Russian troops to unilaterally stop all hostilities to allow civilian evacuation in Mariupol | WION

Russia has announced that it will allow civilians to evacuate from Azovstal steel plant amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Comment (21)

  1. We will never forget the NATO bombings of Yugoslavia. NATO (Operation Allied Force) in 1999 Yugoslavia, more than 11000 air attacks at which NATO threw 23000 bombs (over 6000 tons of bombs) !!! Bombed schools, hospitals! Thousands of civilians dead. The air attacks lasted for 78 days!!! Genocide which has never been punished! USA/NATO war criminals and world terrorists of the worst kind!

  2. Shame to you
    I wish one day when China attacks Indian
    And I see which country you call for help
    Hmm GOD IS WATCHING 👀 🤔 😳 😅 😌 😏
    RUSSIA is killing people and you have never broadcast it 🙄 😒 😐 😑
    You cannot lie to nature

  3. Raise white flags. Then the stalinist claim Azovstal has surrendered. The stalinist have no intention of acting humanly.

  4. Russia must take all military fighters into custody moreover, only civilians should be allowed to leave once their identities has been established .
    Russian military has already tried to evacuate these folks however, the Clown Zelensky will not allow them to surrender and leave .

  5. Civilians should have left a long time ago. Ukrainian Army is using human shields and this is becoming very clear. Not to mention arming all civilians!!

  6. To all russian trolls: the "Ukrainians are keeping its citizens hostage" stuff is getting old, nobody believes that anymore. Come up with something new, this is getting boring…

  7. Another lie? Come on, anyone with at least two functioning brain cells can tell at this point that when russians say they will stop fighting they actually mean they will shell civilians harder, and when they say they will allow civilians to evacuate they mean they want to capture and deport civilians, to Siberia or the far east islands near Japan.
    Whoever blindly believes these orc scumbags should be ashamed of itself.

  8. If the Russians actually allowed this to happen then they made the right choice. It's never a good idea to kill the opposition to the last man. This is how legends are made.


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