Russia warns UK of immediate 'proportional response' if it continues direct provocation of Ukraine

Russia has warned Britain that if it continued to provoke Ukraine to strike targets in Russia then there would be an immediate “proportional response”.

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Comment (48)

  1. Just fry Russia already, they’re getting on everyone’s nerves. The quicker they’re gone, the better off we will be as a planet.

  2. Putin has said that this is a "military action." He is weeding out the evil in Ukraine. He has every right as a leader to protect his country and his country's borders (U S. funded biolabs). There are Ukrainian groups that are like B-L:M … purposefully bombing and destroying places in the Ukraine and blaming it on Russia to try and get NATO and/or the U S. to act. Zelensky is NOT a hero….he is complicit in the evil money laundering and other evil deeds within his own country. Ukraine is among the most corrupt countries in the world. Right now, he and his group (including many of our own politicians) are making BILLIONS off this so-called war, only to fill their own pockets. These people are sick!

  3. If you saw a man, 8ft high, built like a brick shithouse, armed to the teeth, couple of nukes strapped to his back. Would you pick a fight with him?

  4. Your just alone in your dream mr. Putin. No one will believe that you can defeat west and EU what you did is you took stone to break your own head

    Damage is done with the priceless lives you took. Your gonna pay for it after your illusions

  5. Putin is like the Drunk guy at the bar, standing on a table telling the whole place he can kick any bodies tail.

  6. It seems West is determined to destroy Ukrain completely

    In future when you ask what is Ukrain?
    Kids will be like is it fruit or extinct animal name 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. I am in U.K, I hope Putin sends the bombs as I believe that our government along with its aliies are bringing us here on purpose. I also believe they are doing this to hide the shit show that was covid amongst other things. We are all blind and maybe only war has the chance to waken us up. How people easily have the viel shifted without even realising. F-off Boris Johnson and your NATO, EU allies. It's time to break up these people and their monopolies.

  8. I wonder what he plans on doing if Johnson administration continues. Is he going to attack the UK 🇬🇧? I doubt it. Let him try. Just like he threatened Finland 🇫🇮

  9. Putin has got a point to prove and regardless of politics and/or opinions, that man will not back down and will not be seen as defeated. The only logical answer to this is, let them take the Donbas so he can tell his people he has 'won' and then let Putin know that if he tries to go any further, he will be stopped by NATO. It's quite simple. Pushing his forces out of Ukraine is only going to trigger him to do the unthinkable. He is a sore loser, and therefore western governments need to be aware of this or the world will end. It's really that simple. Unfortunately we have to let him somewhat 'win' for the safety of humanity.

  10. The UK government are warmongering the UK government has no right UK government is out of order pushing the narrative for war well if UK service men are killed because of this the UK government will be to blame and as usual they don't care how many British servicemen die, or get injured because they don't look after them when they can't save any more so why should any service man go to war for such a government

  11. God save the Queen!
    Hail to Great Britain!
    Russia Putin's madness and all his accomplice will be punished!
    Russian must speak for themselves!
    For courageous righteousness humanity ultimately freedom!
    Slava Ukraini!!!

  12. It’s all gonna kick off soon with all these divs running these country’s this is what happens when you got rid of trump a proper man who tells the straight & is to powerful to mess with

  13. If was no instigation form sua and england this war was never get to this point .
    This should be settled between Zelensky and Putin with no intervention / instigation from the Hyenas that on their history is nothing but horrific interventions.
    Ukraine speaks Russian and Russian s speak Russian so you have it .
    Now a destruction is taking place in Ukraine and the Hyenas are giving more military support to Ukraine to kill eachother and they watching comfortable from their seats how people and history is getting destroyed.
    Shame in both Hyenas .
    This was from the beginning a Zelensky/ Putin subject.
    No more promise of american dream, that was gone long time a go .

  14. I dont like Poetin or Zelensky or Britisch Goverment Or the EU or US,they only want War and the people on this Planet non of us want this….Nobody wins when it comes to a Nuke War………..

  15. Every day it sounds a bit more like we are getting closer to a world War. Humans as a whole aren't going to advance as a species like this. Just flat out stupid. 1000's of years living together and all we can ever think of is killing everyone.

  16. Putin is a homicidal sociopathic bully. Putin is a mad dog, foaming at the mouth as he threatens the world family and utters a bully’s demands that his next victims do nothing to stop his continued excessive and aggressive use of force against innocent friends and family. Putin is also displaying delusions of grandeur and delusional thinking by dreaming that good people will sit back and do nothing in the face of his evil brutality and his vicious crimes against decency and humanity. Had Putin been worthy of a seat among the law-abiding, he would have exercised and exploited the normal tools of diplomacy to accomplish his regressive dreams of turning back the clock to supposed better days. And just what did that world look like? Was it when the Soviet Union under the likes of Stalin slaughtered millions of his own citizens in the name of a better world? Putin is shattering Russia’s chances of returning to the world stage as an admirable peer among equals, even as he shatters the lives of Ukrainians and those brave Russians who dare to speak up and disagree with him.

  17. Nobody will listen to Putin. We will keep on bombing location's in Russia.😂 And will keep supplying Ukraine.

  18. The ugly side of this war is not about Ukraine but about showing off to the world who is more powerful. It will end up killing themselves, the world supply chains and human suffering. Look at how proud and arrogant when all these political figures walk and talk. As if the whole world depend on them. There is no peace talk, all are demanding this and that as if the whole world owe them. We need peace and rational leaders who are not racial.

  19. For decades, Russia has been the world's second most powerful military. Today, it is the second most powerful military inside Ukraine

  20. I am so fate up of US and NATO's hypocrisy and hegemony that now I really want to see US and NATO go nuclear war with Russia and see who wins before I die. But I bet they won't because they too will have to sign their death certificate with Russia. Proxy war with Russia is convenient for them because they are cowards.

  21. if this is a war why is Russia and the Kremlin not being bombed, its not a war its inailation of a country that a dictator said he wants, instead of Putin telling and threatening Nato Nato should be telling and threatening Putin to get his arse out of there before he loses it

  22. Give Ukraine defensive weapons? Its a forgone conclusion this could escalate this situation.

    Liss Truss needs to come down a couple of clicks before something goes terribly wrong and this kicks off large…

  23. We should of took Russia and it’s allies long time ago level them all simultaneously give all their money to Ukraine 🇺🇦

  24. Well well this wouldn't have happen if Russia invaded Ukraine. Were doing everything we can to sure the Survival of all Ukrainians.

  25. Mother's days is approaching Mr B.J. of 🇬🇧 you were successful breaking away from EU .PLEASE dont get injestion and I think best safety in the bunkers to rejuvenate and stay healthy and safe and plenty of coins in the pocket to give live to the piglets and get noticed 😉 man not twigs Jlim Asean

  26. I am just wondering what makes Ukraine thinks that it can win the war against Russia, regardless 9f what weapons are provided to them. In the end they will be worst off. Those Europeans and Americans are just using Ukraine to achieve there hegemonic ambition.

  27. So, the bully attacks his chose target, and then threatens to kill the victim's friends' famiilies if they continue to help threvictim. Russia is a bully, and the UK should be ready. Giving into the bully will only make things worse.

  28. God intervene lord Lord you are the savior presidents of all. Presidents lord I beg you please lord intervene heal And spiritually spiritually emotionally physically god come down from your heavens and change this lord. No more suffer I declare the name of the holly spirit and Jesus peace and unity to your people and lands lord no more deaths I declare in Jesus name no more sufferings take control lord. In Jesus name amen 🙏


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