Russia’s First Revolutionaries: The Decembrists ALL PARTS

In 1825, a group of disillusioned army officers launched a coup in the Russian capital, St.Petersburg. Their goal was to overthrow the Tsar, establish a constitutional government and abolish the brutal institution of serfdom. They became known by the month of the revolt – the Decembrists – a moment that nearly changed the course of Russian and world history.

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  1. Those revolted officers of the secret societies were incompetent leaders worse than the tsar. First they started a revolt and did nothing but waited in the senate square for the canons to attack them. After they run in the frozen river, many died others got arrested and exiled.

    Sorry but I don’t think they were determinate to achieve anything else than die.
    Bad leadership, world history could have been different if they were ready to die for their beliefs and ideas instead of begging for forgiveness to Tsar, it could have been no first ww1 and ww2, no Communism, no Lenin and Stalin or it could have been even worse with a Russian Hitler attempting to dominate Europe and having a ww1 against Russia

  2. The production value on this is amazing. A particular hats off to the narration. I don't know what it is, but the way he tells this story is absolutely gripping. The part about the botched hangings almost brought a genuine tear to my eye.

  3. I know it is good manners and common sense for the Epic History TV crew to thank their patrons and financial supporters, but really, it's we – the ones who watch all of this AAA-grade content for free time and time again as much as we want – who should be thanking them. I almost feel guilty getting this for free on their dime.

    I promise, one of these days I'll do my duty and chip you a few ducats. <3

  4. Decembrists are not supported by ordinary Russians but supported and coordinated by British, French and Polish freemasons. Most of the Decembrist basically Freemasons, and more over most of them is etnically Polish, Jewish or German. This is great example of military coup by bunch of idealists.

  5. Please 🥺 we want more I've searched through the channel again for more of these. But I've already watched them countless times. Please educate us more with these documentaries
    Anxiously waiting for the next one

  6. you posted this video one day too late my man, last sunday i watched it with my entire family in our tv and i had to get up to go the second video. It was really enjoyable nevertheless!

  7. What an absolutely incredible video! The detail you put into your videos is simply exquisite. I'm not a fan of the Decembrists liberal ideals but the courage the soldiers had to stand against what they thought was wrong is inspiring nevertheless.


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