Sabbath, Shabbat – Tying up loose ends & getting your house in order

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  1. wowww this literally was too perfect for the questions I've been having!!.. and by the way your meditation videos have really put me in a deep sleep while meditating on Yah and his word through you . Thank you brother and sister .

  2. Good Morning Watchman n Sister Deborah you are a Confirmation the Holy Spirit is talking. I left the church in 2019 due to their Pharisee behavior the churches have become.

  3. I agree Every day is like a Sabbath. He did say why argue it is so much work to be done n shared. Yah gives us common sense. This reminds me of when the Pharisee bothered Yahushua when he helped the donkey out of the well. Yah made Sabbath for the man not Man for the Sabbath. Thank you Watchman and Sister Deborah for sharing this message. 🙏🏾 Amen. Shalom

  4. When a freind came to me in regards to what the Brothers in Purple, which at that time I didn’t know anything about them, told him in his first encountered with the word, I was wicked to teach the word I was Jezebel. I looked them up n said they have some truths, but the best part is missing: the Holy Spirit.

  5. Shabat shalom.. You two are beautiful and i thank YAH for all you do.. I am learning so much from you.. All my love from Kenya

  6. If you are on the road and the speed limit on that road says speed limit 55 and you are driving 60, you are subject to the law and can be ticketed.

  7. Family, I use to be a security guard in a building where some Jewish people lived. And on the Sabbath day they would literally ask the security guard to press the elevator button for them, to open the door and press the number button for the floor that they were going to. The reason they say was because it was the Sabbath day and they were not suppose to handle electricity. But, the elevator runs by electricity.

  8. I think that are their beautiful children singing what a pleasure to listen to Hallelujah !!!!!!!! Stop pointing the finger you Christians you no your religion is full of faults . I once knew it to bad you are still stuck in the HUGE lie .

  9. You both made me laugh so hard with the sorts of examples of work Ver not work on Shabbat and that is why YAHUA got so mad at them the donkey or Ox stuck in the ditch in mud ( LUKE 14 : 5 )


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