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Russia has demanded that Ukrainian forces hold up in a steel plant in Mariupol lay down their weapons whereas Ukraine vows to fight till end. Eastern Ukraine is now fast emerging as a new frontier in this war.

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  1. It's mostly unbaised but she kept pushing that narrative that sanctions aren't affecting Russia. It's already obvious that it is. Putin's Russia already cried out that the sanctions is economic warfare. But if we really see what's making it slightly ineffective are the European countries like Germany that still buy Russian gas. What's worse is India buying more Russian oil because of discounted prices. We could say they're helping Russia sustain itself while heavily sanctioned

  2. – Free fly Zone + No air defense missiles and no jets for Ukraine from NATO and US = Russian jets and rockets freely fly anywhere they like and drop their heavy bombs over innocents Ukrainian civilians!
    – According to the New York Times, analysis of satellite imagery shows the presence of 300 large cavities in an area of one hectare in the Manush Cemetery west of Mariupol, which were excavated by the Russians in March and April during the occupation.
    – Ukrainian officials say more than 20,000 people have been killed in the 450,000-strong city of Mariupol due to fighting, shortages of food and water, and a lack of energy resources, including electricity.

  3. TL;DR NATO trained and supplied (Ukraine forces) still losing to Russian forces in the East. It's a shame the West promotes and supports the senseless loss of young lives in this battle. In no scenario could Ukraine beat Russia in a war. The wests lies, unlike what they are used to, are not a replacement for facts. It's sad that Ukraine has been at war with its own people in the east for so long. Luckily, Russia stepped up for the people and stopped the horrific acts of the west there. Hoping this war comes to an end soon and people children will be spared. Sending love from Canada.

  4. Більшість предметів, зібраних у Британському музеї, є краденими.
    Британія не відмовиться від колонізації інших країн, поневолення мирного населення в інших країнах.
    Британці вторглися на Фолклендські острови і знущалися над аргентинцем.
    Британський прем'єр любить тільки українок. Відправити всіх чоловіків-біженців до Африки.

  5. 2022 here we are destroying our planet because some old man is power hungry..we are laughable really..

  6. The world has rallied behind Russia and the Ukrainian separatists.
    Crisis Actor Puppetlenskyy and the obiden-soros Kiev Coup are heading for the sewers of history.bvvv

  7. zelensky the butcher of his own sheeple sending them to a sure death all to make himself look strong

  8. Ukrainian National Police murdered ukrainians in Butcha and staged a massacre to make it look like it was done by Russian military.

  9. The Russian military is good at killing civilians, blowing up apartment buildings and hospitals, not very good at anyone that shots back.

  10. USA sells Weapons to all wars in this planet including Ukraine. Then buys cheap oil and cheap everything from Russia after telling everyone not to lol USA knows how to play the board. USA always wins. USA owns all social media platforms and Wion is there puppets!!!!


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