Russian bombardments sparks blaze as fire rages in western Kyiv | Russia-Ukraine Conflict | WION

For days now, residents in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv have had sleepless nights, they have been living in constant fear- the fear of losing their loved ones, the fear of losing their house, the fear of being attacked by the Russian shelling and Moscow does not seem to have any plans to scale down its offensive.

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Comment (49)

  1. You have bombed Donbass region for 8 years as if people living there were any any worse then you in Kiev. This is a boomerang

  2. The survivors are confused on the congratulatory messages from zelenski, they don't know when they would get by another bomb

  3. Store of weapons supplied by the West? And would Russian army be firing at civilian cars leaving the city? I doubt it somehow.

  4. Zelensky folly caused destruction to Ukraine. He has been manipulated by
    US, NATO, Neo-Nazi and Zionist with the intention to destroyed Russia.
    God Bless, KARMA come early for Zelensky and his Neo-Nazi instigators.
    Zelensky should be arrested and charged in ICJ for ethnic cleansing in
    Donask and Lugansk././

  5. The immaturity of ukrainian President which was based on USA and EU NATO caused all these. USA double dealings will lead to world war3 and America will face multiple attacks

  6. when you take dozens of glass bottles filled with a petroleum mixture into thousands of homes…you get fires…

  7. The then comedian who was a covered face of real villains of Ukraine ppl.whole white world make him like hero for their war. this clown make the country became ghost country with smile face.

  8. The west told Putin they were sending in more weapons. So now Putin tracks the shipments and then blows them up.

  9. All labour media opposite in Russia what a matter money money money money money money money money money money money money money money

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  11. OMG! It seems astonish how all this is similar to the typical Hollywood movie!
    I just hope that at the end the brave Hero doesn't turn out to be the real villain!

  12. USA's intervention in any country… Leave the country destroyed… God is with the people of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Cuba, Afghanistan and now Ukraine..

  13. For Russia it is now (or) never ; They have to face NATO as the wolf uncle sam will not allow Russia at peace ; Zelensky should directly talk to Putin who wants assurance of neutrality by Ukraine ; No firendship nor hostility ; Only be neutral ;

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  15. if you killed 14,500 russians and you have only hundred casualties on ur sides then you are invincible.why begging help from west? idiot comediane

  16. zelenski pretending hero.patriotic is different from idiotic. america should sacrifice 1 man''s life to save billions lives of european once nuclear bomb activate

  17. The suffering is horrific, please don't forget the poor zoo animals! Stop the bloodshed on both sides! We are living in the END times, the world is on the brink of the 7year Tribulation. Please get rapture ready: accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior today!!! Don't be deceived by the coming ANTIchrist who will "create order out of chaos"! Study biblical end times prophecy, listen to Dr. Ron Rhodes on end times chronology. Blessings from Alberta

  18. I'm from India🇮🇳 and we always stand with you Russia🇷🇺
    No matter what situation
    We will shoot the whole world for you
    Because you are not our partner🤝
    You are our Brother❣️🇮🇳🤙🇷🇺✊
    Always & Forever 💞

  19. I'm from India🇮🇳 and we always stand with you Russia🇷🇺
    No matter what situation
    We will shoot the whole world for you
    Because you are not our partner🤝
    You are our Brother❣️🇮🇳🤙🇷🇺✊
    Always & Forever 💞

  20. I'm from India🇮🇳 and we always stand with you Russia🇷🇺
    No matter what situation
    We will shoot the whole world for you
    Because you are not our partner🤝
    You are our Brother❣️🇮🇳🤙🇷🇺✊
    Always & Forever 💞

  21. Its sad the world is sitting helplessly and watching the people of Ukraine being butchered by this mad guy Putin.


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