Russia warns of Nuke and Hypersonic deployment to Baltic | World News | WION

Russia warned Sweden and Finland that if they joined NATO, then it will deploy nuclear weapons in hypersonic missiles in the heart of Europe. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is pushing Finland and Sweden towards NATO

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Comment (49)

  1. Puttin do you love your kids stop now or you might feel some pain that won't go away your children will spend the rest of Thier lives hidding

  2. Isn't this the guy that started the Trump Russian Collusion bullshit ???

    You can certainly trust him then . . .

  3. Scott Ritter is of the opinion that if Finland joins NATO, Russia will do to it what has been done to Ukraine. NATO weapons that close to St. Petersburg won't be allowed. And there would be consequences for abandoning the neutral stance Finland has taken with respect to Russia and NATO. If Ritter is right and these Globalist morons can't see the forest for the trees, then I don't see how this isn't a fast track to WWIII. Defensive alliance my @$$. At least Russia means what it says and says what it means.

  4. Hello Putler it's me Joe listen my man here's the deal you torch off one nuke I don't care how small you and your entire Country will cease to exist.

  5. it rain on those with rain coat and those with out. CCP should take advantage of Russia 30% to 50% of there forces and expand into Russia

  6. If NATO gets into this there will be an abomination. NATO has a dark history, Thce citizens had no say in this, no vote, no part of the negotiation, Nothing, yet the pols and their agencies knew this was on the map, the people didn`t know, only but a few informed., had they been involved this could have been avoided.. A pact including citizens it could have been avoided, The Politicians knew this was coming, but people were ignored.

  7. NATO has a deep dark history, keep them out as well as US armed forces or pay the price, every nation.

  8. Russia threaten a world war and has trouble defeating Ukraine? The bully needs a dose of its own medicine. It is not if, it is when! Looks like they want the spoils of the Yalta agreement…they have shown how weak they are…plus their criminal acts of war…these rabid dogs need to be put down!

  9. Nato will be there to finish the job in Russia. So, everything is burning and radioactive then why worry it will all be over soon and also for Russia. everyone living will get really sick and won't fight anymore.

  10. ugh what happened to our Eco warriors screaming about our disasters on a lemon timer for global warming? zero peacekeepers and zero diplomacy! Nuclear war is now needed for Zelensky? wtf? same consistency of our POTUS and a Crackhead!

  11. Well Sweden and Finland want to feel a sense of security by following in the steps of Ukraine they are just asking to be invaded as well how is that security if nato finally steps in and starts a full on war with Russia then Finland and Sweden will probably seize to exist and ww3 will intensify to the point of leaving only a 3rd of humanity alive

  12. 🤔 Wait , Putin has Cry-ed NUKES, he has threatens NUKES so many times now , ALL Russians NEED TO BE 6 feet in the Ground ! the Only way the world will be Safe .

  13. How is Sweden and Finland joining NATO supposed to promote "security" when the very act of them joining brings us closer to nuclear war?

  14. For anyone who doesn't know, they already have these there, and on ships all over the world. As does the US. ICBMs can also already go anywhere in 30 mins or less. They're even faster than "hypersonics" but have to go up into space 1st though they fall vertically and basically cannot be stopped either. They're full of shit as always and all of this is just pointless empty threats beyond the same threat it always was… The complete end for everyone everywhere.

  15. Putin alone promotes instability in Europe! With invading Ukraine, Putin has forced Finland and Sweden to join NATO unless they want to become Russian territory. 🤔

  16. When Putin was surrounding Ukraine for several days he was testing the waters but the American president went on national TV to assure the American public that America would not intervene. He removed troops and American citizens and that was the green light for Putin to enter. He has blood on his hands. If we had said we will do military exercises also and confronted him face to face with tanks then Putin would have backed down. The tyrant Putin waves the nuclear wand but he does not want nuclear war anymore than we do he is a bully. He must be stopped we need to take a missile and use it as a suppository for Putin

  17. Why was it OK for Kennedy to have the Cuban missile crisis keeping Russian missiles out of Cuba BUT when Putin didn’t want NATOs missiles in the Ukraine aimed at Russia all of a sudden main stream media in America paints Putin as a maniac and Biden says Putin must go. Welcome to Biden’s nightmare.

  18. time and again, we are reminded that it's the leaders of certain countries that create destruction and loss of lives.

  19. While it is not impossible putin unleashes his nuclear wrath, NATO will retaliate and wipe out the Kremlin with nukes. The mushroom radioactive cloud does not discriminate it will definitely kill people from Nato member countries and affect Nato territories. The world will not back down everytime he uses this as a threat. Trying to take the world down will include the Kremlin or russia with it.

  20. When US deploy missiles in European borders with Russia, the Russia have all rights to deploy it's own defense against any US aggression. It is up-to the European leaders to decide to side with US and welcome a full blown attack from Russia or be self-reliant and non-dependent on US for own defenses.

  21. Russia under putin is shooting itself on the foot. Putin is a liar and a bully, you cannot trust the word of a Dictator.

  22. Nuclear free Nordic have never been including Russia. Murmansk area is the harbour of their nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles.

  23. I only perceive the 2 countries trying to join NATO as foolish, why would they try to make that kind of move when they see what going on in Ukraine, well when they start Bombarding the country I hope they regret their actions!

  24. Only a fool believes that NATO is a defensive alliance, it is an offensive one. Its track record speaks for itself.


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