Russia’s First Revolutionaries: The Decembrists

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This is the story of the Decembrists, a group of young Russian aristocrats and army officers, including decorated veterans of the Napoleonic Wars, who returned home after the conflict hoping Russia would embark on a course of modernising reform. Instead, Emperor Alexander turned his back on the liberal ideals of his youth. He opposed all attempts to reform Russia’s autocratic government, or end its brutal system of serfdom. The Decembrists, organising themselves into secret societies and publishing their own draft constitutions for a future Russia, decided that the only way forward was by revolution.

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  1. I hope you enjoy Part 1 of this two-part series on the Decembrists – Russia's First Revolutionaries. I even squeezed in a few Napoleon references to keep the grognards happy.. You can get the exclusive Nord VPN deal for Epic History TV viewers using this link: And don't forget you can get early access to all our videos, plus the chance to vote on some upcoming Napoleonic topics, over at Patreon:

  2. I was literally just looking for an explanatory video of the Decembrists a few days ago. Just read war and peace and now I’m fascinated with Russian history

  3. It’s an interesting “what if” in history whether the Czars could have survived longer if they were willing to accept checks on their power (like other European Monarchies did)?

  4. The music in the beginning made me think the epic narrator would say:

    Terror Belli
    Decus Pacis
    Terror in War
    Ornament in Peace
    The words inscribed on every French Marshall's baton

    Awesome video

  5. Absolutely fascinating content and of such high caliber and quality as well I look forward to seeing more videos in the future

  6. I'm still waiting for the video on WW2 from this channel. This is the best channel for anyone who would like to talk about YouTube.

  7. My heart is just filled with gratitude to you for making this video. Hope it will inspire this generation to speak out against inequality, injustice and all that is wrong in our society today!

  8. Begin 1789, so 30 years. Begin with death of Charlemagne, than 800 years war because of french emperor.

  9. 4:26 Although not yet an internationally recognized state, revolutionary Serbia abolished serfdom in 1804 and by 1835 had undergone a massive land reform with its (illiterate) knez Miloš Obrenović simply proclaiming: "Zemlja je onog ko je obrađuje" – The land belongs to the one who toils on it.

  10. The Kremlin would like nothin more than all westerners to hate all Russians because that maintains status quo…this is not the cold war anymore. Not all Russians are our enemy, but their kleptocratic leadership sure is! Anyone can help from their home! Create a profile on VK (Russia's equivalent of FB). Start adding people. Post legitimate links and articles from Reddit or YT. Start engaging the average Russian (there are PLENTY of Russians on VK that are willing to engage). Yes, you'll get flack from some, but A LOT are completely against the war. I've already made friends and hope that either they can visit me or I can visit them one day. The average person in the West needs to communicate with the average Russian, WAKE THEM UP! Their state media LIES to them and unfortunately a lot of them are apathetic or willfully blind and ignorant to reality. Engage the ones 'on the fence', don't waste your time with those that drink Putin's piss. Use google translate if you don't know cyrillic. Russia needs a regime change.

  11. wow, the work on the character was great! couldn't wait to see part 2 of this fiery revolution to be !

  12. I often hear people mock the USA by saying "It wasn't a revolution! It was a war of Independence", but here, I can see how much influence the American Revolution had on Europe and the world.

  13. This is where the good Russian people need some good people to stand up to their latest pygmy princess Czar .
    He is robbing his people blind . How many are dying for his greed .

  14. It is important to understand that the Decembrists were Russian nationalists, who were upset that the Tsar did not give anything to the Russians, who paid huge sacrifices for the sake of victory, and the former enemies of the Poles were given constitutions and reporations. The Decobrists wanted to Russify Poland.

  15. The Decembrist Revolt took place in Russia on 26 December 1825, during the interregnum following the sudden death of Emperor Alexander I.

    Alexander's heir apparent, Constantine, had privately declined the succession, unknown to the court, and his younger brother Nicholas decided to take power as Emperor Nicholas I, pending formal confirmation. While some of the armies had sworn loyalty to Nicholas, a force of about 3,000 troops tried to mount a military coup in favour of Constantine. Although weakened by dissension between their leaders, the rebels confronted the loyalists outside the Senate building in the presence of a large crowd. In the confusion, the Emperor's envoy, Mikhail Miloradovich, was assassinated. Eventually, the loyalists opened fire with heavy artillery, which scattered the rebels. Many were sentenced to hanging, prison, or exile to Siberia. The conspirators became known as the Decembrists.


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