Russian flagship Moskva missile cruiser damaged in Black sea | Latest English News | WION

While Ukraine and Russia continue to hold ceasefire talks the fighting on ground has only intensified. With Moscow now reporting attack on warship, a Russian flagship was reportedly damaged due to attack at the Black Sea. Russian navy’s flagship sea fleet the Moskva missile cruiser was damaged heavily.

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Comment (47)

  1. Breaking news : due to its unheroic actions in Ukraine the missile cruiser Moskva has been promoted to a submarine

    Found this on the internet

  2. Ukraine threw toothy biolaboratory dragons on Snake Island. Those animals are flying, swimming, diving, and erupting flames, and most importantly, programmed to destroy all of "Moscow".

  3. Entire crew has abandoned ship. And the fire was out of control; sank off the coast of Ukraine. FACT!


  5. The Sun a Brit news paper, the ship sunk, that's under water out of sight I thought. So talk about the power of the press, it can sink a ship with a news paper.

  6. Russians are now saying that it sunk because of a storm whilst they were moving it back to Dock.

    How fucking embarrassing.

  7. The truth finally came out….The ship was actually on a "3 hour tour." The Skipper announced it was time for "lunch," and Gilligan thought he said "launch." Unfortunately, the missle was still strapped down, and the rest is history. 😉

  8. such a stark contrast looking at Ukrainians fighting so bravely for their freedom and rights and on the other hand Indians who do nothing but sit on fence specialists. UTTER SHAME!

  9. "Oh, no the Ukrainians didn't get us we blew our own selves up" Man I needed that belly laugh. I think the Ukies got them. They claimed the hit before rruskies admitted it. Had to get an excuse from HQ.

  10. The Russians announce that its flagship has sunk. How could this top range cruiser not be able to defend itself against 2 subsonic Ukranian developed missiles. The Russian military technology is clearly not up to the job

  11. Whatever the outcome, being sunk by Ukrainian or by internal explosion it's anyway a humiliation for the Russian navy !!

  12. Such a shame I wanted to see smoke and flames coming out of this rusty old heap. Now its gone to the bottom of the sea. Sunk by Neptune. Is any russian armaments any good, their tanks explode, their planes crash regularly and now their flagship explodes. You'd have to be mad to buy any ruskie crap!

  13. What a shame it did not have Russian vessels, port and starboard, refueling the flag ship Moskva. BOOM


  15. The Russians seem not to be able, to protect their Flagships from either external or internal deadly influences. Overreaction to this loss of face may be a possible consequence.

  16. Moskva is russian for submarine.
    Many of the crew were cooked alive when the missiles hit.
    In the video Ukraine low fly a drone around the back of the ship, then two missiles hit the ship from the bow end.
    russia didn't even raise a rescue force till the ship was sinking.
    Many of the crew were rescued by a Turkish ship.

  17. Dtuuped Russian. They can't even fight themselves. Ukran and Russia are the same. Can't US tell them not to argue so much!!!!!

  18. The Indian supporters of Putin's "special military operation" are awfully quiet with the news of the pride of the Black Sea Fleet becoming an artificial reef. Their salty tears truly warm my heart. Slava Ukraine!

  19. Russia can't hide anymore the facts… Moskva wasn't just damaged… today, Russian news officially admitted the Battleship sunk.

  20. The options are, they sank it themselves through incompetence, or a cruise missile penetrated its defensive systems (which are seriously impressive) due to incompetence. How do you spin that.

  21. This is a comment by RickTheClipper…The warship Moskva has not sunk it has simply been reclassified as a new type of one-way submarine and is on a special underwater mission…

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  23. I don't know why Russians have to be this patient with countries that are helping Ukraine Nazis to destroy it's people..Russia should blowup the satellite orbit outside the earth so that everyone can go back to being humans rather then puppets of USA the warmonger…when people will not have internet they will be more focused on producing food then hatred for other countries and will be less jealous of other countries prosperity..


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