Satan's Musical Prophets Mini series Trailer. Prince, Coming Soon! video

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  1. What's up to my people
    I can't wait to see this Documentary everything u and your family been putting out is good information too. I hope Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Sam cooke, Al'Green, Isley Brothers,Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson and The Times didn't sell there soul. Now Earth,Wind,Fire, Prince, Parliament and the Funkadelic, i still listen to there music now. But Marvin Gaye is my number 1 favorite artist because if you listen to his music and other artists i name there music put me in a relax mode and helps my mind and soul Escape the harsh reality of life and i can chill out to it as well. Good Trailer can't wait to see this Documentary too.
    Peace beyond to my people

  2. It's not a way of bringing worship for the Sun, but a acknowledgement of what give us life for life…And that has nothing to do with what man has created.#I AM WE

  3. Looking forward to this! A YouTuber who goes by the name “unplugem” does a fantastic job in breaking down a lot of hidden messages in songs he calls “the songwriters’ secret”. It’s mind blowing to find out what they’re really singing about and to whom (Lucifer) when the lyrics aren’t so clear.

  4. Oh my Yah.. Wow!! Yah is revealing everything. I pray in the Name of Yahusha HaMashiak, for Yah to keep Yashar’al safe by Your Mercy at all times excluding all Your Judgements from this day forward. May Your will be done.

    Tehillim – Psalm 91

  5. This is what I love about this ministry. They aren't shy about attacking the real issues within our own community and how these issues have helped to destroy our communities.

    This whole music industry has been used as a weapon against us all along and we have participated in our own destruction. A few of us have gotten rich but the mass majority of us, in our communities, have had a negative experience because of it in one way or another even if we don't realize it.

    I am really looking forward to the whole series. This is going to touch some serious nerves cause we love our RB, Soul, Rap etc. But we need to have these conversations.

    Remember the song Mrs. Jones., that song promoted all kinds of adultery, sexual promiscuity and fornication. Remember Teddy Pendergrass and his sultry sexually charged music. I hope they touch on these artists too.

  6. They say that great running back Barry Sanders told a reporter one day God gave us talent but the devil made us famous , the sad part is that all of these artist were Blessed by YAH EXCEEDINGLY but sought after other gods our forefathers knew not. All melody makers in the WOMB but anytime you want to be FAMOUS in the level of being worshipped like God you have to play a DIRTY GAME .

  7. I was telling my pops last year how black people been sold out in music even in the 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 2000s all dat.

  8. False witness against thy neighbor because you don't know. And you are spreading it. Now we saw how Prince changed his life music and his ways. You without sin cast the 1st stone. Then you wait until people die to spread rumors. That's cowardice and wrong. And where are the white satanics for a fact like Marlyn Manson , Ozzie Osborn ACDC, ect. You sound like the false prophets we've been warned about. No Man can condemn another Man. God Can because he's God. In Jesus Name i pray. You can't add or take away from his Word.

  9. But what's funny about all this, is I feel sorry for a lot most of them are tricked and this Satan worship is introduced subtly and before you know it your in full worship of something and have demons possessions that's why when you become famous you have to ditch your family and old friends and then obtain a handler to guide them and watch them to make sure that they don't break script because a lot are introduced to MK ULTRA which is trauma based for easier possession of evil spirits and they become disassociated from real reality to the point to where it comes and goes at will. The sad part it's heavy in the gospel world too.

  10. 3.M.O.H‏
    Comprehending 2 Chronicles 29:17 @ Nisan 8
    If 666 + 3 = 669
    Then 669 + 45 Days = 5778.01.08 {Sundown, 2018.03.25}
    Then 714/16 = 44.625 and 44 + 625 = 5777.11.21
    Akin To November 1 = 669 #LestWeForget
    @LoveisFound1 ~

    3:18 PM – 7 Feb 2018

  11. I left this worldly garbage behind me, this isn't edifying at all.
    Carry on like this, and i will withdraw my subscription!

  12. In the movie James Brown didn't the Little Richie character say to Brown something like "you good the devil gone offer you a price…" think not just music

  13. Earth wind and fire was my favorite group of all time..but I started listening deeper to their songs and realized these men were deeply in the occult. The CD covers said a lot. I remember trying to listen to one of their songs after realizing this and immediately out of no where my nose just started pouring blood. That scared the crap outta me…I took that as a sign…Abstain from all appearance of evil..have nothing to do with it. Doesn't matter how much you like these artists, you better love Father Yahuah More than ANYTHING and be willing to forsake ALL for HIS sake.

  14. Let’s find somebody we can sit in judgment on! He who is without dog shit under his sneakers… take the first step on the white carpet! 💜💜💜💜💜💜👍🏾 accusing prince of being Satan‘s Musical profit??? You’re reaching!

  15. Several months have gone by and no Earth Wind and Fire. Did y’all back out??? Decide not to do one…on one of the most innovative groups of our time! You were labeling them as another profit of the devil! I’m still waiting to view that! 🤨


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