S e x Education Perversi*n taught in schools – Ruled by Psych*paths – Come out of her

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  1. There is NO possible rationalization for this kind of garbage. But Ya is watching and these demons will be judged and punished someday and soon. In the name of Yeshua!

  2. Homeschool or no school at all!!! We must be the leaders and teachers for OUR children! Why should they be teaching OUR children their history?!?🤔 We need to WAKE UP and stop sleeping so much!💪🏾💖

  3. Great exposure sister Deborah the beast system is right in the faces of many sad many will choose the latter. Desire of the flesh is above seeking the Most High in spirit and in truth to a reprobate. It's sickening while at the same time I'm glad to see the mask is finally coming off. They been hiding for so long. It's crazy I remember when I first started coming into this info on the elites and how sick they were back in 04-05. I was in a half/way house and a Latino guy I met just came in from prison started telling me about the book (Behold a pale horse) and how the world powers operate. I started shading tears because I was studying the symbol on the statue of Liberty seeing it came from France Freemasons and this guy confirmed all I was studying. Then months later I learned of the Hebrew Israelites the same day 1 of my friends was killed. Yah was sending people to me. I even had a white lady follow me around a store in 08 tell me how the Jewish people are not real Jews and they didn't build the pyramids. I asked here who did and she pointed at me and said I did. The Truth Has Set Me Free HalleluYAH

  4. I just can't take it!! THIS is too much! Targeting and pre programming children to accept and believe this sexual perversion! Disgustingly disturbing!


  6. Westeners don't believe in anything. When you ask them do you believe in suprem been? They would say i don't know what i know is there is something, there must be something. I begin to think all they have deceived with their savior, who died on the cross and the virgin marry for sure they did not get it.
    As they see that every end is death, they no longer care or asked themselves why no one has refused death. they care to know way and signs death, not to talk about transformation or relocation.
    I so much believe the handi work of Nature by the command of the Most High, who brought me in the houses of the horse riders. Do people know we die 7 days before our real death, some 21 days? I really pity the world. Well to me whoever is called by the Most high will never follow the devils. Don't forget that devil is very powerful jealous and greedy their words are gentle

  7. I made my daughter sit out of these classes. That's why children should not have phones or any technology.. because these devils are working hard to manipulate our children's mind. This is a parents responsibility to teach their children not schools or government bodies.

  8. Luke 23:29 For behold, the days are coming, in which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck.
    Matthew 24:19 And woe into them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

  9. I'm not surprised at the depths of the ways in which the western world has gone stark raving mad to believe that their sick twisted teaching are good. This is their way to exterminate reproduction by convincing the youth of today that it's okay to explore same sex relationships. Young people need not be inticed by European doctrinations of evil ideology to stop being a female or male attracted to the opposite sex. I pray trust and believe that Yah's will be done right here on earth as it is in heaven. Peace and blessings family. Shalom.

  10. Most people do not know what the foundation of education began. It began in England with the root in the fist what we call Ivey league Institutions of " Witch craft" I. found this out while studying the Foundations of Education in college. The entire world is under strong delusion. Education is just a tool target Gods people from an early age so that families become broken down from sheer rift between Gods commandments and the opposit philosopy and docterns of the Devil. Parents are placing their children in an environment where their minds can be easily maniulated and yes hipnotised and yes these wicked people are given plenty of time to do this. Gentiles were not given this name for no reason by the most high. They are on a mission. Break their name down. GENTILE. REPTILE. what is the. coorelation.
    Quietly unassuming gentile until the prey who is unaware and not vigilent enough to turn into a mongoose become aggressive to fight the seemingly innocent snake. People have been under this hipnotic spell cast by this root of witchcraft started in England. Have you noticed the lines of descendents of Europe lined up sometimes waiting until wee hours in the morning at bookstores each time the Harry Potter books are released many of those people are well aware of the history of spell casting that originated in England. The most high YAs people are finally waking up and the best thing they should do is to create alternative I wouldnt even say educational optipns because we need a whole new outlook and word for teaching our children, maybe home learning. etc. There is so much flip of YAs laws through the sweet gentle teachers who. feed the devils poison to our children everyday.

  11. I hate this recent narrative of "It's the child's own choice on who or what they want to be, it's none of the parent's business. " Excuse me? Who are you?

    I blame the lgbt for this mindset. So much confusion with that movement

  12. There is no middle ground. You are either on the side of Yah or not. This is the end and our Elohim are waiting for his people to WAKE UP. If not we will be punished with the wicked.

  13. I hate this wicked world we have be groomed in our childhood and they want to destroy our children I feel so grateful Yah has intervened in my life to direct me on the righteous path for my children Satan agenda is SICK he has no limits Yah will end all of this

  14. This is The True Satanic Nature of Liberalism and why Black America and all of America should never vote Democrat again!

  15. Man, I thought I was preparing for the worse but this went far above what I was bracing for. Our people have to seriously separate from these people. They are too debased.

  16. My dream career is to open a children’s centre; daycare and preschool.

    I’ve been working towards this for years.

    By the grace of Elohim my dream will be a reality and I’ll be able to provide quality education to Yah’s children.

    I think I’ll start a go fund me because finance is my major challenge right now. Based on research, if I were to even take $1 from any government they will dictate what I teach and that’s a definite NO for me

  17. This is disgusting me and they r trying to bring Sodom and Gomorrah back this disrespectful to The Most High and so so disrespectful to us as Parents and our children these things r prophecy they will make what is holy and righteous wrong and what is wrong unholy and abomination right open our spiritual Eyes and all we can do is FAST AND PRAY and REBUKE and fight this Gov for even allowing these things to be printed up never mind past out to our children


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