Shanghai extends covid curbs as infections outside quarantine rise again | World News | WION

The authorities in Shanghai have decided to keep its tough covid restrictions in the place for time being. Covid cases outside quarantine are increasing in the city and 15,861 cases were reported on Wednesday.

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Comment (28)

  1. those images of dead bodies along ganga river, being eaten by stray dogs and birds
    still very much in our memory today – India ought to be ashamed of themselves !!!

  2. those images of Indian covid victims , dying without oxygen or help in hospitals
    being mass cremated like garbage without any dignity – india is truly awful

  3. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Black Sabbath. “Nobody would ever let you know..when you ask the reasons why. They just tell that your on your own…fill your head all full of LIES! You Bastards!” WION and China.

  4. Great Click bait picture. Tyranny under the guise of health. Shoving a stick down your nose! Who thinks this is about health? It’s about Fear and Control. WION pushes there fear and Control…to YOU! Who thinks this is about health?

  5. What ! I don’t believe it! Chineese jabs are very powerful..only 1 is enough…it’s all happening because they are not consuming RIGHT DIET

  6. covid – begins as american flu in 2017 , the result of fort detrick contamination
    prof ralph baric and event 201 has already warned the world in august 2019

  7. with 4 million covid deaths and 50 million infected you have no position to judge a country with the largest population but with the least (ratio) covid death (total less than 4700), China is the most successful country in the world in controlling the virus. save your pity to your own people first before you worry China's pets.

  8. Scientists have spent 50 years and billions of Dollars trying to find a cure for the common cold but were unsuccessful as the virus mutated into over 200 variants which will probably happen with Covid. The only defence is for the population to build up a natural immunity from been repeatedly infected over time.

  9. Its got nothing whatsoever to do with a virus.
    Its all about the Chinese faction of the Satanic New World Order shutting down the global market and training their own people to be totally subservient.

  10. chinese people need to ponder deeply if material possessions are important or fundamental basic freedom. This is the moment of realization that they were willing to keep silent over oppression and authoritarianism over freedom to protest and speak. It is time they rise up and protest and start a revolution.

  11. They are keeping lockdown measures in place because they are scared people will protest. Time for Civil Disobedience 🙏🏾

  12. I think Chinese economy will be in negative. Exports are down and food shortage is prevalent in China. World will face the economy collapse due to suppliers Chinese factories are closed and logistics are completely broken. China and the world not talking about this.

  13. But, but, but, I thought they were forced vaccinated? No? No booster, booster, booster? At least they're letting them eat now right? I'm still praying for you people. God help us all. Or whoever your God is. I like to believe that my God is all of them wrapped up in one. He has many names. Now I'm sorry if I've offended any of you.

  14. I just had covid and it was 3 or 4 days of the sniffles and a dry cough. This is worth placing your entire population under house arrest?


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