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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. Barak YaHUaH! Shalum achy first off i must say love the job you have been doing on your channel Tudah Rabah all Esteem to YaHUaH just a word of advice thou when you put the scriptures on the screen instead of using God who we should know by now is a Babylonian mighty one idol (Gad) use YAH especially in you cartoons caz remember kids are watching too and you dont want them to think even thou we know His Name its still ok to call TMH "God" plus YaHUaH says in Shamut (Exodus) 23:13 that in all that he had said to guard we must make NO mention of the names of other mighty ones (Idols) nor let them be heard from your mouth. Again ach great work keep it up for TMH and may YaHUaH Barak atah U shamar atah ( YaHUaH Establish you and guard you) Shalum ach

  2. Can you please do a study about king phillips war,please,cause we cant afford another generation to believe all slaves where kidnapped from Africa,,They came to America from England,no they didnt jump out of the sky and land in Texas,they invaded the east coast renamed my land and called it New England,,from conneticut to new york they kidnapped native black people who looked nothing like sitting bull and Geronimo,,disocated them,to the caribbean back to Africa resold them,and they claimed the Pequots were extinct,no no,,we Bermudians are direct descendents of the Pequot people,,and other tribes,,,

  3. This reminds me of trying to get into a club by someone else has saying someone has already paid our entrance fee, so we expect to be admitted to the club without being responsible for our own actions. keeping the laws are the only way to get closer to TMH. those sinful pastors are immoral. How can they be a good example to us? We MUST follow all the laws ourselves, we are responsible for our actions and the consequences.

  4. Set apart living is clearly indefinite…is there going to be a part 5 n 6? You could probably go on forever with these. My entire family loves this. So am sending our blessings to everyone at TCA.

  5. I just love these. TCA, you and your wife are so blessed with talent to deliver the Word of The Most High to your Brethren and Sisters of Zion. APTTMH Yahawah!!!!!!

  6. I just cannot stress how much I love this series, especially in the end where he says β€˜we were called for SET APART LIVING.’ Continue to do Yah’s work in these dark times and Yah baruk all of you.

  7. Romans 3:31Do we make the law void THRU FAITH ? Yah forbid we establish the law if you notice most christians act like Romans 3 only has 30 verses yet they say we cherry pick scriptures with precepts but the word says so

  8. My mother used to make us listen to Creflo as kids and even back then I would wrench my head when he would make statements like that. They started out craftily sneaking their own doctrine in and now it’s anything goes over the last 20 years with those types.

  9. I can really see why the Most High gave us laws and commandments this really explain clearly. This shows me that I am not always right and I want to know when I'm right and wrong according to his word not mine .

  10. I have a question. Do you believe that there will be anything good to present to God outside the finish works of his son? I'm still trying to understand how can someone seriously believe that there is any good thing in them to present to God almighty. I dont condone sin, but I also don't believe in everyone dwelleth a good thing. All of our works are filthy rags. The only thing I believe that a believer brought to their salvation was the sin that made it necessary. I still love your videos, I've learned a great deal from so many. But this self righteous behavior displayed in some is mind boggling. I cant imagine myself offering God anything besides the precious blood of his son.


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