Satans Pattern 2, Act 6 Produce Foods that Kill, FDA: Food Death Administration

The FDA: Food Death Administration has allowed the industry to Produce Foods that Kill!!!

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  1. That picture, that shows up on your, youtube, its a skeleton and he is looking at his watch, do you know, whats the name of that movie, I saw it awhile back, in the movie, when that man put his glasses on, he was seeing things he never seen before, it was showing him what satan was doing to everyone. I been trying to get the name of the movie, so i show some people.


  3. I am thankful that you have brought this teaching to me and other, I grew tomatoes this year and cabbage and wow I was sad at the thought that I did not grow enough and I am looking for a piece of land to grow a real garden for 2015 and I have lost weight as a result of eating organic foods and now I am deleting pork from my diet thanks for the breakthrough!

  4. My doctor told me a couple of years back to only shop on the perimeter of the grocery store. I try to do it, but it is hard. What I have found is that all of the fresh foods are on the perimeter and in the inside are all of the boxed, canned, junk, and frozen foods. I will be trying to garden this spring but for most(like me) organic eating is hard because of those organic prices. Thanks for this reminder to stay mindful of what we sow 🙂

  5. Thank you for this video and your research. My family had to go through the pantry and throw a lot of stuff away tonight.

    A few months back we had to do the same thing when we found out the food industry "sneaks" pork in foods under various names. We threw away a lot of soaps and toothpaste too. It's just ridiculous! Shalom!

  6. I like these videos, Thank You….Great point on about fungus not growing on foods..I bought bread to have in the house from Aldi but my family and I really don't eat bread. It was he are for three weeks with no mold. Also Sierra mist is no longer natural. Blessings

  7. I don't think they are trying too kill everyone off but trying to keep the profits high for the medical and pharmaceutical companies. They will prop a person up for as long as they can pay for it as once a person can't pay for their wares they let you die. It's all about getting more of their God Money. YAH's way is the best way no doubt about it but as long as we stay in this land of bondage they got our number. Once I leave this land of bondage I can fully get away from all of this junk.
    A lot of people don't know that in the bible it talks about eating a plant that will bless those who eat it, can you take a guess which plant that is it is talking about? Don't go to the bible looking for it as the scribes changed it's name. Here is a hint, it is also used to make anointing oil.

  8. Thanks for your bother & trouble of making the video's..nice information to know …bless you!.. a rare breed these day's in a world of liers etc. I pray for you

  9. Shalom.  The beast will go to no ends to eliminate humanity.  My 10 yr old recently says, "Mommy did you know they use sodium hydroxide to darken pretzels?  I looked at her and replied, "I'm not surprised.  Sodium hydroxide is in Sensodine, the toothpaste prescribed for sensitive teeth — go figure — it burns and poison your teeth & gums so they're no longer be sensitive."   She asked why, I said because they're trying to kill us all.  There are a couple of clips explaining codex ailmentarus.  Very very revealing. Peace.

  10. BTW:  Don't drink soda or carbonated drinks.  When breathing, the body inhales O (Oxygen) & exhales CO2 (carbon dioxide) containing waste products.  Why drink these beverages and return CO2 to the body. Peace.

  11. Pork is made for them not black people, black people cannot eat what other race of people eat. I have stopped doing all those things and eat what the lord say's in the bible too eat. My family have not eat any pork, catfish which have always taste nasty, the lord clearly tells u what is OK and what is not, catfish, shrimp  and many other sea life that do not have fins, black people love their nasty catfish just nasty. Those sea life without fins are too clean the ocean now the ocean is not clean because men has decided too eat every thing. People should also understand that pork is being put in things like canned cheeses and many other fake foods.

  12. Msg, they have went way out of their way too hide the names of msg under other name's so best not too eat anything already made.

  13. Very good info., love the video. I'm a health nut and really have tooken notice to how the gov keeps us well tries to keep us from knowing the truth and what is right for our health! Also how gov programs gives poor people crap food to KILL them. How the fda takes away the vitamins that actually heal and help but puts killer meds on the market at ridiculous high prices!
    Let your food be your medicine!

  14. and i have a reverse osmosis 3 stage filter after i can the tap water with the machine i add 20 drops a gallon of trice minerals the water is totally clean and taste great

  15. Another great video. Thanks for sharing. Quick comment to your advice on rice; I'm not sure if you follow Dr. Seibi but I've been doing a lot of research food and Dr. Seibi was talking some real knowledge about hybrid foods vs electric foods. Grains came up in the lecture and he was saying that you have to be careful to watch out for hybrid grains which is most of the grains we are programmed to eat today. They even make it appear to be healthy but it's not (wheat, brown rice, whole grain, etc.). Basically, Dr. Seibi was saying to stay with the ancient and original grains (kamut, amaranth, quinoa, etc.). I also want to say to anybody else who is researching and trying they hardest to stop this horrible eating, knowing it's bad for them but can't stop (you was mentioning your fam)… it ain't easy by no means. Some people… no my bad… most people can't just simply stop eating this stuff… because Satan got these engineers and scientist making these foods and smells precisely in the lab. They know just the right amount of SALT, SUGAR, AND FAT to keep the population hooked. I was reading a book a few years back that was talking about how McDonald's lead the fast food industry because of how smart they tactics are to catch the young market, advertisements, etc. and basically they had hired a perfume/cologne manufacturing agency in New Jersey to produce intense scents of chicken, burgers, apples, etc. The dude said he was told to close his eyes and describe what he smelled. He said he smelled the most intense apples he ever smelled, he did it again and described the most intense scent of burgers. This is the crap they putting in the fast food. So now you know if you ever walking down the block or even driving and smell "something that smell so good" you just got to pull over… now you know why. It was made by engineers and scientists to trigger your brain and keep us hooked by our 5 senses. It used to bother me and still does to this day how people joke about "fat" people but today's food is the worst drug ever invented… because they sneaky and can rename toxic chemicals like no tomorrow… and even worst its legal and everywhere including television and radio which now got these hoochie's stripped down butt naked munching on a burger. What the heck does this lady have to do with eating a burger? They so low they even use sex to sell food items. I'm struggling so hard to stay conscious of what I'm eating and my kids and wife but it's so hard in this day and age that it's causing drama between me and my lady. All I can say to anyone out there struggling and knowing this food is bad but still going back and forth… knowledge is key first. Become aware, then try at all cost. If you fall, dust your ass off and carry on, fall again, repeat. Stay diligent and pray for forgiveness and strength. More than anything else, don't support these devils with your hard earned money. You feel helpless about all this corruptness? Me too, but I realized you don't necessarily need to arm up and fight back (though some times it almost seems justified)… STOP giving them your money. You have like the rest of the public has what's called PURCHASING POWER. Every single decision you make on spending your money is just as important as your voice. Thanks to all those who go out they way to make these incredible videos. Let's do our part if you not making videos, or you not on the corner preaching to the public, do our part by not putting our money in the wrong greedy evil corporate leeaches hands. Spend a little extra for that organic non-gmo and support the actual hard working family who actually has a passion for farming and agriculture than trying to save some paper by purchasing your fruits and veggies at Walmart because it's a few bucks cheaper. You think Walmart has a passion for agriculture? You dead wrong… and we'll all be DEAD wrong if we don't make smarter spending decisions. Peace and love to everyone and most importantly spread this knowledge it don't help anyone keeping it on the DL. One Love!!!

  16. I'm going through my cabinet right now and I'm going throw all it away. I don't like eating out. I'm waking up and trying to wake-up my sisters and brothers too.

  17. I love your videos please make more and when is whited out 3 coming out your videos help me in rediscovering my real Hebrew isrealite roots I've been on this journey since 2009 thanks for passing on knowledge so I can pass it on to others

  18. There  is still more of us than there is of them  we can unite and change this cycle of destruction.  What;s the plan?

  19. Truth!  we built the plantations and farm them and now we don't know how to use a rake or shovel.  How do we reintroduce the skills to our family.  Disaster is coming.

  20. people people
    put down the pies
    do not maximize
    you've gotta exercise
    or the scales will rise
    and so will your thighs

  21. Have you looked into the ruling that food companies can use sweetener made from aborted fetus cells? Now they SAY they don't actually use the aborted fetus soup in the food and that they just take its excrement and use that. Also they extract a protein from the kidneys. If you look what group of people abortion has been most directed at, I think we can all agree it has been the black people. So we can safely assume most of what the companies use is aborted black babies and I wouldn't trust the profit hungry companies not to throw the whole batch in the sweetener and sell it to the companies. Some of the companies that use the sweeteners are PepsiCo, Nestle, and Campbell's.
    All praise to the Most High!

  22. All Praises to THE MOST HIGH. He is so right. I took out all of these harmful things out of my kitchen and diet for 3 months and dropped 60 pounds.

  23. A lot of what you say is sadly true. I do believe we should be growing our on food because of what the government allow. you can't believe everything the government say. where do you guys buy your seeds?

  24. Thanks to you and family for being an example of what is required of YAH's children. It is time. Praise YAH!


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