Russia-Ukraine war: Russian Flagship 'Moskva' sinks in Black Sea while being towed to port | WION

Russia’s lead warship ‘Moskva’ sank in the Black Sea after a fire and explosion claimed by Ukraine. Russian news agency said that the ship sank as it was being towed to port in stormy weather

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Comment (37)

  1. The valiant Ukrainians fight bravely so that they will not have to listen to a dictator. Life might have become a bit boring, but for the individual at the personal level nothing would have really changed and life would have gone on peacefully, as usual, if Zelensky had simply adhered to Russia’s requests that cost nothing.

    Ukrainians wish the freedom to vote for and follow the dictates of their own tyrant. Millions flee, thousands die and property damage will impose a heavy burden on citizens for generations to come. They exercised their democratic franchise and are happy to have had the liberty to choose, thanking their maker for this sacred privilege, to die for ideology, a legacy that they will pass on to their heirs.

    You will own nothing and be happy. — P.C.

  2. Russia on high alert. We're getting our asses kicked. Someone farted and it blew up my favorite ship. War games in Putins bathtub called the black sea

  3. Putin's freaking out when he finds out they had Few nukes on that ship that sunk and the last fish catch glowed. Who is this man? What a chineese circus

  4. It amazes me how some people actually think Ukraine is winning. Ukraine is huge. Russia controls about 30 percent of Ukraine. Also, Ukraine can say goodbye to its eastern parts – Lugansk, Donetsk, Crimea. How is that winning? True, Ukraine has put up a brave fight because it is defending its own sovereignty, integrity, freedom, and existence. But there is no way Ukraine can win against such a huge neighbor. But, the West keeps on encouraging Ukraine, because this is, ultimately, between the West and Russia. Ukraine is just a colateral damage, stuck between two major world players. It is very sad how Ukraine is being played with and manipulated by both sides.

  5. WHAAT! Russia sank their own flag ship, due to their own negligence. And now bombs Kyiv due to this mishap. Poor Ukraine, always taking punishment for nothing.

  6. Gotta love the fact, that Putin invades Ukraine to show the world he's a "strong man", a true leader and hat Russia is a world power… And Ukraine then kicks his ass, showing the world what a incompetent fool Putin really is and in the process showcases how weak Russia's military truely is. Victory for Ukraine!

  7. Very significative was the destruction of this Very very very sophisticated and expensive ship. Good strike to Russia. Augh !!! His captain is dead too .

  8. HMS Sheffield (1982) Hit by Argentinian Exocet, then USS Stark Hit by Saddam (1987), But Ukranian Built Russian Ship "Moscow," caught fire & Never HIT by Neptune or Harpoon Missiles better than Exocet.

  9. I have mass respect for these Ukrainians for sticking to their turf no matter what hell brings many prayers for Ukraine you will rebuild and better just sad to see all the people have to flee.

  10. The Russians scuttled the Moskva Flagship hit by apparently Neptune air to sea missiles of Ukraine! China is currently intently watching this for their future plans in the Indo Pacific region and Taiwan k!


  12. Dear Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, your recent speech before the Israeli Knesset was a disgrace when it comes to global struggles for freedom and liberation, particularly of the Palestinian people. You reversed the roles of occupier and occupied. You missed another opportunity to demonstrate the justice of your cause and the broader cause of freedom.

    You said: "We are in different countries and in completely different conditions. But the threat is the same: for both us and you – the total destruction of the people, state, culture. And even of the names: Ukraine, Israel."

    I am angry and sad that Russia is seeking to occupy your country and to crush the rights of the Ukrainian people to self-determination and freedom, and I believe that every possible support must be given to Ukrainians as they resist this barbaric aggression. At the same time, I reject the policies of the US and its Nato allies around the globe.

    I am concerned by your apparent double standards towards the legitimate Palestinian struggle against occupation, oppression and displacement

    And while I admire your success in building a large international coalition to support your struggle against Russian aggression, I wish we as Palestinians could persuade the world to mobilise in a similar fashion, and force Israel to abide by international resolutions.

    I am also concerned by your apparent double standards towards the legitimate Palestinian struggle against occupation, oppression, killings, racial discrimination and displacement – crimes that Israel has practiced for more than seven decades against my people.

    Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people have included the forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the 1948 Nakba. Hundreds of towns and villages were ethnically cleansed and demolished, with most of their features then erased from the earth, preventing the return of their people. Some Palestinians became displaced within the newly proclaimed state of Israel, while others sought refuge in neighbouring Arab countries.

    Occupation and siege
    Palestinians who became Israeli citizens have endured rampant discrimination, while those living in the West Bank live under a brutal occupation, and those in Gaza a crushing siege. Israel has criminalised the Palestinian struggle for freedom and liberation, denied the legitimate Palestinian leadership, confiscated Palestinian property and resources, and arrested Palestinian activists.

    Racist laws, such as the 2018 nation-state law and the recently revised citizenship law, have codified Israel’s opposition to Palestinian self-determination and to a Palestinian homeland.

    Ukrainians fleeing to Israel will transform overnight into settlers and colonisers
    Read More »
    And yet, you have taken public positions in support of Israeli occupation. In 2020, you opted to quit the United Nations Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, a body tasked with supporting Palestinian rights. You even backed Israel’s right to “self-defence” when it was practicing the most extreme forms of aggression against our people.

    Since the start of Russia’s offensive against your country, you have continued to practice double standards. While Israel has hesitated to accept non-Jewish Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian bombing – a policy motivated by inhumanity and ethnic supremacism, with which Palestinians are all too familiar – you remain willing to turn to Israel’s right-wing nationalist prime minister, Naftali Bennett, as a mediator.

    I know that most Palestinians are watching your stubborn struggle and wishing you victory over Russia’s brutal aggression. I also know that a Russian victory would be a great gift to Israel’s aggressive posture – a victory for its “Iron Wall” concept, which regulates its dealings with us until our complete defeat.

    On the other hand, the struggle and victory of your people, even with the destruction of much of your country and the displacement of scores of Ukrainians, would give hope to other peoples struggling against oppression and erasure, rekindling our hopes for return and liberation. To this end, I urge you to stop supporting our oppressors.

    The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye.
    This article is available in French on Middle East Eye French edition

  13. Russian invasion in Ukraine is a disaster for Russia: 20,000 Russian soldiers have been killed so far. Russia can better retreat instead of waiting for a total catastrophe.

  14. it takes a big man to admit when they are wrong, Putin is a little bully, so this war will drag on whilst there are Russians willing to sacrifice themselves for Putin's ego and to protect his personal wealth.

  15. Intelligence update here: Ukrainian missiles, the Neptune used VPN to sneak through Moskva's radar frequencies.

    Use VPN, stay safe. 🤡

  16. Intelligence update here: Ukrainian missiles, the Neptune used VPN to sneak through Moskva's radar frequencies.

    Use VPN, stay safe. 🤡


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