Russian invasion of Ukraine looms large over G20 meeting, officials walk out of it | Latest News

The Russian invasion of Ukraine looms large over the G20 finance ministers meeting in Washington exposing deep division amid the largest economies in the world. The United States, Britain and Canada staged a coordinated walk out from the meet.

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Comment (42)

  1. They didn’t do the same thing when US killed million people in Iraq. Are they really blind?. G20 not proposed for geopolitic by the way. Too ridiculous as leader playing like child instead of being adult in solving a problem. Stop force all country to follow your command.

  2. I'm from Indonesia, it's better to make my own alliance specifically for Asian countries that want to, for example Indonesia, India, China, Russia to restore the Asian economy

  3. We always support our old brother Russia… Russia more important for us than west… Love Russia from indonesia… Urra…

  4. Competent ministers should be able to cope with a crisis, instead of walking out. Pathetic. Applause to those that stayed.

  5. By the way, did G20 ever condemn Nato's wars in Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan? Just checking my history. If not why this particular one? Just a noble question.

  6. Nothing new of G20 this is how bullies operate it’s their and their view pres biden Indians cry shame on Ilan omar so called mischievous visit to pok perhaps u can suggest to her to visit China Muslims see if jinping will tolerate this and u G20 want to dictate to india height of hypocrisy pres biden wake up

  7. Set…Econonmic format in the words of Russia..So first agenda..Damages in Ukraine by will Russia Pay economical, psychological and other damages?

  8. Hsve they condemned Yemen? Iraq? Lybia? And the rest of the wars worldwide that the US is implicated in?

  9. What day he'll is USA is barking. On April their embankment of oil and gas to US way up to 43%before it is only 15%before the war

  10. Azov Ukrainian must fee the civilians in Azovstall metal plant
    The use of human shields is prohibited and defined as a war crime by several U.S. military manuals. It is also defined as a crime triable by military commission under the US Military Commissions Act (2006).

    Why is the media not asking the Ukraine to immediately free the civilians? Because they are RUSSIAN-Ukrainians the very same people no one cared about for 8 years of Ukraine and Azov brutality?

    Stop the hypocrisy.

  11. Progress, the economy of countries is not determined by the USA, UK, European Bank or Canada, especially by countries that intermittently, easily violate commitments, but are determined by commitments …., stick to any comments that happen., should be discussed not run away. Spirit …

  12. The grouping's name ought to be changed from G20 to C20 aka Childish 20. Another option that should be considered F20 @ freeked 20 nations.

  13. ⚠️🇺🇸🇪🇺🇬🇧⚠️ USA UK EU WALKED OUT OF PEACE! Nothing new.

  14. ⚠️🇬🇧🇺🇸🇪🇺⚠️ you can't depend on anyone to look after you're best interest!


  16. Condaming Russia for Biden proxy war against Russia,like condomning a woman for her husband beating her

  17. This is the problem with a unipolar world. Overly emotional children too dependent on big brother, make juvenile overtures.

  18. Look at them they blaming the Russia for their lack of actions in their country…. The war is between Russia and Ukraine..

  19. Russia can’t be trusted, their words are empty and deceitful.
    At this point, it would be easier to trust the taliban than the Russian government.

  20. Everytime there is conflict that doesn't involved the west, any organization either economic, sport, etc will become political.


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