Satan's Musical Prophets Chapter 1: Prince Review feedback Video

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  1. The serpent in the garden was more subtle than all the other creatures. This subtleness continues to lead our people astray till this very moment. Its hid behind Christian pagan love that pushes YAHS truth aside as well as all the re-emerging of false ancient Eastern doctrines into the Israelite Awakening. The devil deceive a 3rd of the angels so in these days we must have YAHS Spirit in us for Discernment.

  2. You're truly delusional. Get away from religion. What they're saying is wrong and evil. Complete lies. The man is dead and people keep making videos slandering his name. If he was alive you would be sued into the grownd. You know it. I'm glad I left the religion when I did. You claim everything is demonic. Are your shadows demonic too?!

  3. I don't know every corner of my own soul so I can't speak on a complete stranger so I don't know how these people can judge Prince.

  4. No he didn't and now I have to go erase all his crap off my YouTube but I'm very thankful for the the ears to hear and eyes to see thank you Jesus!!!

  5. Shalom, some correction is needed here. The lyric where it states that 'we speak not of love…only blasphemy…' needs to be reviewed in totality. It states…And before us animosity will stand and decree That we speak not of love only blasphemy…
    The Artist was stating that an evil entity would ACCUSE him of speaking of blasphemy. He was stating that he would be falsely accused.
    I'm not saying that the music industry isn't evil; it's downright degrading, derogatory, and goes against the word of The Most High. It permeates the minds of the listener who are so that we are also singing songs which are contradictory to the Word. Let's look at Whitney Houston's song, Saving All My Love For You which is a song of adultery. While Chris Brown's 'Heat" opens up with him stating a false deity is blessing that particular song. This is why we are supposed to be singing songs to The Most High. The music industry has the formula to invoke covetousness, jealousy, adultery, rivalry, and lust.

  6. When my daughter was a toddler she would run crying when his videos came on. I guess she was seeing something in the spirit. I was never a fan of his…something just didnt seem right about him.

  7. How have I never seen your channel!!🧐🧐🧐 YouTube hiding all the good channels from me πŸ˜†

  8. Satanism is the religion of the self, it is a religion of Narcissism. The music and movie industries are Meccas for narcissists. So although many celebrities were not/are not Satanists, their narcissism has them feel a sense of home within the industry having them sell their souls in the first place. The narcissist requires instant gratification, and it is that very fact that has them sign the contract and sell their souls.
    If any have regrets later in their career it is usually not out of humility but rather out of a sense of need to be in control. They thought the fame would provide them unquestionable control over their lives and even the lives of others via adulation and fear of their power. I worked briefly in a spice distributor and a little old man in a suit walked up to me whilst I worked smiled and shook my hand. I assumed he was the office manager of the warehouse. I found out later on he was the owner of Spice Master and worth $500 million dollars. I had to be told what he was worth to see him differently for a second. How I saw him the first time is who he was, a polite old man in a suit. Just a person. These celebrities want to be gods and think they are gods. Their delusional narcissism is at their grave detriment.


  10. before us animosity will stand and decree
    "That we speak not of love only blasphemy"
    And in the distance, 6 others will curse me
    But that's alright (That's alright)
    4 I will watch them fall (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) – it's a quote dude

  11. Prince ,Whitney Houston once were a devil worship but they got converted and fake their death he and MJ will come back soon coz MJ is an Angel on earth prophesied thru the scriptures along the lordshema ..will come to destroy this evil world

  12. Salvation is based on you trusting that Jesus Christ the Son of God died and paid for you sins in hell and rose again not but repenting of you sins! But thanks for expose these devils

  13. Now you say Prince sang his old songs yes he did I would die for you he also has changed the lyrics it says he is something you will never understand not a woman not a man he also changes he's your Messiah and he died for you cuz you're the reason why!! I truly believe that Prince's upbringing in the church is one reason why he used those type of lyrics and intertwine them when he was younger and just coming out he didn't care to explain to people whether he was gay or straight he said if they don't understand or they don't know then they can just stay confused because when somebody doesn't understand something they automatically assume you're gay and I'm not he said but that's what they want to think and say about me so they're going to push that agenda no matter what I say so he didn't feel like fighting the media when he said it's a losing battle but when he got older he didn't see me his very sexual erotic music like soft and wet head the stuff that he came out and then beginning the early 70s you didn't hear that from him yes he did sing his Greatest Hits like Purple Rain another one he also the changed the lyrics to and he also stated about his master's the industry does something very demonic to those recording the Masters they take the Masters into a room with a has an altar and they summoned a demon and that demon is to follow that music wherever it goes that's what they do with the Masters so it was very important for Prince to get those back he said he was young when he got into the industry and didn't understand what he was doing in what he was about to give up that it cost you your soul a price he was not willing to pay that's one reason why he signed backward Warner Brothers because in the agreement he'll get his master's and it was very important for him to get that knowing what he knew and then he broke his contract with them it is quite obvious that Prince did have an understanding what was going on and what was being asked of him after a concert he had Bible study for 3 hours and he did talk about the crucifixion about Jesus Christ but she didn't call him Jesus Christ he called him the Messiah and he spoke about and not being across that he was impaled and he spoke about salvation and Yahweh not being a white white man he was a man of color Prince also started going on shows like PBS and speaking out against in the industry and the cost of it and the only thing that they are after your payment is your soul you don't go in there knowing that at first but after a while that's why they're always renegotiating your contract because there's going to come a time where you have to be acknowledged of it when he would go out for the award shows he would not pick up the award he would leave it on the ground and they also stated that he appreciated his friends referring to his fans but he wanted to call them friends instead of fans appreciating his music but an award is a form of an idol and it doesn't mean anything to him I truly believed he was somebody that was mixed up very young when he got started yes he did push the envelope in ways that were very deceiving straight up nasty sometimes very subtle Without You realizing it and like a lot of us when we get older and start to grow in the world and knowledge of our God we have an understanding of our Rights and Wrongs and it was quite obvious that he came to that understanding what he has put out there and he needed to make a change and repent I truly believe he was a sacrifice because he was no longer being silent he talked about the industry like I stated and what it cost and all the evil that they're doing in the world and their main goal and objective he spoke about the chemtrails he spoke about the project in Switzerland CERN Prince also stated that he didn't take the advances never offer to him from his contract so that means he didn't take the money from Warner Brothers he made more money without management when he produced and wrote and promoted his own CDs there were no middle man if I didn't hear and see Prince make these statements myself yes I would truly believe that he was a man with no repentance those videos are very hard to find they were running the internet as soon as they got a lot of playtime they remove them you can find them here and there sometimes when somebody uploads them but it won't be the industry someone like him that was a Seventh-Day Adventist than the Jehovah Witness then became he said he doesn't have a title over him it's a relationship with the father I believed he knew they were going to come at him he just didn't know how he seemed to be very confident and at ease with a few statements that he made telling his friends when he held a concert at Paisley Park to save your prayers and then he passed away two days later he was in good spirits he was happy he didn't seem like a man who knew death was coming and was in fear it was like okay it's going to happen I don't know exactly when and how but I'm good!

  14. It make sense that he would do his hits, but I’m pretty sure he left out his raunchy songs. If Prince accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he has nothing to worry about. And when you made a reference of saying he make any statement playing his music backwards is a lie, and God will judge you for that.

  15. why did they change the powerful original background music , this is not the original ????????????


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