Satan's Musical Prophets: Earth Wind & Fire Documentary

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  1. Gli Earth, Wind & Fire sono i più grandi di sempre e Maurice White é "The Genius"…..comunque la pensiate fatevene una ragione!!!

  2. After watching the intro to this incredibly short sighted and clearly biased video, I think it is safe to say I will not be spending another 42 minutes of my precious god given life and intellect on the rest of it. I'm going to enjoy the sun today and thank OLODUMARE for it too. Just as my ancestors did. 😎

  3. I'm really getting old, I can't hardly stand hearing that smoke alarm batteries needing to be changed😫😫😫

  4. I have a testimony of meeting a deiety when I was in the new age doing yoga etc.
    when I declined his “powers” he said “fine go back to church then”

    Now I know what that REALLY means.
    Because I was stuck in church playing church for a few years before busting out of the illusion and finding truth.

    Stay awake and on gaurd-discerning in all we do…
    For he prowles around looking for targets.

  5. I get not listening to things like “Evil” and “Sun God,” but I think there’s a little bit of “overighteous” thinking going on with the song Devotion. Sunshine ( in my opinion) has always been a metaphor for positivity, not necessarily Egyptian worship.

  6. Christianity is different from Catholicism and other denominations. If you’re saying Christians are sun worshippers than try to use the Bible to defame us, because that’s our God’s words, not pictures of Catholicism and old paintings.

  7. What about Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin, KISS AND all the other Hard Rock Groups they are Blatantly claiming Evil and Mystical Lifestyle

  8. Oh brother another one of my favorite groups from the past ! I truly believe these videos on “Satan Musical Prophets” I never listened to the song evil only because of the name . I knew back in the early 90’s secular music wasn’t good and got rid of my music collection from all worldly musicians. However I started back listening hard last year and some of this year . I thank The Most High for this series on Satan Musical Prophets because I had to repent and get my mind renewed

  9. Growing up in Zimbabwe during the 70s we used to listen to EWF all the time. You've opened my eyes to this. More often than not we think it's rock and roll etc are the only music that can be satanic

  10. So basically if I listen to Earth, Wind, and Fire, I'm going to hell? I love music and a good time. Once I am done, I feel no different than how I felt before listening to it. I dont go out doing evil things or sinning purposely. I don't get it. Lots of music including gospel has gotten me through alot. It was Gods way of sending messages to me. Music is also a great strategy after a hard day of work and a need of relaxation.

  11. Have you speaking word curses over yourself and life, the tongue is powerful and the music industry know what they doing…

  12. amazing, they were so talented yet they (do they know) worshiped false gods. I knew as a Christian believer and researching bad side, as soon as I saw their album pictures that it was false religion worship. However if someone just listen their music its easy to be tricked if you do not look and listen at some songs carefully. I wonder if other members of band just sang what was put in front of them not knowingly meaning of it or they were deceived that they knew but they were deceived.

  13. If you look at this from the viewpoint of duality and realism, sure I see where you’re coming from.

    If you look at this from the stance of idealism based spiritual & scientific teachings (ultimately the same)…

    Across all history and all forms of human consciousness, viewed metaphorically & allegorically, down to to the more rational thought of late…

    I don’t know what to say, this whole documentary is extremely shallow and offers no counter arguments to what their perspective of the truth is, it’s just a bunch of finger pointing and dogmatic labeling.

    Can’t blame em though.

  14. Wow and one of the songs just tried to get stuck in my head. Nuhuh satan the devil is a lie.I don't praise false God's and only the ❤Elohim Yahweh. ❤

  15. I know about Sunday is set for Sun god for our enemies changed the Sabbath. That's a shame. Thank you, prophet and prophetess of YAHUAH📖🙏🏾👑

  16. Really? I did stop listening to them some time ago but Evil in a song all the way through wow todah rabah for doing this becuz the truth is better than lies.

  17. I loved this group 💔, but last year Something told me to take all secular music off my devices and I did. I have heard a song here or there over the last few months and just last night for some reason I pulled them up on YT just to reminisce. I had not looked at the album covers since I was a little kid but after looking at them last night, it’s clear as day so much idolatry on there , smh , so sad what sa tan has done to us. But God is waking His people up!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  18. I remember a lot of these songs I just didn't know all of them by name.but at the end of the day they made great music but it has demonic images and idolatry. Shame on them for doing that 💜😤🤬😵🤬😲

  19. I was not big on lyrics, and admit I don't know the Mighty Mighty/Evil lyrics. EWF peaked for me with Last Days and Time, and that's a heavy title. I notice that I turned away from groups when they got big and commercialized. Now I understand why.

  20. In my opinion this commentary is ignorant and stupid. He mentions a song Earth wind and fire are singing about evil. This is ridiculous! Talking about evil in the song and how to overcome it is not in itself evil. They’re not promoting evil they’re singing about things that we all have to deal with and things that we think about. Maurice White is talking about those thoughts that work against us. There’s nothing evil about earth wind and fire.


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