Saving the Black Marriage (Israelite) from outside and inside attacks

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  1. I agree to the fullest I'm a testamony with in my self my ex and I were together for a year and a half and he bought me in to this knowledge and then went and married a Latino in 3weeks after leaving me! but yah has control shalom family 🙂

  2. Yes, I agree! That darn devil is something else! I thought the same thing….that once me & hubby got together we could be much better off with 2 incomes. I always had in my mind: 2 incomes are always better than 1. Well, we've been married for 2 years and surely the devil is always on attack! So, we find ways to stand our ground & fight against him & his tactics.

  3. Smh….the devil is evening attacking now by trying to mess up y'all video. It keeps skipping & jumping, and the audio keeps going in & out.

  4. I do believe certain demons attack marriage. I have experienced this. Keep teaching, preaching, educating and healing with your wisdom, knowledge and the Word of Yah. We need it. I look forward to the marriage series. You are right the Ruah is needed to stay together. Marriage counseling and knowledge must be mixed with the Ruah. The Creator of the Universe who created marriage will help you. Ask Him.

  5. you should know the person before you have relations. perhaps years ago people grew up together then made vows.the conventions were in place for a reason

  6. Hallo watchman reports. Your words are always inspiring to me and I thank The most high for that. Speaking of The most high, I'm conflicted whether His real name is Ahaya or Yah since Yah was the ancient name for moon.

  7. I thank, Yahuah for my Husband, we will be married 18yrs. in February, when we met we were in the church and both filled with the Ruach, , I believe that's why Yahuah called us out together so it just Strengthened our marriage, however it wasn't all peachy cream. I am older then my Husband by 8yrs. and I had a controlling spirit because of the way my mom taught us 4 girls, so I had to be Humbled by Yahuah  as well him also he saw his mom control his dad that's all we knew, but through the Ruach we Got it and still Getting it Right, Now we Both know our Places, we Love each other and Understand our Roles with out being Puffed Up. Honestly other than that if we had and argument it was because the kids playing us against each other, But we SHUT that down Quick. All that being said Brother and Sisters with the Ruach leading and you taking on Humility All things will work out for our Good.         I just Love these Two people so down to earth.   Thanks Watchman and Sis

  8. Shalom family.. I was wondering if you've ever heard of the term "caulbearer"or born with a veil? It seems to be a subject that a lot of people are interested in,myself included…so if you could find it in your hearts to do a video on the topic,it would be much appreciated… And thanks for all of the much needed videos that you bring to us…

  9. I have a lot of relatives who are Jehovah's witnesses and from experience I know they are some of the most stiff necked and hard to wake up people to reason with can you do a video that addresses the Jehovah's witness religion

  10. I'm pretty sure the most high is more concerned about his own ppl vs the gentiles and full blooded Latinos are not apart of the 12 tribes that's a known fact! research it!

  11. I love this video very much. My question sista and brotha Deborah and Yahu, what if your a sista who rushed into a marriage with an unequally yoked brotha , who does not share spiritual oneness in yah, the communication is very little to none at all! when we disagree, he hollers divorce or we're not working. We can not and do not pray together, spends little time to no interest with my, 11 year old son. He is opposed to my Israelite faith, listening to y'all, and he claims to be a Christian, but has never read the word, don't think he prays and he can be mean with his words. I prayed a long time for a husband and a dad for my son. I felt yah blessed me with a good brotha, even though we married, looking back now, way too soon. When we dated I was attracted to him saying he's a believer in Yah, now after only married 3 months I am done! Everybody I love and know, told me not to marry him. Waiting so long and tired of dating a few jerks, he seemed different. Now I know, although he is the provider at this time, until I go to work very soon, he and I can not communicate on any topic or issues without an argument. I try to suggest places we can go as a family, and he says maybe, not now. He's a devout patriot, supports the police, the government, laws and does not support black issues very much to none. We had more fun and spark dating, than being married. I try to be a good wife, but not striving for perfection, but my husband is very set in his ways and frankly the only thing we have in common is being black and nothing more! I feel like I let down Yah, my son and my 21 year old daughter and family and friends, who tried to tell me, he ain't for you. I don't believe he is the husband, yah designed just for me. I don't feel the same about him, as I did when we dated. He changed for the worst, he says he didn't know I was such an opposite of his beliefs. I say from day one, I revealed who I was and what I believed, he/we just were not deeply listening to One another . We both wanted marriage and no more fornication so bad. What am I to do?

  12. Greetings my brother and sister. I'ma need yall to redue this video. The quality is really bad and we missed out on a lot of info we need. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my wife and our marriage is under attack. I believe we are called to help reconcile this generation back to YAH in realationship or some kinda way. So if y'all could, please do another. We love yall and may YAH continue to bless you. Shalom


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