Russian FM's Hitler comment sparks apology, President Putin steps in and apologizes | World News

In a rare concession, Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly apologized to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for his foreign minister’s claims that Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood.

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Comment (28)

  1. Well factually speaking, it's true but its geopolitics so anything you say can be used against you😂

  2. I thought that a person who says things that is not very nice is a reflection on there state off mind and sole and heart for is it not there own shoulders that carries its own mistakes through life and why are people so quick to judge and prolong the issue this world is like living in a child's play ground bickering

  3. I have seen at least 2 docu's mentioning the same thing, about hitler having jewish ancestors. No worries then.

  4. Hollow, but okay. Seems to me to be a content Jewish community in Ukraine. Well as content as anyone can be with eight years of having a nasty bully for a neighbour.

  5. Some marketing companies are really working, the same companies should get a Planet Earth Health campaign also.

  6. It is to be noted that what finally made Israel government to voice out its upset was the speculation on Hitlers family tree. Now with the apology having been handed, let the slaughter of Ukranian people continue without any such firm statements from Israel government. Pretty neat action from them. Nice to know we can rely on their christian princibles.

  7. Jesus said pray for your enemy and bless them. Two wrong don't make a wrong. Overcome evil with good not with getting revenge. Revenge God wikk do.

  8. This comment is out of topic , but I couldn't ignore the reporter's assertion that "Israel remains one of the few WESTERN COUNTRIES still willing to engage with Russia". What exactly is a western country? I thought Israel is a Middle Eastern state.

  9. Jewtin at it again. He can do anything but cross the post-war herrenvolk.
    He would not apologize for anything else but to the one nation who doesn't lose an opportunity to stab Russia's back in Syria or even arresting and repatriating to the US and all the rabid Russophobes and fifth columnists inside Russia always belonged and still belong to that particular race.

  10. Vladimir Putin apologized for Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's comment about Hitler and he was kind to do so because he didn't have to! Why? First, you have Volodemir Zelenskyy, a Jew, the President of Ukraine, then we have Igor kolomoisky, another Jew supplying weapons to the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Regiment, it's something quite out of character, for a Jew to have dealings with Nazis, but it happened, and surely the Israeli government knew about it and did nothing! Second, according to what I read on the net, Adolf Hitler never knew his real father! If he didn't know his father, it's quite possible that Adolf Hitler didn't know he was a Jew. Many people today haven't the slightest idea that they are Jewish! They find out through blood test and dna tests!

    Perhaps Minister Sergey Lavrov has knowledge that only high level government officials are privy to, as it's quite conceivable that Russians have that knowledge because of documents the Soviets may have found in Germany at the end of WWII. Perhaps Russia knows more than the West about Adolf Hitler, Nazism/occults, Austria and Germany, and perhaps even information on the United States of America! It may all be thanks to those documents plausibly found in Germany and brought back to Moscow. After all, had the west found them, they would have done the same thing!

  11. When did Zelensky become Jewish anything to win.we have been hearing that about Hitler in America for fifty years and no apologies for it.whats up .And I think it's hypocritical for them to be offended by someone saying that Hitler was part jewish hell we said the Same thing about j Edgar hoover that he was part black but we don't see ourselves being above the rest of mankind,and another thing for a people to crusify the lord of life and no one asked for an apology,He was not half Jewish but a true son of Abraham and The creator.

  12. Not even sure Putin really said sorry but then when so many world leaders are against his invasion of Ukrainian, he can't afford to lose friends & countries like Israel too who have companies manufacturing some very sophisticated & lethal weaponry. Putin wouldn't want Israel to feel so aggrieved that they too start supplying Ukraine with such weapons like the West!

  13. Hitler was Jewish, why do you want to distort history now????? check all historical sources, i did british history at school on WW1 and WW2 and Hitler was Jewish in those books, what has changed now????

  14. Putin don't want to have Israel as enemy after all? Or does he want some sympathy by the world to show he has some heart left there? 🤷‍♂️

  15. Interesting that they won’t admit he apologized though. He was just afraid of losing Israel’s support and still won’t let him or Russia be seen apologizing for anything.


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