'Russian President Putin sends his regards to Indian PM Narendra Modi,' says Sergei Lavrov | WION

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the meeting lasted for 40 minutes. Russian FM said that the west is linking all international issues to Ukraine. WION’s Siddhant Sibbal brings you more perspective.

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Comment (19)

  1. US/NATO: "If you are not with me, then you are my enemy."
    Neutral countries: "Only a Sith deals in absolute."

  2. Mind game and political game ..it’s happening for the west .. but India is away from the west’s politics .. so India stay to the minds of Indians 🇮🇳 that’s the decision no other country have the guts to challenge it 💪

  3. usa : india please dont buy russian oil
    india : Europe is buying 15 % more why are you only talking to us ?
    usa : well , ummm ,actually …we are democracies we should stick together
    india: are European countries not democracies ?
    usa : well , ummm , actually ….

  4. The dollar is a too risky currency that can be used as a bomb by the US. Every country must get away from it.

  5. While russia has always supported india , its ironical that india supports countries that invade other countries and kill millions of innocent people …morally india has nowhere to hide, but then , its an immoral world all along.

  6. This is a shame. There's one thing to side with Russia because of our shared friendship with them. But it's a whole new level of low to meet with their ministers.

  7. To those fellow Indians who keep singing the same song about Russia being our friend and for having our back in times of crisis need to also consider the cruel war Putin is fighting against the Ukranians. Hundreds of civilian bodies were found not few days ago, killed by the Russians.

    It's understandable that we don't want to abandon Russia, but if you're supporting Russia in this war, you're a low-life, with no morality, empathy and compassion.

  8. We Indians are loyal and thoughtful. Gtfo if you went against us in similar situations and now want us to help you.

  9. Putin is a worn out Chinese puppet, how can intelligent Indian people not realize that he's just playing you guys? Will he save you if China invades once again? I am NOT so sure.

  10. Strongest nuclear power, and still knows how to act respectfully towards others. Russians are great diplomats. 👍


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