Russia warns US of 'unpredictable consequences' if it provides arms to Ukraine | Latest English News

Russian invasion of Ukraine is in its 51st day and there is now a possible new dimension to this conflict. In the latest, Moscow has warned Washington against supplying arms to Ukraine, this after the American President Joe Biden had announced that United States would be sending 800 million dollars more of military assistance to Ukraine.

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Comment (32)

  1. The Russian population knows full well what carnage their little dictator Putin is doing in the neighbouring country of Ukraine. By not doing/saying anything, Russians are being complicit with Putin and are just as guilty…may they rot in hell!!!

  2. Soon or later, Russia will start attacking Japan.
    And this is all planned already.
    Remember You've read this.
    Watch and see.

  3. I saw it in the news that Yesterday Russia destroyed all these weapons sent by USA. Russia shot down a plane carrying all these weapons.

  4. US doesn’t have guts to fight, and they screwed Ukraine, and US arms manufacturers are making money out of the war. US got screwed in Vietnam, got screwed in Afghan war. What a shame

  5. The truth is probably that Russian troops have moved out of Ukraine. Stationed at the border … the amount of disinformation is staggering …

  6. If one would invert the information given to us. Then and only then the story becomes a straight line … 🤔

  7. The US isn't mentioned in Bible prophecy – maybe we no longer exist. US sending more weapons that will end up in the hands of the enemy eventually, just like Afghanistan.

  8. Then Russia should leave Ukraine 🇺🇦 if it does not like the support from all countries. Victory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

  9. 1:50 here is a comedian who is begging all around for help but would not let go of his ego even if every part of Ukraine turn into rubles…why can he stay out of west military alliance and let his people live peacefully

  10. Thank you Biden for high gas, food, tax, cost of living and inflation prices. And for giving away our borders to illegals, killing babies, lowering the purchasing power of USD and putting citizens last.

    Thank you for aiding Ukraine and putting our country on nuclear high alert levels.

    I hope you go to hell, along with your partners. I hope u suffer for all eternity.

  11. I like how Putin warns of "unpredictable consequences' – as if he, himself, cannot predict what he might do. If that's not the definition of an unstable, unhinged leader, I'm hard pressed to find one.

  12. Who do Russia think they are issuing threats to the US.. do they really see themselves as a world player like that? They cant even intimidate Ukraine and they want to try and bully the U.S ahahahAHAHAHahahahaa.. Putin really is a deluded scumbag… maybe all the Botox has gone to his head…


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