Satan's Musical Prophets: Michael Jackson Documentary

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Comment (46)

  1. People forgot that the real Michael Jackson died from the 1984 Pepsi commercial when his hair caught on fire. He was taken out and has been replaced multiple times. The clone that died in 2009 was already deceased from a long time ago when the original Michael Jackson sold his soul to Lucifer. Was it really worth it at the end??? Wake up My people!!! Wake up!!!

  2. The Hebrew Bible contains a number of prohibitions against false witness, lying, spreading false reports, etc.[10] For a person who had a charge brought against them and were brought before a religious prosecution, the charge was considered as established only on the evidence of two or three sworn witnesses.[11] In cases where false testimony was suspected, the religious judges were to make a thorough investigation, and if false testimony were proven, the false witness was to receive the punishment he had intended to bring on the person falsely accused.[12] For example, since murder was a capital crime, giving false testimony in a murder case was subject to the death penalty. Those eager to receive or listen to false testimony were also subject to punishment.[13]

    False witness is among the six things YAH hates, king Solomon says.[14] False testimony is among the things that defile a person,  says. YAHUSHA

  3. In the song, “We Are The World,”. MJ sings “As God has shown us by turning stones to bread…”Y’all know that ain’t right. Not to mention, there is a picture of Allister Crawley on his Dangerous album cover.

  4. First of all I like to say that I like this series. Second, it’s a shame that Michael Jackson gave his soul to gain the whole world. But him and the other satans musical puppets didn’t realize that once you give up your soul it’s only a matter of time before that fallen angel will come to collect. Bro. Watchman keep this series going please! The Hebrew nation needs to be educated. Yah bless.

  5. Thank you for bringing this out.. the entertainment industry is full of it! I stopped listening to secular music years ago. These children in this generation we need to pray for especially because it’s really getting dangerous.

  6. Why are you people damming a dead person for what you do in your body,we will all stand before god to give account of what we did,not Michael jackson,prince,or whoever.thisgeneration is always passing their blame on others,grow up how about that.

  7. I heard he was tortured as a child Papa ,Mama Dearest tortured him they put that on him for they were the evil greedy ones who sold their son, they will get their just deserts for sure. I would pray for Michaels' tortured soul, for the parents greed. For Michael was not or is the only one.

  8. Brother Theo’s channel unplugem deals with this in depth. Artists don’t control lyrics. They have handlers who use “song writers secret” to make certain the Luciferian message is propagated. The secret, according to Theo, is that all popular artist songs that go on radio are worshipping Baphomet the androgynous devil. So when an artist sings I love you, I miss you, etc they are singing to Baphomet, and NOT another person. When I learned this And tested it with discernment over and over music was ruined for me. The devil is such a trickster he’ll hijack your adoration and emotions and take them for a ride

  9. Sorry, forgot to mention that this above is true for all radio hits UNLESS the song is specifically aimed at and mentions a human’s name. But even then we must be careful as Dirty Diana is about the goddess and not a human being.

  10. seriously michael talks about the wicked in this song he denounces the wicked, he is not at all a satanist, he talks about those who hurt him the wicked of this world because they were the satanists ,michael denounced the satanist in his songs it is different, and the satanists destroyed it, not hard to understand

  11. Maybe my RUACH was strong in me back then and I didn’t even know it because I never took the song Bad seriously. I was too distracted how white Michael was from Triller to Bad. Even to this day I laugh at the song and the video. Michael Jackson lost me with the very first lyrics “Your butt is mine” really. The softest voice in the whole music industry is telling me my butt is his, hilarious. Then the buckle suit, the dancing; skating and flipping still makes me laugh.

    And don’t even get me started with the whole “who’s bad” question he kept repeating. To me that’s the funniest moment in video history.

    So if this was a way YAH blocked what I didn’t know thru laughter, I say HALLELUYAH thank you for protecting me FATHER YAH!! Thank you RUACH for having my back.

  12. Some songs I used to think were warnings he was sending in his music. Maybe because I feel sorry for Michael because he didn’t stand a chance to know the truth. Being raised in the Jehovah Witness cult and then the music industry. He went from a kid being PUT into the frying pan and as an adult hopped out right into the fire.

    I have been on the borderline when it comes to Michael but that not to say I don’t believe the TRUTH. I always had passion for the truth no matter how bad, ugly or beautiful it is. The truth MAKES us free. It just makes me sad that people have no ideas WHO is knocking at their door and when you don’t know YAH you will let anybody in.

  13. All that surgery Mike was getting made him turn to drugs Mike wanted to be the biggest pop star ever he wanted to be bigger than elvis and beatles

    He bought the beatles catalog so he could cast spells he wanted elvis daughter so he could show the world how great he was look at me I married the holy grail of white women I married the daughter of the king

    White America decided Mike went too far then it was time to bring him down a notch

  14. To be honest they really didn’t uncover much. I’m looking for a breakdown of his biggest hits. Instead they broke down songs never heard. In my opinion they should’ve dug deeper on this one. They literally ran out of talking material for MJ and had to start talking about other artists.

  15. Got to be there was mine. I never got into that song or any other of his songs bc i had to work and be a wife and a mother. I Thank The Lord of Host that He kept it away from me. I've never heard of these other songs. Wow! On December 25 i wound up in the hospital for 1&1/2 days bc of my gallbladder and they gave me morphine after I asked them not to give me anything that will make me drowsy. But they did anyway. But i am glad that you told me about this bc I can warn my children. Definitely not good music. Childish Gambino said he wish he could be white. Smh 🤔

  16. That was amazing. I'm in the world but not of the world. Only the Lord has the power to open the masses eyes to see this Truth. I thank God for you for delivering this message. I will pass along God bless you.

  17. Who is it he's talking about Diana who she married, smh I would admit that used him earlier in his career but give the fullness of what you're saying cause you guys didn't break down the whole song

  18. Money was talking about how the paparazzi is after him. You guys have that one wrong as well! Listen to the whole thing. Most of Michael music is about love and love making. I do have my beliefs he was used at first but not a devil worshipper

  19. I am really glad i came upon this video.
    I never knew the lyrics of MJ's songs don't know most of them. Seeing and reading what you have put forward about the song i am shocked, never even know whst he was songing about. Well I am so glad I know now. I will never look at him the same way. It is satanic's
    Deception to the max. Wow!! Thanks to you who prepared this video God bless you all.

  20. What's up to everybody
    Good Documentary Movie 🎬 my brother and sister 👍🏿👍🏿
    I was shocked about Michael Jackson because listen to off the wall and Thriller all the song both albums harmless and Bad album songs Man in Mirror and leave me alone them some good songs and the Earth song Classic 🎵 song.
    I shocked that y'all didn't do one on (Gil Scott Heron) he actually gotta song called Me and The Devil walking side by side. When i looked him and seen that he was Black man i was shocked 😲 because i didn't inspected to see our people follow in darkness like that.
    I seen a photo image of Aaliyah do y'all think she sold out to the dark side?
    She die right before 3 Album came out and before she was about to take off big in entertainment business too.
    Good Documentary 👍🏿

  21. Its bs because you are picking songs that match ypur narratibe. My narrative is he was a kind man who brought joy yo the entire world i.e. heal the world we are the world and so many more . MJ was tormented by Tom Sneddon and overzealous police and DA's and most people would have given up he praised god in many of his songs

  22. You should do more research on people before you put this information out here I hope you have watched the documentary called Michael Jackson Loving Neverland !!! Most of Michael Jackson’s song was talking about what he went through he had a Gag order on him so he did it through his music to get his truth out . A lot of your information is baring false witness!!!!!!!

  23. You should look up Michael Jackson and his interview with Barbara Walters he will tell you why he did the song Dirty Diana he was talking about Groupies but yet you are telling people that it was about a statue and he wanted to be a God Michael said he was not God but to be God like!!!!!! Do more research because you are baring false witness about certain things!!!!!!!!!!


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