“Setting The Model For The World…”

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Can't believe they still trying to keep up the lie! Come on man, where exactly do y'all line up with any of the curses in Deuteronomy 28:15-68? Where are y'all filling up the prison houses? Last I checked y'all know exactly who you are, your history, language, and culture! When do the other nations look at y'all in astonishment, shaken their heads? Stop it Esau, we know who you are! Jacob knows exactly who you are!

  2. If this disease "baffles" scientist, how did they come up with an "effective vaccine"? No one is explaining how they can come up with a vaccine so quickly against a NOVELLA (new) virus…NO ONE!!
    I do NOT trust these vaccines. It is something inside of me that becomes very uneasy and defensive when the vaccine is mentioned.😷😷IDK!!!😕

  3. Wow! Really! That's what we doing now? A vaccination passport! Well passport me right on by! Not interested in yo mark of the beast! Why would I ever trust you people? First of all you ish people ain't never told us Tribe of Judah people the truth about anything and now you want me to believe you… That won't happen! Second… I can't trust nobody who is lying about who they are and about who we are! And third… if yo YAH ain't the same as my YAH, I can't trust you either! Yall created this C19 and now you wanna vaccinate me against it? Really! The nerve of some people! When you admit you aren't the real Jews, then I'll take your vaccine! Until then…you can miss me wit all dat spit, cause I ain't tryin to hear you!

  4. The guy said Isaiah says what? He never mentioned its chapter 53. But who is it about? What persicution are they going through? They say that Isaiah 53 is NOT speaking of YAHUSHUA, it's speaking specifically of THEM alone. Go check out aish.com look for Isaiah 53. There was that one time in ww2 but other than that… For them to say they are pariah's they look like they are doing pretty good to me. And they, isreal is becoming a rising power, because of all the out stretched hands……….FULL OF CASH!!
    He, isreal's leader, is very happy bc he's watching Western powers, america, crumble in his lifetime. See the glee on his face? And the bring the world to it's knees, comment. They say that what salvation is, is a shot in the arm? HUH???!!!??? 😖 YHWH I want to see your hand move on all these people, our oppressors, bc of all the evil things they do, in YAHUSHUAH name.

  5. Yeah… I see where this is going. Today you can use your passport to get into the gyms…tomorrow you'll need it to get into your bank, grocery store , your classroom, etc…
    I can already see where they are going take this!

  6. 3:41 they really believe they are God's choosen people the bible speaks of 🙄(NOT!) christ is the so called black hebrew Israelite son of Tmh , all praises family!

  7. Shalom my brother. You consistently come up with very good topics, and share good information. If possible, could you ‘verbalize’ the content more. Sometimes it gets a little hectic trying to read the written captions throughout the entire video. This is NOT meant as a complaint, but as a constructive ‘suggestion.’


  8. What do you do when you have a piece of land in a Southern state but there's no jobs no markets no type of entertainment around which can be fine but how do you make do on land and there's nothing else around.

  9. Vaccinate and wear a mask 🤦🏾‍♂️…yo I thought the vaccination was to get you immune to the virus why would I still wear mask after the vaccinations 😄

  10. Isn't The Most High deserving of all praise honor and glory…?   Halleluyah!  He has awakened His people right on time for us to avoid this spreading of lies and great deceit and deception.  He warned us that it was coming and that the entire world would be deceived by it and that unless those days were shortened, even the elect who would be.  But He has shown us mercy in letting us recognize the times in which we are living, so that the thief He warned us about, through our Messiah, has not caught us off guard as it has those who are submitting to this marking of those who are to be lost.  Praise Him His people for His wonderful mercy and goodness towards us!  Halleluyah Halleluyah Halleluyah!


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