See what's Growing on the Land – Planting Update

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  2. shalom sister Deborah, that tree is called a tuip poplar. its beautiful i wonder if we can grow them here in michigan, wonderful garden….i love it.

  3. All praises to "The Most High" HalleluYah….blessings to our brothers &sisters as well…Shalom family

  4. Blessed Sabbath Family!! Sis Deborah, I'm changing my mail address, to uproot my resident and moving in, lol! Oh, I forgot about Hubby, I'll just send for him when we get situated, lol!! Looking at your garden cause me to daydream of being healthy! Sis Deborah and Family, I have a question about our soil, there's been so much chem-trailing in GA I'm thinking to get to untainted soil is probably 3 to 4 feet down, the last episodes I'm aware of were the unmelted or government snow that shut us down in Atlanta, and Nassau flying thousands of bacterial and germs from California to South Carolina and over our head in those giant balloons testing for Mars, or whatever lie. Living in the city of the main CDC keeps me alert. I definitely don't trust purchased planting soil, so Family please chime in too, I really don't know. Shalom Family, enjoy YAH'S Sabbath

  5. This is what i desire. To be self sufficient, not relying on the grocery store. When natural disasters happen you don't gave to rely on the system. I see you all grew a yellow baby chair too!

  6. Shabbat Shalom, Beautiful Garden, great to see:) Here in Scotland ,we have to use polytunnels more , get cold all the time 🙁 . You have amazing weather to be growing, very blessed 🙂 … Have you thought about adding Bees to your garden, Home made Honey , delicious 🙂 and Bees are amazing .. Shalom

  7. IMPRESSIVE! So peaceful. I am definitely going to follow your canning videos. I'll have to use chicken eggs, but I'm going to improvise that omelet or quiche you spoke of early on in the video.

  8. Greetings, great foods growing there, foods from the earth, seen. Not the eggs, no need to eat a baby anything, seen. Blood is forbided, seen. Been vegetarian all mi life and mi 7 children and mi mottar and fatter also. Mi 60 and never ever been to doctor cause wi never ever sick, seen.

  9. I am so happy for you and your family, your purchase of land etc. I'll give you a run for your money on the garden….LOL!

  10. Shalom family you a have a beautiful place and garden much love and blessings to u all❤💕💓

  11. I love your property and I thank you for sharing. How do you handle the animals that want to partake of your bounty?

  12. Wow, your garden is beautiful Sister. What a blessing in so many ways words fail me at the moment :). HalleluYah!

  13. Shalom I love your garden … I been gardening for a while …then I got sick.. I was evil Catholic …. Gave my life to Yahuah …got a bible
    The Most High healed me from 2- incurable cancers ….in my room ..I was Seeking His Face …opened the bible and BAM GLORY. HE covered me head to toe …. I had no idea I just got healed …I knew something supernatural happened but I did not know – until next ct scan showed no blood. Super aggressive cancers !!
    I have seen those cement blocks used as planters!!

    Egg shells do great for tomatoes ….coffee grounds r great too !!

    The foods that we are given are so poisonous … I had a bone marrow /stem cell transplant – to replace my immune
    Chemo /radiation DESTROYED IT.
    The Most High had to show me those foods … I react within 20 min of eating something bad

    Even the oil …at chicken places …if it's old. I'll have reaction…
    Oil is fine to cook with …its when its heated …then cooled …then heated is when carcinogens become present ….
    The Most High dropped "the blood type diet" into my lap twice ..
    Once when I was 21 – I'm a chef – went to school have degree…thought I knew foods @250 pounds ….
    Then cancers came
    Waiting for free massage and there is the book ….again
    Eat Righ for your Type
    I borrowed book
    Set it on shelf
    Had transplant
    Started THROWING UP for 6-8 months b4 I opened book and put to practice
    I got down to 110 pounds ….
    I'm O type
    Kids r B
    Different colored dads ….same blood
    I have seen my dads insulin drop off bc this diet ..
    When they say u can never get off these meds is a lie …. And I'm sure you know this as well…
    This diet shows the super foods for each blood type as well as neutral and toxic foods

    Like. Honeydew cantaloupe is high fungal. Toxic to blood type O
    Eggplant (was one of my fav things). Night shades no good for blood type O
    So this diet will help you design the perfect garden to the super duper healing foods … For your family
    I learned with pumpkins …when they start to branch off you should keep the main vein and maybe one other. It will help save energy to grow more pumpkins …

    There is guy " growing your greens" utube channel
    He was deathly sick
    Docs told him
    No hope – go home and die
    And his channel is plethora of knowledge !!

    Love the garden area !!!!

  14. nice l just harvested onions yesterday in my farm soon I'll be harvesting tomatoes and corn shortly blessings

  15. Shalom family. Give thanks to the Most High. Glad to see the growing bags! We just learned about them ourselves while volunteering last month. Bless you all. – Bro MatitYahu from NC

  16. Your garden is amazing. BTW, an even cheaper item to use as plant labels are those craft popsicle sticks. You usually can get 250 – 500 for a dollar or so plus they are reusable.

  17. Shalum..shalum…what a beautiful garden Mashpakah! All praise and esteem to ABBA for His marvelous creation and provision. He has truly baruk your family.!

  18. 18:30 you could have not finished this video any better than this. The last 30 seconds of this video is so TRUE and just inspirational it just makes me push and work harder towards my own garden for my family!

  19. Please share some tips for first time gardeners. For example, best ways to organize or prepare. Thanks 🙏🏾


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