Russia-Ukraine war: Sweden alleges Russian plane violated airspace | International News | WION

Sweden has claimed that a Russian plane briefly violated its airspace on Friday. In a statement, Swedish Defence minister, Peter Hultqvist said, “It is totally unacceptable to violate Swedish airspace. This action is unprofessional.”

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Comment (49)

  1. Well, you're inviting Russian Armageddon to come and flattened your country. Best of Luck!! You would get what you want!!

  2. Looks like Putin is getting ready to perform another one of those “Special Military Operation” campaigns again. If this keeps up well just have to call them “SMOs” for short.

  3. Sweden trick of “Logical” NATO membership what we can do than wish them what they like

  4. Bah ha ha…sure Sweden, but are the Swedes happy to see the Russians after you let the Globalists stage an immigrant invasion making Sweden one of the most dangerous countries in Europe. Russians remember the insanity and death resulting from the Bolshevik (aka Globalist) invasion…they seem to be done with the Globalist commies.

  5. Russia did win mr. Putin  said  after the UKIS broke the MINSK AGREEMENT  and attacked  the people in DONBAS  he was going  to help and liberate them from Kiev and he did , he said he was going around kiev  to destroy  all their weapons  ,aircrafts, bases ,warehouses, tanks  and their ozov  and then liberate DONBAS,  lungust and marupul  and he did …. and with minimal CIVILIANS  casualties  and he did and won..1 pocket left and are pounding it  and  4000 MERCENARIES  kaput  and 55,000 ukis  kaput  ….usa and NATO ran away from 50,000 guys in SANDALS riding TRACTORS and left everything and everyone behind……usa is just  in Hollywood movies  not in real life  and all  USA and NATO do is smoked CIVILIANS……

  6. UKRAINE broke the Minsk AGREEMENT and attacked CIVILIANS mr Putin gave them a warning , usa and ENGLAND pushed it and now ukraine paying for it big.

  7. Please president putin.
    Please let people remember you for doing good. .Eastern are polite don't fight with each other for no reason.
    You might feel insecure but if you believe in God then there is nothing to be afraid of so please stop the war God will Bless you and your Country.

  8. NATO's are trying to bring conflicts for themselves by accepting more country from Eastward to join their military alliance against Russian Federation. NATO'S Article 5 ,attacks on one members of nato is attacks on us ,is nonsense as long as Russian Federation concerns. Any attacks on the Russian troops by nato members is a nuclear war. Nato can never attacks Russian Federation even one day. We're just deceiving ourselves. Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin is a fearless. Enemies of Russian are afraid of Putin. Putin is the most experienced President alive today.

  9. the main problem is we MUST nuke em NOW !
    then they will lern whos Boss !
    its pretty simple when you think about it !

  10. Putin wanted a quick war with Ukraine, he thought this was an easy win
    Well it damn isn't easy
    The GREAT and BEAUTIFUL nation of Ukraine has stood up to Russia who is many times larger
    Well done you wonderful and brave Ukrainian people
    NATO war chiefs have watched Russia in action as it's not very often you can watch the enemy this way
    This war has exposed Russia strength and weakness
    This information is very useful for NATO
    This war was about Ukraine joining NATO, Putin very much was against this!
    Now Russia has a double problem with 2 more countries joining instead
    I have listened to Putin making nuclear war threats, yes he has more rockets than NATO, but only 1 is needed to make Moscow resemble Mariupol

  11. Russia is challenging U.N if they are going to response. Specially Europe countries. They are intimidating European countries to respond.

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  13. My prediction, Finland and Sweden announce the are joining NATO the day before Russia's big May 9th holiday parade.

  14. We been hearing these violation of air space violations since WW2.
    There always the accusation and the denial.
    Yes you did, No we didn't ad nausem.

  15. the message has been sent. you too Sweden and Finland signing NATO, lightning attack will be served., and it will not be a military operation.👈

  16. scramble and tell them to stop drinking vodka when they are flying or there will be an explosion and they will sink….no wait….that already happened but not from Neptune missiles

  17. intanto gli ukraini hanno decapitato i vertici militari russi uccidendo il Capo di stato maggiore ossia il n. 1 dei vertici militari russi o meglio la persona più importante dopo Putin , + altre 200 militari di alto rango del suo seguito…. "si ma la Russia è forte"… ahahahahaha lol

  18. They have the right to join NATO without making irresponsible statements. It is Ukraine that should not join NATO at any cost.

  19. Shot it down any 🇷🇺 Russian plane that that goes into Swiss air space cases it will continue to violet Swedish air space caz Russia 🤔 thinks it can l don't think Russia will retaliate.

  20. Well done you're siding with NATO and doing illegal sanctions, all other rules and respect flies out the window. By joining and siding with NATO, prepare to be the new front line in any war and constant surveillance.

  21. well they are lucky they have not join nato yet . it would have be bomb and not plane


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