Shanghai reports first covid deaths since start of covid-19 lockdown | Covid News Updates | WION

After weeks of lockdown, Shanghai has reported today that three people have died of covid-19 in the latest outbreak which has kept the city of 25 million confined to their homes.

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Comment (38)

  1. all of u commenting

    In kuran it's an holy duty to pelt stones on non believers and not these when u became majority kill torture k@ffir Or non believers of islam and not that if u torture more u will get more pleasure in heaven
    So these mentality is playing
    Not an outside force divide us many mughal kills that many hindus that in many books it is said that a pile of 1 km height and width of hindus head chopped off in delhi and all daughters and wifes of hindus are taken away it happened to us in past and we know if we don't fight with this evil mentality we are finished and these is also written that all k@ffir wife and daughter and there property is ur right to take them and kill all man
    It happen to us in 1947 when we got independence
    It happen in 1990 in Kashmir where hindus are targeted
    And it will happen of we are not ready to fight

  2. Why are they trying to be transparent now.. when they did not in 2020- and caused so much deaths across the globe.. they want to distract the citizens and world from something else going on there..

  3. so, only 3 people die and you put tens of millions into lockdown amidst an already difficult supply chain time? will you put all cars into lockdown if 3 people were to be killed in car accidents?

  4. china opened pandoras box of evil let covid out of the box delibarate this was no accident by china this is a chemical attack on the world never once has china said sorry hope god punishes china and to india russia is communist china is communist get something straight india when china attacks you and they will do you think russia will come to your aid i dont think so you keep buying oil and gas by russia coverd in childrens blood shame on india shame on wion glory to ukraine

  5. What's the effectiveness of the so called VACCINE. Almost the entire population of China is Vaccinated, so where lies the surge in cases

  6. "Three people died of covid" while thousands died of starvation and dozens died of suicide due to the tyrannical lockdowns.

  7. So just because 3 death’s they put 30000 people outside city😂
    How can they lie so good I want to learn that too

  8. Who has the profit from this situation in China, it is not China obviously… Who has biolabs everywhere…

  9. You sure China can spare it? How on earth will a country of 1.5 billion people survive the loss of three people? What are we to do?

  10. Caging people and killing their pets is what uncivilized people do. Look at Taiwan. Even they went through the Wuhan Virus but they didn't treat their own people with disrespect.

  11. sounds like to me there using covid to starve out familys and while tons of pork and veg are thrown away yet there starving this is going just how the ccp want it to go….

  12. The best way is to burn the infected until the virus has been destroyed. That's how farmers do it.

  13. ONLY 3… , normal death toll is far higher . So not a big deal.
    China cares for lives of its people over economy.

    Let China gives the world how to handle covid …lesson 2.
    World learn from China.

  14. Is it a new variant?? More deadly or something like that?? Otherwise Why are they putting so stringent restrictions all across the country!!!??

  15. India is trying to stop WHO's new covid death report which shows India covid death is 4 million not 522k.

  16. total China covid death since the beginning of the pandemic is 4639, 97% of it, 4512 was at the very beginning, in Wuhan, at the time, no vaccine, available, China locked down Wuhan to prevent it spread to other parts, it achieved great (unbelievable) success, since then, total death in a country of 1.4 billion is only 127 for the past 2 years, compare to US 1 million covid death and 4 million covid death in India.

  17. Completely deranged cultural revolution regime goes all out to repression and dystopia. Because … reasons.
    Not very good reasons.
    Not very thought out reasons.
    Not even sane reasons.

  18. we are so sorry to know that WHO has found the real death number due to covid is 4 million in India but India is blocking this report

  19. Doesn't the U.S. have Midterms coming up ? Oh, maybe they can get the DROPBOXES back just in time. Unbelievable

  20. Swabbing so many without question. That is insane.
    They could be inoculating them with anything and they wouldn’t even know it.


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