped in the steel plant talk about their experience. Why didnt they leave sooner?

  30. I feel sick watching Zelensky claim glory for this. I am glad that other comments feel the same.


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