Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to visit India amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine | WION

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov is going to visit India, a visit that comes amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The visit will be the first high-level meeting since the Ukraine invasion.

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Comment (46)

  1. ভারতে🇮🇳 যে সব মেয়েরা💃 জানগিয়া👙 না পরে কিংবা ছেঁড়া জানগিয়া👙 পরে কলেজে আসে, তাদেরকে বহিষ্কার করা হোক ( SKULএ OK, কারণ নাবালিকা ) 🌹💐🌺😥🧕👲🙏

  2. Hope you are happy with your new-found national pride, while Ukraine (another one of your official "great friends and trading partners") is being annihilated by this butcher. Doing NOTHING" against the growth of corrupt autocrats (Russia or China) is wrong. Your clumsy effort at realpolitik is nothing but a complete lack of backbone. Just wait till China turns the tables on India and a real war ensues. Your military (using dudd russian equipment) will collapse and you will come crying for help. Let's just hope that the other (albeit imperfect) democracies will help you and not remain "neutral" like you are right now, while the Ukrainian citizens are eradicated in front of our very eyes..

    As one of the world's great democracies, you should take a real stance, because democracy is under real threat everywhere.

  3. There is no diplomacy, they are all criminals. The only way that the world can be save, is that every country all of them must destroy all kinds of weapon and push a law that nobody are allowed to make any kind of weapon

  4. Multi-polar world is good for India. Now US EU Russia even China know they have to be nice. Neutrality is the best way.

  5. lavrov going to have a cry on modi shoulder, putin got his ass kicked , putin was killing people yesterday

  6. This is not India’s war the NATO has no back bourn to help Ukraine with heavy weapons and plans NATO are cowards. Not Indian we gave a good beatings to the Chines at the Border in 2021. The NATO did not say a word and trading with China. You reap what you saw.

  7. India needs to grow some balls and tell Russia that they are wrong instead of dancing around and pretending that you are doing some diplomacy….pick the right side indians!! Putin is a murderer , you know it…

  8. BIDEN IS Mislead – – Yes – – BIDEN – – Not USA – -Biden is misleading both RUSSIA PUTIN & Misleading USA

  9. The world needs India to support the fight for freedom in Ukraine and stop being friendly with Putin, the butcher! Stop buying Russian's cheap dirty bloody oil.

    India is a complete disappointment… Stop being so cheap!

  10. War is what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine.

    There's no war in ukraina. Russia is just protecting their national security from US and their puppets' greed. Media is just exaggerating.

  11. America gave Pakistan nuclear technology against India. Now America with all west talking about peace. Hypocrisy at its peak . 🤣

  12. Russia and China have the same agenda. They manipulate and censor their people. They do not have democracy and freedom, and they do not want it. Because then their government can not oppress the people and retain power. They are also trying to see if they can rule over their neighbors by destroying democracy and oppressing and intimidating them, and even going to war against their neighbors to achieve their goals. They will destabilize all democracy and freedom.

  13. The idea that India being neutral on Ukraine is a good thing is so silly.
    Who buys that nonsense? You a growing power show you have some moral principles.

  14. I see Narendra does not condemn the Russian invasion, therefore approves of it. But Wion only spins this as a positive and insults other nations. Wion loses it's credibility here.

  15. America selling weapon and taking advantage… Nato buying oil from Russia even accepted Russia ruble as currency… Meanwhile giving lecture to india for buying oil from Russia… 🙏🙏🙏… Hypocrisy

  16. Yeah, Russia has 6000 nuclear arsenals – let see if the West has the guts to shock and awe Russia.

  17. Why RUSSIA has special status in the heart of indians because RUSSIA means for us👇
    R eliable
    U nique
    S trong
    S upportive
    I ntelligent
    A dorable

  18. I’m sickened by the number comments celebrating Russian atrocities mostly from uneducated brash Indian men. There are numerous people around the world reading your crass comments and it makes me feel ashamed. To my Indian sisters (Jai Mata ki 🕉) does Indian male culture where there is an acceptable celebration of violence against the vulnerable also explain why we have a ongoing problem in Northern India with violence & rape against women?

  19. The west should restrict visa for indians and so the investments let them get all of it from Russia, that's the thing every country is taking the west for suckers.
    We need a Trump to lead so he can put this ungrateful countries in their place.
    It's disgusting that dictator is killing inocent people and India is supporting that.
    Before anyone starts bulshiting that it's cos of NATO, why did it invaded in 2014 cos back then Ukraine had no intention to join NATO, same with Georgia

  20. The New York Times of the United States and the Australian Prime Minister arrogantly warned India: Wait for the severe sanctions from the United States and NATO! Set the Indian economy back 30 years!

  21. I really hope that India gets a humanity loving dictator as Putin. India is just a sucking servant of Russia . Talking about diplomacy while taking advantage of a relationship is just known in the world as prostitution. My God stop bullshit …and do what decent people do…condemn the world


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