Satanic illuminati FULL Agenda Exposed 2016 (new world order conspiracy)


We Will Not Compromise!
We Will Not Comply!
We Will Not Submit!
We Will Not Break!
We Will Not Roll Over!
We Will Not Sit Down!
We Will Not Shut Up!
We Will Not Go Quietly!
We Will Not Give Up!
We Will Not Surrender!
We Will Stand For Truth!
We Will Protect The Innocent!
We Will Defend Our Family To The Death!
We Love Peace, But We Are A Fierce Enemy!
We Will Fight For Christ!
We Will Die For Christ!
We Live By A Special Code!
WE ARE SoulJa Of GOD!!!
Who’s With Us!!!?

Remember, I Am Not SoulJa Of GOD… WE ARE!!!

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  1. I am Catholic and I love Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul and mind. The Holy Spirit has given me the gift to discern good from evil. The beginning of this video intrigued me but when you basically called Catholicism satanism I had to stop watching.

  2. Christians had always been departing from true christianity by following false doctrines
    They followed the false teachers bcoz they dont read the king james bible
    Jesus is Christ. We followed Christ and we become christians.
    But people are heading for false Jesus and such trend will go on till the end of days
    Going to hell is ones choice

  3. Good video mate, But please don't distort the english language any further than it is by using incorrect spelling "Soulja". You only add to confusion. Keep it simple and accurate. We don't want the language to evolve any further hence so much can potentially be lost in translation.

  4. I completely understand what you are saying I watched an interview with Anton levay (probably one of the only interviews he’s done) who is an admitted satanist and I started watching the interview thinking to myself “there is nothing this guy can say that will make any sense to me”
    but by half way through he said a lot of things that makes sense (not a fan) and surprisingly he was more likable than the guy interviewing him!!! So it makes sense that Satan comes in the name of “peace and love” but Satan doesn’t love anyone or anything but himself!!!!!!

  5. Hi SJOG, I want to make an observation, I am listening to all your playlists by the way, I love your videos and nothing is too old in time. But what I want to say is: You should write "LUCIFERIAN" rather than Satan. The reason is they worship Lucifer. Satan is the Hebrew word for DECEIVER. So all the fallen angels and their children according to Enoch, are called ha-satan in Hebrew. Just like the the previous vid you wrote Satan speaks, I just thought that they being Luciferians is more appropriate. Oh please dont' be mad. LOL, I just wanted to clarify the difference. The church is the ones that have changed it to satan. Lucifer in Isaiah 14 is really HEYLEL. Just saying …… PS I just want to take these links, I just watched parts 1 & 2 previously and make copies of the link and place them in every mailbox as I can…..<3 Keep them coming and see you on Patreon….new subscriber 😀

  6. Make's one wonder about the government run schools they want your name and every part of your life face forward toward them or else. That Devil is wide spread and many have joined him by going along with him and turning people in that refuse to follow his way and anyone that is involved with forcing someone against there will is of the Devil ALSO !

  7. You Really Need Help.
    You need to see
    Hidden teachings of christ.
    And hidden hindu symbols of ancient scripts. Whom you Call Christ is Lord Krishna.
    All the stories in the bible are from there.
    Just that you guys changed the names and places from original cities.
    Christ said ' go into a dark place and pray where only your father sees you … he
    Was talking about Mediation when you open all your chakras you see the light in the top of your head which is the door way to god.. which is known as the pineal gland.
    The 7 candles which Christ
    Krishna was talking about in the bible also refers to the Chakras. Which by the way he showed his disciples who got scared and fall down on the mountain whenchrist krishna showed them.
    The Snake that is referred in the bible is the kundliani
    Which is in the base which is referred to the Snake of Knowledge.. The Tree of Knowledge which Eve are from…
    Stop leading the people A Stray with your bull shit.
    Your satan's liar leading people to hell.
    Whu do you think there putting Florida into everything its because it damages the Pineal gland.
    Ooh by the way if you look at the Pope and the stick he holds it also has the pineal gland symbol on it
    As disguised as a Pine cone
    Referring to the pineal gland.
    Stupid shit. I opened my kundliani and saw the snake wrapped round my spine as I awoke the serpent it allowed me to go onto my next chakra where l saw lord Krishna whom u call Christ.. and he was beautiful.
    When people have near death experience they all mention the tunnel of light they all went through
    That was the spinal column they went through and saw the light.
    As Christ krishna said ' Your body is the Temple.
    And it us true.
    The devil which you all show is a form of Maa Kali
    Which refers to Ego, Lust,
    Greed etc when l reached my last chakra she allowed me to go past as my intentions where too see god. She then sat in a triangle within my body as Maa Laxmai.
    Understand why is the Tranhke always a symbol in the illuminati because they know.
    Hinduism is not a religion it is a way of life for everyone.

  8. @SoulJa Of GOD  Just watched this again. I have watched it over 50 times (at least) over the last 5 years. Just posted it on Gab. It's such an important video and an excellent tool for red-pilling people who are interested.
    Did you do the V/O? Who ever did the narration has a great voice. Always good to add new V/O artists into my directory if you know how to get hold of the artist. Again – awesome vid!!👍🥂

  9. Treasure Chest of Knowledge!!
    Great Job and God Bless
    Your vids make me feel Sanity in this Crazy world. Like you said "your crazy,you need therapy?" Ahh Satan can have his Eugenics,i will call upon God the Father&God the Son.


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