Russian assault on Azovstal continues, at least 200 trapped | International News | WION

On April 21, Russia declared victory over Mariupol but did not have complete control over the southern Ukrainian city. Ukrainian forces and civilians remained holed up in the sprawling Azovstal steel plant and two weeks on Russian forces continue to fight to capture the last stronghold of Ukrainian resistance in the city.

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Comment (48)

  1. But, who's trapped there?

    Nazis, obviously…

    Collaborators, too?
    Hostages/human shields?

    Yeah, it's great, what and who America and NATO are supporting.

  2. Listen to report with a pinch of salt, from Latvia with love.
    Filtered news always with biased angle.
    The trapped civilians have no say on what happens to them.
    Azovstal steel mill is probably a large deep CRATER if Russians were not merciful.

  3. West and Wion is not calling out Zelensky and his Neo Natzis Azovs out for human shielding the Civilians

  4. The fact that the Azofs took women and children into this steelworks tells you much about the style of fighting used by these people. This is not the way of heroic Spartans

  5. The reason why Russia is still giving time for Ukraine civilians to evacuate before they strike is because they really don't want any innocent citizens to be involved. Where the heck is this coming from? It's because NEO NAZIS were already rulling and have full control of Ukraine government and military force since 2014! And that freakin comedian is just their puppet! West is only aiding Neo Nazis in Ukraine because they know it! Knowing all that freaking nazis are rulling Ukraine is outrageous for Putin that led him to take Ukraine back from this MFs!! All these attacks inside Ukraine that kills innocents are the doings of neo nazi army that are actively operating hiding behind Ukrainian military uniform!! Go look it up and see it for yourself all the list of neo nazis force around the world esp in Ukraine and this information is even available to public ever since but only few cared to figure what the heck is really going on!! Wakey wakey y'all!!! We've all been lied to and this is very sickening!!!

  6. Russia army suppose to destroy the remaining soldiers holed up in Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant if they are unwilling to laydown their weapons. The media is acting like they are surprise.

  7. These Azof spokesmen/leaders look well fed, clean,shavened…not sleep deprived….. not the condition expected if you've been stuck underground and bombarded??

  8. Truth is actually that Russia and DPR have only let out a few dozen at a time…so they can question them and search them to gain information on where Ukraine forces are in plant. Once they pinpoint the locations…no more will be allowed to leave

  9. azov battalion is the one russia had been after from the start for carrying out war crimes in donbas and luhansk and which is why ukraine government may fall for supporting them in doing so.. they have intentionally taken civilians to use as human shields..

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  11. I am disgusted with Russia … a guy on Russian state tv calls for re education camps and sterilisation …. Putin you are a horrific monster

  12. Ukrain has no say or authority in Maripol. While they continue to use civilians as shields.

  13. I do not get it. Putin himself said one month ago the entire city was taken. And it is pretty close to Russia so support is no problem. Why is there still fighting. Mighty russian army not so mighty, eh?

  14. God be with these people!! 🙏🙏🙏 The Russians are so pathetic that they are putting so much effort in this one town!!

  15. Don't trust Zelensky, he is being used by the USA and NATO, I'm sad for the innocent civilians being used as human shield by the Nazis, fascist surrounding that comedian Zelensky

  16. The thing that I don’t understand on this Mariupol Avostal plant, it has been day >60 since invasion.
    The civilian should have been evacuated when the war first started. But when the war started, Zelensky said all Ukrainian will defend until the last person.
    So, who arranged the civilians to be trapped in Avostal plant?

  17. Este hombre habla disparate.. OTAN está en confrontacion contra Rusia más de un mes

  18. Biden called Putin a war criminal if that is a fact, why the Russians are even considering a ceasefire to allow people to leave?

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  20. The NAZI cry and cry,they are nomore brave they hide like a ratts and take civs hostage,lol resistance 30m under the groun,hahaha heroic.

  21. The Azovists' own publications are sufficient to convict them of serious war crimes, and using civilians as human shields in the Azovstal factory is just one aspect of their nazist beastiality.

  22. The war seems to be mild. Russia donot harm the roads and bridges and other basic constructions. They allow the people to escape even the fighters in disguise . That means it a hopeful mild attack .

  23. Loss of lives and devastation of a beautiful country all because Zelensky wants to fight a loosing war at the behest of NATO and the west ; bravery is fine, but pragmatism is even more important in the interest of Ukranians ! From the beginning, NATO and the west wants to weaken Russia, for what ?
    The real danger is from China !

  24. Zelenky is setting pretty in palace while innocent civilian sacrefice in this war white kind of president is this

  25. She call it Ukrainian NAZIS are olding up ?? Really ? They hiding there with Humanshield..annd this NAZI guy is already Dead.

  26. This is the mainstream media lie.
    Azov keep civilians in front of them-
    selves, as bullret catchers. They
    refused to leave them all over to
    the UN. Zelensky is accuntable.

  27. They should just concrete over the whole place. They have been given numerous corridors to leave but nazis are using civilians as shields.

  28. Russia needs to make a choice quickly. The United States has sufficient evidence to support there cliam of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Russia is not involved in a war with Ukraine. It's a, "Special military operations." Such operations have limitations on the type of kentic weapons that can be used. Hyper Sonic missiles cannot be used in "Special military Operations." Only the concept of "Limited Operations" can apply by the aggressor nation. The aggressor being Russia.

    The United States is poised to win in The High Courts. Either Russia must change the designation of , "Special military Operations" to "War" or it will lose in The High Courts due to the illegality of the weaponary Russia is using in it's , "Special military Operations." Russia needs to make it clear to the world about the, "War" status if this is the route The Kremlin chooses.



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