Russia ups its offensive against Ukraine, Kyiv says 'battle for Donbas has begun' | Latest News

It is week nine of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Kyiv says that the second phase of the war has begun. Russia has launched its much anticipated offensive in eastern Ukraine with explosions reported all along the eastern front along with attacks in other regions.

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Comment (20)

  1. The most powerful country in the world is the United States I know Russia's got arms it doesn't matter we fight one we fight all we have to battle this they're killing women and children no need for that not in the 21st century God be with ukrainians May the Lord's hand prevail above them and help them people good people

  2. Kiev says it is the second phase of the offensive while Russia says it will hold elections in the Donbass.

  3. LORD GOD of all creation protect & fight decisively for the Ukraine nation. LORD GOD totally defeat all attacking Russians destroying all their pride & weapons & not able to recover in the Name of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth!

  4. Ukraine has vowed that its forces will “fight to the end” in the besieged port city of Mariupol, after a Russian ultimatum for the remaining Ukrainian troops there to surrender expired.
    U never see that when US invaded Vietnam,Iraq ,Afghanistan etc

    Moscow said Ukrainian forces in the city must lay down their arms by Sunday or be pulverized ,after weeks of relative calm in the capital Kyiv were brought to an end by renewed Russian airstrikes.Austria's chancellor, the first European leader to meet with Vladimir Putin in person since the invasion began, said he thought the Russian president "believes he is winning the war" in Ukraine.

    The fall of Mariupol, the largest trading port in the Sea of Azov – from which Ukraine exports grain, iron, steel and heavy machinery – would be an economic blow to Kyiv and a symbolic and strategic victory for Russia, connecting territory it holds in Donbas with the Crimea region it annexed in 2014.
    The ramifications of this war run much deeper than the impact it will cause to those directly involved in the conflict. It will reshape the world, as it is likely that other latent frictions between countries and territories will be activated as a consequence of the Russia-Ukraine situation.

    This war could easily become "the biggest war in Europe since 1945", If countries with similar backgrounds cannot reach agreement between them, then how much more likely it is that several countries that have big differences and ancient conflicts may easily slip into war for no apparent justifiable reason.On a personal level, it saddens me to see how fate turns around and once again we find ourselves at war. I am sorry and restless since I have many students in Russia and Ukraine who are under threat and feel how the deteriorating situation is affecting them and the whole world. In Israel, too, I have many students who follow with concern what is happening in Eastern Europe, anxious about the fate of their family members and friends.

    Our only hope is that the manifestations of hatred between the Russians and the Ukrainians will stop soon, if only the reality set in that the western narrative that Ukraine can win this war two peoples who have lived side by side throughout history. , Until now Russia escalation is fueled by NATO and US arm escalation until that stop, It is impossible for now.

    peace and a ceasefire, talk about all parties showing restraint remain unlikely until Russia completely annihilated and pulverized eastern donbas ,even Lvivv ( the conduct that all weopenary come)and Kiew (mus tbe completely annihilated too.) then peace will come .The key chief that master minded this US parties in conflict could follow if only Divert it attention to China the current biggest enemy in term of economy ,technology,infrastructure which will certainly surpass US in the coming years!!!

  5. Russia is about to show America and NATO what is waiting for them if they enter Ukraine. America and NATO don't want none of that heat. RUSSIA RISING

  6. News keeps saying Ukraine is winning all the battles.
    Russia hasn't even brought out their big guns yet.
    The news is not helping Ukraine by saying they are always winning.

  7. Zelinsky should not have allowed this war to begin in the first place. It is NOT worth it for the sake of the West/NATO/ AMERICA. THEY WANT TO SPARE THEIR COUNTRY AND CITIZENS BY NOT GETTING PHYSICALLY INVOLVED BUT WILLING TO SACRIFICE THAT OF THE UKRAINIAN.

  8. Due to ego of zelensky ukrains are suffering a lot and country being destroyed with shellings.. When super power warns to attack a country for some reasons , the country should get compromise and should have dialogue with super power. The country may get weapons from others to fight. But it is not enough to face superpower. Ultimate loosers are civilians…..😭😭


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