Russia's Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile test is not a threat: United States | World News

Russia has test launched its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, it’s a new addition to the country’s nuclear arsenal and Vladimir Putin has said that the missile will give Moscow’s enemies something serious to ponder about.

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Comment (48)

  1. They're most likely just not wanting people to panic. They probably wouldn't tell us nukes have been fired until it's impossible to do anything about it.

  2. WION is parroting India's rightwing narrative. Do Indians like leaders in the image of Putin and Xi Jinping – strong leaders but morally questionable? Is WION becoming another RT?

  3. Lol Russian military nuke use rules staying as defensive only and US is the one that makes action to escalation of this war.

  4. Why would they say its a threat when it will cause panic in america, it better not to know. What you can't see can't hurt you its so fast you will feel nothing.

  5. i get a feeling ukraine is storing chemical weapon,as they did 39 bio war labs.Since lately zelenskyy is saying something,now this chick is saying the same thing

  6. Who gives a dam about world history when most of it was written by Europeans which makes most of it biased and a down right lie 👀✌️

  7. It is the west and nato that causing, Russians and other nations, to build up their armey, because the west and nato is running around like mad chicken arm without head.

  8. At the end off it, I am left wondering what the profit is being made off this war… Billions just like every war big or small to-date. Who gains from them… The same people who have been since the end of WW2… Great to be a winner trouble is staying in 1st place…

  9. Russian missile test is not a threat but North Korean missile tests are a threat. Can someone please elaborate that logic ?

  10. cutting edge? bahahhahaha!…that is just a senile old fool saber rattling for relevancy. You guys are so silly

  11. The US said this is not helpful lol. Everything the US condemns others for doing it does itself. People think the US isn't testing missiles come on.

  12. Hypersonic missile is a Russian marketing trick. For a missile to be considered hypersonic it must be able to travel faster than Mach 5. And many missiles in fact do. Even missile as old as V2 that Hitler used on London was hypersonic at some stage.

  13. So did the n. Koreans….

    NATO still went to arm south Korea….

    I believe China and Pakistan has nukes too…

    NATO went to arm India, Japan and Taiwan….

    It is not like NATO didn't know Russia and Belarus has nukes….

    NATO went to arm Ukraine and still are arming Ukraine….

    So… like the n. Koreans…. they wasted money…. while their own people suffer….

    I hope those that can get out still can….

  14. We like putin Only becouse Putin is right and Russia is good country. Hate America becouse this country always wrong and interfering other country matter,same America did with ukraine.This missile of Russia is world no.1 missile

  15. sarmat just one war head of that hit the target. others rotating in the orbit waiting for target…. why all media hide this. this is the message of this launch

  16. how many times are you going to repeat this? so what? what about mericalands bombs and secrets and hypocrisy????????????

    LOL threat who cares we all know….we have missiles that go to the moon, and hypersonic?no there launched on a jet going fast af… the us developed true hypersonic no need of propulsion

  18. Did the heifer try to say Putin has not been put in his place… that is the problem with these ppl and the west, they don't respect Putin, they think Russia is a gas station acting like a country…they are sadly mistaken.

  19. OH NO! CHEAP CHINESE MISSLES GONNA GET US ALL!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  20. But why use tactical nukes?For Ukraine or what? Ukraine army is doomed,they have no army anymore,false hopes lol.

  21. USA attacked and killed millions of people, kids and women ALL over the WORLD……WORLD remembers usa and nato led by na-zi germany , colonialist france,england and others…..therefore racist and slavery mentality has NO BUSINESS to tell ANYONE what to do…

  22. I hope Putin actually has the balls to launch all of Russia's nukes by the end of this war and just wipe this planet clean off the Solar System. So sick of life and society, he will be doing both I and millions of other people out there a massive favour.

  23. US is definitely defeated and humiliated by next generation Russian weapons. Look at how US military programs are progressing.. F-35 is still a work in progress even after decades of its inception, their hypersonic missiles tests failed miserably. Not only that, how come US is not able to complete its manned moon mission, I doubt Niel Armstrong ever landed on moon. US is a disaster itself and its destroying this world.

  24. Doesn't the US have a laser that just tested that it can take out a cruise missle mid flight?

    They're working on that same laser to take down hypersonic missles

    So idk.. it seems like bullshit on Putins part

  25. If the so called WWIII starts,
    it's a cover-up! What's really
    going on is,..
    They wanna scare people in
    to their shelters, before it all
    going down. Earth magneric
    field flip and solarflares, this
    is THE REAL THREAT, this is
    what's really going on. Great
    Reset is… Big flood, ice age!
    Human beings isn't cause of
    this, but the Sun-cycle is!!!

    I hope sóóóóó
    I've it all wrong!!!!!!


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