Self Defense

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  1. Prolly because of All the Fluoride poisioning that has calcified your Pineal Gland which in essence has decreased your Attention Span Drunk Plenty of RAW ORGANIC Apple Cider Vinegar The MOTHER Is the Correct One…that'll Help

  2. I have still never fully comprehended the eye for an eye thing. On the surface it looks like a direct contradiction. Some say it is a Jewish idioim meanijg if your eye is pluked out then compensate him with money or whatever so it would be as good as an eye. I have trouble accepting this passage because Torah even says younare to show no mercy here and so? Is Yahushua contradicting or not? I doubt it, but if he is then what do we believe and do? If he goes against the Written Torah he breaks it thus disqualifying him as messiah. I believe he is the Messiah but something here doesn't match up, never has done for me and I'm still as confused about this issue as I was 15 or so years ago.

  3. Good thoughts….. However, we are still bound by the right-rulings of the "old" covenant. The covenant is not "old." We, as the people of Yahuah, are still bound by the terms of the covenant that the ancestors entered into with Yahuah.

  4. Many of us have been showing the scriptures to others. We have been consistently saying, "The Most High said…." or "the Bible said…" Many of us Hebrews cant agree on Passover, the Biblical New Year, or when New Moon Day is. Watchman, maybe it's time for us to stop teaching and ask Yah to start speaking. Maybe we all should join in prayer and ask Him to speak for Himself. We have been speaking on His behalf by quoting what He said and explaining it, but maybe it is time for us to call out to our Heavenly Father and say, "Please, represent us. Please, represent yourself and speak for yourself. Make it clear to all where you stand." How wonderful if we stopped trying to represent Him, and He starts representing us. We have to ask Him for this… Ask Him in unity to speak loud and clear for Himself. For we are only  simple humans, who can't even agree on how to determine the biblical new year. It is time for Abba Yah to speak!

  5. This is BS and you know it. I can see it written all over your face when you read that scripture and you laughed. God is talking about all faithful, all his children. And your listeners eat this up…

  6. I see that there's not a lot of Hebrew Israelite singers out there. I found one. she's on sound cloud. her name is j. kotu. her single is to YAH. Support the family y'all. she's got a good message …BTW not a spam message. I'm a real person lol

  7. He's talking about God. God said an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth a hand for a hand.This passage ( Matthew) is going against God. Yahimidyshi is saying God said this that and the other, but I'm telling you to turn the other cheek and take the abuse. Smh ! Only if we listened to GOD more !

  8. SHALOM! Watchman can you please go into depth about the man can divorce his wife and that any man marries her commits adultery. Can the man marry again? And why can't the woman marry again? My ex-husband left me and 3 children, he said, "He's tied of being a husband and daddy." Is that the end of my life never to be found and marry again? Thank you for taking the time to reply, SHALOM!

  9. that's right ! the Messiah was not dealing with the gentiles when he was on earth! He was rather dealing with his own people, the israelites. The gentiles that watch this video will get upset but they should get upset with their forefathers that did not tell them the truth. The Messiah did not even die for every inhabitant on earth, He died for the sins of israel for they were they were the only ones that needed a savior becoz they were given certain laws that they never kept per se…that's why the Most High raised unto Israel the savior, the Mashiyach…the scriptures make it quite clear. The gentiles can't accept that but the truth is the truth. See their comments below ! ahahahah gentiles like this won't even make it to the kingdom anyway, coz they too pride and stubborn ahahhah…Gentiles time's up!

  10. I'm a Believer in Yahushua who loves the Torah. However, based on your viewpoints, I'm the enemy. You seem to be like a black supremacist. No different from white folks.

    The Torah teaches you to have equal weights and measures for the ger. Leviticus 19 tells you to love the ger.

    Shaul preached to the Greek and they were not all black. I consider you brothers and sisters. However, I have a feeling that you don't feel the same way.
    I hope I am wrong.

  11. thank you for this subject.christianity has run a muck with this.they must've really adhered to this verse during slavery.most of us Hebrews do not understand many of the LS&C were placed so we as a nation did not know how to treat each other coming out of bondage.we are in the same spot now.many say the laws are too hard and I perceive they just don't care about each other.please do a video on coming out of bandage and the effect of the LS&C to love our own nation. I mean how they go into detail from exodus to leviticus while in the wilderness.

  12. And turning the other cheek means if you lose, do NOT have vengeance or seek revenge on your fellow Israelite.

  13. Shalom brother watchman. do you have a congregation and are visitors welcome? I watched your other video on self defense and you mentioned Detroit several times. I was wondering if you were in Detroit. I'm in Chicago.

  14. you have heard it said but I tell you it is written! very different between heard and written let's just say oral Torah and Tora


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