Russia warns of retaliation against West, dismisses accusations of 'blackmail' | World News | WION

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already reacted to the British foreign secretary’s comments and gave a warning of a lightning-fast retaliation. He said if countries intervene in Ukraine, they could face the same fate as Poland and Bulgaria.

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Comment (25)

  1. This is war. The USA and its allies are doing everything in their power to attack Russia in every possible way. Why can't Putin do the same? Don't be hypocrites. Only you can hit Putin but he can't hit you back?

  2. Patience has a Threshold.
    Blackmail sanctions were imposed upon Russia by Europe ,UK & US to Ruin & Hurt the Russian Economy.
    Do you expect Russia to have any sympathy towards unfriendly nations ? "White Hypocrisy "

  3. How is this blackmail when you sanction them, stop making silly comments internationally as if we are stupid.

  4. I'm going to go to the usa or EU and rent a house or an apartment.
    I will pay my rent and utilities with pesos and if the Landlord or utility companies, shut off my services or deny me entrance to the rented property, I will sue them for blackmailing me.

  5. That's exactly what happens when countries weaponize their dollar. Other countries that are affected will now seek and use counter measures…

  6. Contracts is governed by BUYERS OR SELLERS GOOD FAITH. If a buyer pays a shit (sanctioned Treasury instrument), one of the contracting party has the right to demand another currency. Russia by it was too kind. He should have demanded gold.

  7. Mr Putin you may belief that you are in total control you see god is never out of the picture do not be carried away with power he is looking ,


  9. this is what you call force majeur in contracts… in the act of war. so basically, Russia did not violate its contract.
    Poland being a crybaby to EU disgusts me… and again, what is your population?? 39M. LOL How high and mighty for you to demand such bravado of words.
    Also this Hungary, with 9M population… like really, how high for you to demand such negotiation? Russia can just crumble you in seconds.

    two yrs from now let's see where Poland and Hungary will seat.

  10. Developed countries acting life fools in their words and their actions. USA pushed in so much for sanctions and EU followed it, now US is silent and EU is suffering.

  11. Russia isn't running a charity. Don't want to pay, you don't get the gas. Meanwhile, various countries are openly stealing Russian business's, funds, properties. India will see the same unless it licks the American boot.

  12. Spoken how a Leader should when facing provocation from USA. Biden bragged today that he is sending more money and more weapons to Ukraine. Why not send food, medical aid, evacuation planes for civilians? Why send in more ways to attack then act like a victim when Russia defends itself? Putin was right, he is fighting a war with USA that USA started, and is funded by USA.

  13. good job russia keep up the good work. remember nato killed more people in libya syria Iraq Afghanistan etc woman and children and nobody cared. usa are dictators and hypocrites. why are they so determined to help ukraine? just why? ukraine need to fight their own war and stop involving everyone else

  14. Russia can't attack Poland in a war at this time turning his face to Poland and his back to Ukraine which is at war and him in the middle ….what then likewise Moldova and Bulgaria

  15. They are all sending weapons to Ukraine so they can be used to kill Russians but when Russia cuts off the gas because they are refusing to pay for it, apparently they are breaching the contract. It’s their gas and if they have decided that they want to sell it using a different currency then they can do what ever they like. It’s their gas!
    They can continue to sell it or they can stop selling it at any given time like they just did to a Poland and Bulgaria.

    Stop crying like babies. If you need gas, pay for it and get it while the offer still stands!

  16. Oh my galactic Jesus… blackmail ??? Blackmail ??, I’m not commenting on shit no more. This bullshit is getting out of hands on all ends.


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