Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the West is trying to cancel Russian culture | WION

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the West is trying to cancel Russian culture. He also added that an attack on culture is like Nazi book burning.

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Comment (22)

  1. Sorry no one likes billionaire dictators, retire and maybe people will be more open to the Russian people again.

  2. Putin can say whatever a out the west, he got his ass kicked by a smaller country and HE FUCKING KNOWS IT.

  3. He’s right. Stupid fkers jumping on the deceived band wagon. All to help usher in the New World Order. While the dummies get played like chumps world wide.

  4. Funny how pootin saya nazi when he is the one acting like a nazi bombing a sovereign country and invading its territories

  5. They, the WEF & ilk with their "great reset" are trying to cancel everything and everyone that is vital to natural living and freedom including thought and culture!!!! It is this assault and brainwashing that the world needs to focus on cancelling. This attach on Russia is a diversion while they (WEF, UN and bought; media, politicians, doctors….. ) impliment their corruption and point the blame elsewhere. We, the people, need to stand firm and say no! We're all in this together and I'mnot talking ablout the C19 scam. That was just step one.

  6. Doesn't he cancel his perceived enemies by murdering and poisoning them?? Isn't he trying to commit genocide in the Ukraine? That is the ultimate cancel culture.

  7. I don't like Vladimir Putin.

    Vladimir Putin is stupid in his head.

    One fine day, Vladimir Putin will die.

    Nice to get rid of him then! 😒

  8. Putin, the nazi, has resorted to the stalinist line that was invented when the molotov peace between deutschland and russia fell apart in 1939, all russia's enemies are nazis.

  9. bunch of un true statements .Tell to the people they have killed but they can’t hear them and neither do we.

  10. I am agreeing that cancel Culture is dangerous. BUT Putin forbids certain words and his police is checking private messages of citizens to control the narrative… That IS cancel culture to the nth degree…

  11. Did you see jk Rowling reply? Perfect: “Critiques of Western cancel culture are possibly not best made by those currently slaughtering civilians for the crime of resistance, or who jail and poison their critics,”

  12. He may have had his political opponents arrested and journalist poisoned but when the man is right he's right 🤣 it's like him and Trump are the only world leaders that still have spines

  13. War criminal terrorist poopkin an his Cook up war scheme with the Kings of theives from the North, East, and West
    They are all cashing in on the fraud
    An extortion skyrocket planned inflation by their own design.
    Same old decades and decades of oppressed min fed wages $7.25 hr
    Same old greedy rich welfare billionaires who pays no taxes
    Same old crooked politicians and swindler corporations and swindler banker's.

  14. Современные русские – фашисты, убийцы. То, что они делают в Украине, это преступление против человечества!


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