Russia: Will allow civilians to evacuate from Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol | World English News

Russia has announced that it will allow civilians to evacuate from Azovstal steel plant amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Comment (29)

  1. Why is Zelensky using his country's citizens as human shield? Why is Zelensky playing politics with the lives of Elderly, women,children and the wounded Ukrainians? Zelensky,should allow the wounded,elderly, women and children,out of the Steel Plant immediately. Russia has allowed them out, why are they still there?

  2. 🚨Russia… is continually giving lay down arms requests, and 4 ceasefires to evacuate civilians????

  3. The Ukronazis are doomed. They were supported by the warmonger neocons in the west. Instead of peace negotiations, the west is sending more weapons. Ukrainians are dying for the sake of Hunter Biden, Brandon, Pelosi's son and Romney's son. Supporters of that neocon grifter crew are despicable.

  4. The foreign mercenaries and the azov batallions are clearly very very brave not afraid of death because they use civilians as their shields,Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. The AZOV Neo-Nazis won't allow civilians to evacuate!! They use Civilians as human shield! Neo-Nazis know once there are NO more Civilians, they're gonna be Bomb to death by Russia!

    Fight On Mr Putin!!

  6. everything russia let's civilians evacuate they are shelled or arrested and sent to russian camps so stfu everyone

  7. So the Russians are going to back off and allow Azov to kill the civilians fleeing just as we have been told? Seems the real goal of both sides is depopulation? Gee, I wonder why that could be happening? Perhaps Zelensky has told us why?

  8. Who are the evil now? Azov known as "Nazi's are using those civilians as a human shield πŸ™„

  9. we passed it by 12 hour
    no news azov would release any hostage
    no women no children

    people will see the truth

  10. Russians will but will zelenskys Azov battalion allow innocent people to leave!
    Well Zelensky tell these murderers to down arms OR have you no power in your own country?

  11. Careful now….those Azov soldiers may try to escape by pretending to be civilians. They must be scrutinized to ensure that there are no exit routes for them.

  12. Russia atrocities : Modi would be inhuman not to squirm.
    Of course Modi is squirming, but he must remain loyal to Russia.
    Modi fears offending Russia, and must endure the reports of Russian rape and murder,
    he is doing a good job – but occasionally revels a glimmer of humanity when he watches
    scenes of Russian slaughter.

  13. make sure it will be all civilians not Ukranians fighters or foreign fighters pretending to be civilians just so they can get out.

  14. I am sure that the whiny "little girls" of the Azov Battalion will again attempt to escape disguised as old ladies and women, like before they holed up in the Azovstal Steel Mill and tried to escape using the humanitarian corridors open for civilians, several of them were caught disguised as women trying to escape. Bunch of murderous cowards.


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