Russian rockets target residential buildings in Kharkiv; 5 dead, several injured | World News | WION

As Russia continues to intensify its military offensives on Ukraine, the authorities have now confirmed that at least about five people have died and nine others have been wounded in the northeastern city of Kharkiv.

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Comment (42)

  1. If you are wondering whether Jihadis in Syria or Nazis in 🇺🇦 have a similar fighting pattern…

    Then you ought to know that both of them share a common father….

  2. Russia and Ukraine are going to Fight for Ten years because Naughty Ukrainians will never Surrender to Solid Rock Russia forever.

  3. WION has started sounding like the western media, "Residential buildings are targeted to instill fear among the residents" hmmm
    By the way, what happened to your reporter Anas Malik, who was in Ukraine?

  4. The more US support with weapons and money, the more Ukraine will suffer. It is clearly visible in the changes in Russia's strategy. Whenever Ukraine receives weapons and money, they assume that they are the best combat power that can even fight opponents, higher than their capability. It is already Afganistan v3.0 in the making and all the credits & deeds goes to US for destablising entire EU region.

  5. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  6. The Azov batalion is hiding in the resident's. flats So what do you expect. And hiding Weapons in there. Russia the right response. 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Go ahead Putin, bomb them exactly like israel, US/UK and NATO bombed Iraq! You've already given them ten times more chances than the NATO cabal gave Iraq, take kharkiv off the map! If nato don't stop arming these criminals, do what ever you have to do, this cabal is demonic and satanic, and the worst threat to humanity, of whitch they aren't!

  8. "But those whose desire is my soul's destruction will go down to the lower parts of the earth. They will be cut off by the sword; they will be food for foxes" – Bible. 🇺🇦🇧🇷

  9. That is what Putin and the Russian military do. They are no better than criminals. They invade, rape, loot, kill, then lie about it. The world does not want Russia to bring this part of tyrant Putin culture to their countries. Victory for Ukraine and victory for the free world.

  10. Attacks are not to instil fear but to smoke out Ukrainian army who have been using residential building as firing positions. Go get the right news rather than reading US scripts given to you.

  11. If Krarkiv is under Ukrainian control, why they haven't evacuate the civilians?. The Mayor SHOULD organise the evacuations humanitarian aid, food and water for the civilians.

  12. These residential buildings are hideout of NATOs soldiers. Two Britons were captured three days before. Long live Putin. Lord God bless him, protect him, shield him, save him and guide him.

  13. So so sad the people are caught between American and Russian elite war
    Sorry your President doesn't care about you either.
    All the same. Garbage

  14. America and its Western allies pouring weapons into Ukraine and Russia raining missiles into Ukraine.

  15. What makes Putin's army generals think they can shell n bomb any part of Ukraine with near total impunity?

  16. Russia they don't care whose Thier target they fire missiles in to civilians peoples on thier home what kind of mind they have?!

  17. West is over. Russia 🇷🇺 India 🇮🇳 and China 🇨🇳 the future is yours!!!!

  18. Any country, nationality that is supporting what Russian is doing in Ukraine should as be seen as a canterpart with russia in Genocide

  19. I believed ukraine won according to Clowns!!😋😁🤪but ukraine is totaly destroyed is that the sign of Won!!

  20. Zelensky dont stop the WAR he likes fighting very much. Deaths in Ukraine no problems for zelenesky

  21. War sucks for both sides. Lie after lie after lie from both sides. War is nasty. At least Putin is flushing those rats out in Ukraine. Destroying the child molesters, human traffickers, Nazi's, money launderers, etc. (Deep State). Something the Western countries are too cowardly to do. Somebody has to do it. Don't poke the bear. 😏

  22. All of western and NATO countries want to test their new weapons at first.
    USA and UK may have some hidden agenda to destroy and make abolishing some substantial eveidance in UKRAINE soil.
    The most suspicious thing is, Israel may knew very strong eveidance of Ukraine crime operation.
    Ukraine people are not clever as world knows.they are no 1 idiots and educated fools to die for the clown who is sitting as president of country and might loot many shadowy treasures from UKRAINE and parked in his favourite country..
    No point simply sympathies for UKRAINE. and let us pray for this war to end as soon as possible.
    If it keep rolling the world will ruined by poverty,hunger and starvation.

  23. If Ukrainians use residential, schools and hospitals to fire from, the buildings will become targets. Responsibility rests with Ukrainians not Russians

  24. Kharkiv the best city in the world, incredible beautiful 💛💙 Ukraine will win 🇺🇦 and truth will win

  25. มีคนดูแลคุณใหม่ค้ะ

  26. The "Flagship Moscow" is the pride of Russia- bearing the number 121!

    121 is the number that folk call the number of lights!

    It's a LIGHT NUMBER, so it has to be BURNED; it's the FUTURE that has been arranged!

    "Moscow Marshal" Sink is a harbinger of the MOSCOW Capital that will also Sink!

    "Flagship Moscow" is Sink; it is the Pride of Russia that is sinking into the black sea!

    Sink again into the Black Sea – foreshadowing that the national destiny of Russia will also sink into PERMANENT BLACK !

    The flag of Russia has 3 colors; where WHITE is above all ! The symbol WHITE is for mourning – Surrender !

    Russia will definitely disappear forever on the world map!

    The flag of UKRAINE is at the top the Blue symbolizing the Open Sky; The Great Ocean- is the Color of Hope Overwhelming!

    Under GREEN is Yellow again! – is the color of joyful life, optimism, warmth, wealth and prosperity. It also has the meaning of a proud love, brilliant and strong faith!

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  28. The president of Ukraine is going to let Russian army killed off a lot of people, because of their stupidity. The Russian army stop the talking and, just started to shelled the country. Soon or later, there is nowhere to live.If the Ukraine president kept dragging out the war,it is only going to make things getting much harder for the people them ok .

  29. It is very sad that the US and UK are treating Zelesky like a puppet.

    The Ukrainian people do not want war and the USA sending weapons.

    The USA sends weapons and UKRAINE puts the dead's [ Soldiers and civilians ] and battlefield [ Destroyed infrastructure and economy ].

    In this war, there is no way for Ukraine to win.

    Meanwhile, Ukrainian soldiers and civilians dying, even many do not want to fight.

    If Ukraine dealt directly with Russia they would reach a peace agreement, as they were achieving a few days ago, but the USA does not want to, that is why it is manipulating Zelensky.

    Where does Zelensky get that with weapons they won the war?

    If one of the disadvantages is that he is fighting on his territory.

    Perhaps the only thing that would gain is that the war lasts a little longer, which would lead to greater loss of soldiers and more intense destruction of Ukraine.

    The truth does not make sense for Ukraine to continue to resist and it would be better for Ukraine and Russia to settle things directly.

    The USA is only harassing this war for its own political convenience and wants the world to look down on Russia.

    But I don't think it will work for it because most of the world is already well informed and is aware of the intentions behind this harassment of the war by the USA.

    It is an extreme absurdity that the USA is sending weapons so that soldiers, mostly from Ukraine, are killed instead of trying to induce Ukraine and Russia to reach a peace agreement.

    USA, UK, and NATO want to pass as it always wants to pass as intelligent.

    They'll see and we'll see the consequences if we stay alive.

    Love for Ukraine 💛💙💛💙💛

  30. Have you kids noticed your showing aftermath…unlike other "hotspots", you show no actual attacks, but only debri, after an attack. But idiots, that chared building could be anywhere in the world. This is the phoniest, media-manufactured war, ever!


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