Shanghai's covid death toll rises to 17 despite China's 'Zero-Covid' approach | World News | WION

Authorities in the Chinese city of Shanghai are finding it hard to contain the latest virus flare-up that has pushed the city into panic mode. With daily rise in Covid-19 cases and virus-related deaths, Shanghai is currently witnessing one of the worst outbreaks since the start of the pandemic.

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Comment (34)

  1. SO LET'S get this straigh- LITERALLY MILLIONS of people are going to die of Starvation and other causes because OF 17 People who have "died Of Covid" in this Country?? are they THAT STUPID??? are you KIDDING ME???

  2. Well maybe that might eventually lead them to zero COVID then. I mean, zero people means zero COVID, right?

  3. If they put this much effort into flu, then it must have been a genetically engineered virus 🦠 biowarfare 🤷🏼‍♂️ Had Covid 3 times already and just a runny nose.

  4. Let's play the CCP Covid Blame Roulette!!

    What will it be this week? Let's spin the wheel and see…

    Is it Fort Dietrick? The US army games? Italian frozen fish? Maine Lobster? India? Australia? Africa?

    I just can't keep up with the CCP "experts"!

  5. its another lie of the world the control of the elites,virus virus covid covid is scam and well planned,,it has to be stop this lie of evil this china is ruined the whole world thy want to control of humanity through technology even this war is a part of thier games..this is to reveal of antichrist in this world,..

  6. LMAO!! So many chinese bots (Wumao) busy spamming in the comments section. Such a pleasure to see them doing this. This is the proof of what is happening in their country. 🤣

  7. she is better than Palki, at least she know how to pronounce Shanghai, unlike Palki calls it Shan Ghai, haha :))

  8. 🦇 BUMBOHOLE 🦇 BattSoup 🦇 BattMAN 🦇 WUHAN Lab is still operating?
    YES Robin 🐦 it is
    Yes it is
    WUHAN virus

  9. Well, I’m glad they are easing up on restrictions at least. I hope they don’t throw away anymore food though (if they did do that).

  10. China: you all need Savior Lord God Jesus Christ. If you keep going against Him, you’ll lose badly. You guys need to be GOOD. We all do. His wrath is TERRIFYING. You do not want your country cursed do you?

  11. Ye what about the deaths of those that have starved ,ongoing medical issues and didn't get the medical help they need and what about those that went mad and commited suicide I bet that's a lot they don't tell u that figure these poor people what they are going through and putting up with ,this issue of there businesses closed ports closed will affect people all round the world 😡 .

  12. The ccp must go on a holiday..🏖🏖
    XI JUST WAKE UP.. 😜😜

  13. Their figures cannot be trusted. Maybe need to add two to three more zeroes. This is based on what I see in the global trend of this pandemic

  14. China could be heading very serious Civil War according to some Chinese officials…. Is China doing fine? Yeah. 
    Shanghai say no. They want to get rid of xi jinping. He's now being Putin of China.

  15. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  16. I'm ready to die don't care from nuclear or natural dead everybody will soon someday die too…I defeated evil….


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