Satan's Musical Prophets Documentary: Parliament Funkadelic

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  1. when he's talking about going after the farmer's wife and turning on the phone with a water pipe I think he's speaking about seducing her with crack cocaine this song is so deep they were literally under the control of Satan and he just let so much truth out and nobody heard it he put it in plain sight and had us dancing to it I'm so ashamed of myself and not knowing and not having discernment at that time I thank you guys wholeheartedly for bringing a lot of these things to my attention so that I can change my ways

  2. Parliament Funkadelic 🤦🏾‍♀️….I use to love their music … When I found out abt blood sacrifices I wondered if Glenn Goins was sacrificed. He was 24 yrs old when he died of hodgekins Lymphoma.

  3. I’m so glad I watched this video because Parliament Funkadelic was one of my favorite group . This video caused me to go back and take a second look at how I enjoyed PF concerts and my participation as far as being a fan of this group . Glenn Goins , in the video I posted is telling the fans to raise their hands in the air 🙌🏾 ( Position of worship) to get the Mother Ship to come down then he says “There will be no second coming” that is truly a satanic statement ! Who were fans like me worshipping if there will be no second coming ?

  4. For a person who didn't grow up in the 70s but became familiar with these groups through parents and older siblings. I'm glad to see some education being put forth but I wish the information will correlate a little better. I feel some of the examples and premises are stretch. But thanks for for putting in the work.

  5. George Clinton, the creator of PFunk was just exposing how Satanic The Divided States of America was and is and of course made money from. The so called USA has and is a Luciferian Empire. And what would you expect to come of it? So what George Clinton did was just exposed this Demonic Empire represented and got paid while the Elite Oligarchs were putting their New World Order in place.

  6. I'm from the UK and tbh I never heard of this group until now. Maybe it's an age thing. I listened to Prince and Earth , wind and fire a little because other people were into them. But as a child I was really into Michael Jackson. I would really like to see your video on him. But it doesn't seem to have been uploaded. Maybe you haven't had the time to make that documentary just yet. I'm glad you made these video's and I understand that people have asked why you don't do these video's on rock n roll artists or other music. But I think they've been covered by other people anyway. Your video's opened my ears and eyes to things nobody else has so you chose well imo

  7. Oooo…my goodness. AHBA YAHUAH, what's wrong with our people? They are so terrible and evil. This is just what our oppressors want. 😱🤦🏿

  8. So when they say they have “the funk” they’re alluding to unclean spirits. Funk is something that stinks. And when something stinks 9 times out of 10 it’s unclean.

  9. None of this music is good for the soul. I can’t believe most of these ignorant comments have the audacity to say the things they do. Rap was never a good thing. The Lord says, My people perish for lack of knowledge

  10. Ok so. I am BLOWN AWAY. I have never heard these lyrics first to begin but I thought I was all the was out at Prince…then EWF😮…I'm commenting halfway through I'm just like😮😮😮… They're casting spells, notice they're sealing it…name, title, domain/responsibility. Im thinking about the female booty video girl era AND the crack era that came in RIGHT after that. It's a legion like when Yashua questioned the possessed man. Thank you SO much for making these videos. It's helping me connect a lot of dots.

  11. The farmers wife is the bride of christ. God planted a vineyard. Going after the children of Israel with the spirit of sexual perversion. What happened to our girls who were mainly in churches right after that? Or our boys that started looking for water pipes. It's a spell and mockery of the living waters poured out by God. That's why he always uses the phallus. All over the world. That's his mockery. It's what makes sexual perversion so detestable to God. I saw Kirk Franklin and IMMEDIATELY thought of the orisa sango who governs dance, fire and lightening…he has twins with his wife, the siren oshun who Beyonce paid tribute to in Lemonade that sparked…the WAP era. Shiva does the cosmic DANCE of destruction (CERN)…Shiva's wife is Devi (as in Kamala Devi Harris), their son lost his human head and became part beast, all hindu worship starts with aarti to Surya (the sun)…it's the same spirits…I can go on and on ….I'm literally trembling rn…*chills*

  12. Does a pig have p**y …he's degrading our women to the hebrew unclean. He says she's playing shy but she has to give it up. The culmination is she did in the most sordid way. We have WAP now. There's a way you can tell it's the end because the cup is filled. Covid is serving to block an overflow. The caribbean shut down it's carnivals which are tributes to Molech, Jezebel … I personally, first hand can tell you of a specific african ritual done that proves their knowledge and preparation for the day of our lord. The whole plan, acted out in ritual and a final ritual was done last year. I doubt if 5% of the participants understand what they're invoking and they are using music. It's a whole demonic web, I have nobody to talk to about this stuff and I'm seeing something shaping out so clearly. The narrow road is a lonely one.

  13. I saw a video with a member lying in feces on stage. It wasnt real feces but clay or chocolate but the scene as a whole was detestable.

  14. As I grew in truth, I notice the sun disc in the background or as broches people wear. Now these objects are opened to my sight as I watch movies. The sun disc is real object of worship today.

  15. Also I find it hard to believe the deaths of Otis Redding, Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Prince, and Michael Jackson were incidental.

  16. Looking at this video. George was a genius at his artistry, He had to be a nerd back in the days. The lyrics are definitely satanic. I’m over here dying, “Give up the funk you punk”!!!! 🤣😂🤣😆


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