Russian FM Sergei Lavrov to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi | World News | WION

Russia has turned to India for support amid global isolation. However, US warned India against expecting help from Russia.

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Comment (37)

  1. Russia – Seller (doesn't need selling approval from anyone)
    India – Buyer who pays from his pocket and has the right to buy from any seller

    Still few useless powers have illogical objections on this deal though India's energy bill is not financed by them 😇

  2. How the tables have turned, the same west who sanctioned Modi before he became PM of India now are begging in front of India to gather political support in their favour. These western countries specially US and UK are monsters.

  3. Indians are nationality with no policy. They funding putin to bomb ukraine. Its said india is the biggest democracy. Ironically it help criminal in russia

  4. A crowd of dodgy dignitaries like a pack of fox but one good and trusted friend Lavrov (Russia) well done India. 🇮🇳♥️🇷🇺

  5. Putin writes via RT
    “The EU’s actions are not only driving the relationship with Russia into a deadlock, but are similarly jeopardizing the wellbeing and security of its own citizens, as well as the stability of the global financial and economic system,” the ministry said.

    What about the "wellbeing and security" of people in the Ukraine? Mariupol? Severerodonetsk? Kiev? Mr Putin, what about them?

  6. I hope Russia keeps sending men and material in Ukraine until they are grinded down and destroyed.

    The west should keep supplying the necessary weapons to Ukraine and gradually and slowly destroy their army.

    Putin is a genius, he destroyed his own country by invading an unwinnable and costly war.


  7. Ukraine President time is come to visit India to maintain peace and Harmony in Ukraine.

    Just a suggestion, India is the one and only country to resolve this conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

    Ukraine have to lot to work out to maintain peace in thr area.

  8. When there was info pak war,when all the world was against India,only the ussr helped india.remember that we should never let russia down.because when we need help,they are the only one to help us.i hope india won't be pressurised by other countries.

  9. India biggest consumer of foreign companies products. Western countries heavily invested in India. So western countries won't put sanction India

  10. Why the desktop lady n the road journalist duplicate.. one person one sratement enough why other should duplicate again.. all tv channels n journalists stupid style of reporting

  11. I wanna buy burger should i ask first USA that which burger I’ll buy meanwhile same with India it’s their own interests

  12. What Russia is doing in Donbas to Ukrainian , is same as Pakistan did in Kashmir to Pandits:

    RALIB ( Convert ) : Join to Russia
    GALIB ( Die) : Die on Bombing
    CHALIB (Leave): Leave Mariupol

    Те, що Росія робить в Маріуполі з українцями, Пакистан зробив у Кашмірі з пандитами.

    RALIB (Конвертувати): приєднатися до Росії
    ГАЛІБ (Померти): Померти під час бомбардування
    ЧАЛІБ (Від'їжджає): Залишити Маріуполь

    SLAVA AZOV battalion
    Blessing 🙏 from India

  13. Russian minister visit PM, US & EU ministers visit defense minister, Russia has more importance… 😊👍

  14. Russia is always helpful to India since 1971 so we respect Russia but in 1971 us try to defect the India so we don't believe in us American department anymore

  15. India has been around longer than US. Even been to Mars way before US. Also, other Ancient Civilizations of Sumerian, Asia, Eygpt, Inca, Meso Americas and others. Respect India.

  16. Most powerful man is S. Jaishankar

    Minister of External Affairs of India.

    We are so lucky to have him.

  17. Russian fm will meet modi. This is the respect russia has gained in india. While chinese fm came like a tourist and went as a migrant. Modi is too much of a task he dreamt of. Russia has a backing of 1 billion people, how can you think being isolated reverse will be the case for them.

  18. India doesn’t have a neutral stance. Russia murders innocents for oil.

    This is all about the huge Yuzivska shale gas deposit in the Donbas (1.09 – 4 trillion metric metres of shale gas) – the second largest shale gas deposit in Europe. The EU was interested in buying gas from Ukraine in order to diversify their suppliers and cut dependence on Russian gas. Ukraine has extensive gas storage facilities and
    pipelines, close to the EU, and such an
    arrangement would make a large dent in
    Gazprom's (Putin's) profits. Similarly, Crimea has large offshore gas deposits that Putin wanted. This war is all about Putin's Gazprom profits. That's why they are pulling back to defend Donbas. That's why Russia was funding the “separatists."

  19. These western diplomats can't pressure India for India's relations with any country… Especially with Russia. 🇮🇳💕🇷🇺

  20. West must stop the narrative of fear mongering of war between india and China and Russia won’t help this is not leadership that promotes peace the usa emissary was rude and arrogant like Brit’s rishi sunak the west is forgetting they broke the minsk agreement they keep sending weapons s and not interested in stopping the war west did wrong in this unholy sanctions and nations should not b bullied pm modi is a great champion of respecting nations borders west cannot keep playing footsie in d world give real peace a chance in d name of all humanity russia protected her birders and culture man


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